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  1. Hey everyone! I know this is a weird question and it may not make sense, but how long does it take for your significant other to become part of your subconscious? I've been with my boyfriend for almost nine months (he's my first real boyfriend and I'm 21), and as much as I love and adore him, and even though we spend a lot of time together, it doesn't seem to have sunk into my subconscious that he is my boyfriend and I am his girlfriend. I still think of myself as my own separate person (which of course I am). Whereas my family and some friends who I've known for a long time are very entwined in my subconscious. When I think of my mom, I picture my mother. When I think of my dad, I picture my father. When I think of siblings, I picture my brother Brian. But it's like my boyfriend hasn't sunk in that deep yet. I'm sure it will eventually, but I'm just curious about how long it took other people to have their boyfriend or girlfriend a portion of how they regard themselves like that? Does that make sense? I think it's similar to this: I've read that new parents don't usually have dreams with their new baby in it (maybe with A baby, but not their specific child) for several months until the baby's presense has sunk into the parents' subconscious (don't know how true this is). And when someone's learning a new language and is completely submerged in it, they usually don't dream in that language for several months. Dreaming in the language is considered to be a turning point in learning it (having been a foreign exchange student in high school, I can vouch for this one). So, how about you? How long did it take for your BF/GF to become an integral part of yourself?
  2. Hey guys! I'm just curious, how do you all feel about having sex in the morning right after you wake up? Before I'd ever had sex, my mom and grandma both said that NO ONE in their right mind has sex in the morning and it's just something they do in movies. They said it's nasty because both people have morning breath and eye goobers, blah blah blah (BTW have no idea how the topic came up). Now that I'm sexually active though, one of our absolute favorite times to have sex is in the morning right after we both wake up (or one of us wakes the other). I like it because the bed is all nice and warm and cozy, I'm completely relaxed and still a little bit asleep and was sleeping all cuddled up with BF. I totally don't notice morning breath at all, maybe because we both have it, and he said he doesn't either. So, where do you guys stand on this? Do you love it in the morning, think it's nasty or don't think it's any different from any other time? Oh and when I was an exchange student in Austria, my host mom and host sister both said that the absolute worst, least sexy thing someone could do in bed is wear socks and I don't really get that one, either. My BF has like 1% body fat and gets cold really easily and usually wears socks... when we're in the throes of passion I'm not paying attention to his feet!
  3. Hi there! I've read all the messages in this thread and I seem to have a totally different take on the situation than most of the other people. May as well throw what I think out there, right? I don't really think she's trying to make you jealous or cheating on you or anything. It seems like there's another obvious explanation for everything she's done. You say she doesn't like going to the movie theater but is going to the theater with this guy. Could it be that she wants to go with him because they're friends and haven't seen each other in a long time? I know that if I had a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and they suggested that we do something that normally wasn't my favorite thing, I'd do it anyway because it would be an opportunity to spend some time with them. And it's not like she hates movies, just sounds like she doesn't want to waste money going all the time. I think it's very likely he is just a platonic friend and maybe it doesn't even occur to her that you'd think it's a date. And why do you doubt what she said about loving you and wanting to break up with her ex? A lot of people just kinda stick it out for a while before breaking up. Maybe she really was tired on Friday night. To me, this all just seems like a big misunderstanding- she's clueless that you're upset about it and little unrelated things she does seem to prove what you're thinking. You should really talk to her and get all your feelings out as soon as you can. How sad if you're loving relationship were ended because of a simple misunderstanding. Good luck and I'm sorry you're upset! I know how that goes and it's absolutely miserable. Also, I know by now they've probably already gone to the movies, but maybe you could ask if you could go, too? Kind of a fun group outing.
  4. Hey there! How funny, I just posted something like this in a different thread. To the person who asked what it tastes like: it varies from guy to guy (I've only done it with one, but based on how my friends describe their boyfriends'), but my boyfriend's semen tastes like a warm, very salty and sometimes very bitter raw egg yolk with a slight aftertaste. It actually did make me gag once.
  5. Okay... I may be totally off base here, but it could be that you're directly stimulating her clitoris too much. Even if it feels really good, too much starts to be uncomfortable. What you are taking to mean "OMG that's amaaaazing" could kind of be more like "It kind of feels good but aggghhhhhh" and maybe she doesn't want to hurt your feelings by telling you that. Also, when you're fingering her and she tells you that it's for your penis only, maybe she means that she can't take the fingering anymore (not because it's bad, just because she's so riled up) and really wants to have your * * * * in her instead. I know I've been there myself! Same goes for oral.
  6. This might be a bit off topic, but I wanted to add that although I truly love going down on my boyfriend, I rather dread when he's going to come because the taste is quite unappealing to me. I actually started to gag once but thank God he didn't notice! To me it tastes like a super salty warm egg yolk, and for a month or two it was really bitter to boot (and as someone who hates dark chocolate, coffee and all other things bitter, this was not good). Also, the pre-ejaculatory fluid tastes just like the rest, only there's less so it's not as strong. Interestingly, my friend says that her boyfriend's semen tastes rather sweet and I have another friend who was experimenting with how different foods affected the taste of his semen. It would appear that for him, pineapple juice made it really sweet (his girlfriend being the judge, of course).
