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one time i was having sex with my boyfriend and i was moaning really loud.. well his parents didnt know i was over becuase he snuck me in so his mom came downstairs and asked what that moaning noise was.. i ran so fast in the closet and he told her he was just listening to the eminem cd because of the moaning. hahaha

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This is such a funny thread!!!


My boyfriend and I were laying on the floor of his living room floor... *aheming*. I told him to stop cause I heard something. All of a sudden we heard his parents. We some how managed to put all our clothes on, sit on separate couches and removed the blankets from the floor. Hehe we were sooo fast, it was ridiculous. We sat accross from eachother laughing.


Another time we were in my room *aheming* and my neice walks in. She wanted us to play a game with her which kind of like Clue. Accept she was investigating us. We were laying there, without pants until she went home!!!


A similar situation happened like the one above accept my sister barged in and sat on the edge of the bed!!! It was sooo awkward!!!

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