  7. Oh God, newbie... Your post almost made me DIE! Hee hee! You definitely take the cake so far. And as a firefighter, I can tell you that you totally made those firefighters' day and they're still talking about it and laughing. Though that probably doesn't make you feel better
  8. Hey guys! Just for fun, what are the funniest/most embarrassing things that have happened to you when you were getting "intimate" with someone? Whether that be kissing, having sex, whatever. Shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating, my boyfriend was in his chair at his computer when I came into the room and I went over, sat on his lap and we started making out. After a minute or so, he gasped and sat straight up mid-boob grab because he remembered he'd been talking to his mother online and had his web cam on so she could see him! He had minimized the screen and forgot when I came in. Luckily, his mom had wandered off to put the laundry away during this little incident and came back right after we realized what was going on so she didn't see anything. Then later that same night (about 2 am) we were in his bed and I was giving him a blow job for the first time ever when his roommate (we live in a dorm) unexpectedly burst into the room. The chain on the door was in place but it just ripped out of the wall when he shoved the door open. Luckily, my bf was quick with the blankets.... Other than this, once my bf and I were talking about sex and what we wanted to do to each other over MSN Messenger when my boss came up behind me (I'm an RA in the dorm and leave my door open) and instead of quickly minimizing the screen, I maximized it. Doh! Awkward silence on my part and uncomfortable laughter on his part ensued.
  9. ROFL!!! Hehe getting poked in the nose and eye with pubes! I guess I'm lucky, my boyfriend has very little body hair to begin with (two teeny little thin chest hairs) and he trims his pubes and his arm pit hair. I trim, too- for me, ladies who are hairless down there are disturbing because it makes me think of a little girl. I think it looks better with some hair so I just trim mine a bit.
  10. Hey there! I've been using the ring since May and we love it! It's so much simpler than the pill and, as someone else mentioned, has MUCH lower chance of human error because seriously all you have to do is put it in, take it out 3 weeks later, then put a new one in a week after that. You don't need to worry about forgetting to take the pill or anything. It also has a higher rate of protecting from pregnancy (I recommend that you take yourself to the Palanned Parenthood site) because it's pretty much fool proof. Several of my friends use the ring, too, and none of us has had a problem with it falling out or not staying in place. If it should ever fall out, you're just supposed to rinse it off and stick it back in. None of us have had any negative side effects like soreness, either. My boyfriend says he can feel it on occasion, but it doesn't really make a difference. The material is quite thin. And if anything, it's just something else to rub your penis against. I looked into all kinds of birth control before deciding on the ring, and both places I've been to to get them (Planned Parenthood and my college's health center) I've been told by the nurse that it's their preferred method of birth control for people. Of course it does not protect against STDs or anything like that, but if she's on the pill, I'd imagine you're going sans condom already and hopefully have both been tested. Good luck! Oh yeah and through my school, each ring costs only $8. If you go to Planned Parenthood, they'll charge you based on how much you make each month. For me, that was $20 per ring.
  11. Hi there! I for one LOVE going down on my boyfriend- both because he enjoys it, and I have a bit of an oral fixation and just like havin' it in my mouth. However, his last girlfriend hated doing it. I agree with the others: it depends on the person. Even with me, it took a while to get used to the idea... we're kind of brought up taught that genitals are diry and gross, and it was probably a few years between when I first heard of oral sex as a very young teenager and when I thought it would actually be fun to do (or receive). Maybe some people just need to get used to the idea. Good luck!
  12. Wow!! Thank you for all the responses. I need a bit more time to mull them all over before posting anything else, but I wanted to say that I wasn't testing him when the topic came up- we had just had a nice night out and were cuddling in bed and talking about how we love each other and why and I said what I did because it was true. I'll post more tomorrow after I've had time to think over what everyone has said! Thanks again.
  13. To Kellbell again: I totally agree that conflict is a good thing- and we are not without that. We do disagree on things and have to compromise on them, but what I mean by we don't argue is that we don't start yelling and get angry.
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that after I get all you fine people's opinions on this, I plan to ask him why he said it and who he WOULD prefer to do it with. I am kind of concerned about when he says he wonders what he does to deserve me- he asks at least once a month, and I proceed to tell him that he's sweet, wonderful, caring, smart, etc. He's going through a rough patch right now (having a really tough time with school) and has been putting things off a lot because of it and his self esteem is kind of low right now (which I'm trying to help him with), whereas I get good grades (we're in college) and am pretty motivated. He's not normally like this though and I think when things start going better for him (which will be soon, next semester he's only going to take classes he's really interested in) his self esteem will go back up. Also, his friends tend to have girlfriends who are kind of mean and henpecky, and his last girlfriend was like that too (together for a year and a half), and he's said he's reveling in the fact that I'm not like that!
  15. Hi Kellbell! I edited my original post to include more info. We've been together seven months and have quite an open, honest relationship and have never had an argument (which I attribute to the fact that we're both very laid back and speak up right away if we don't understand something or something bothers us, which tends to nip problems in the bud). I think he probably told me because he is very honest and volunteers information (hence the nickname he gave himself: Mr. Volunteer Information Man).
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