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Am i the only one who thinks this is weird?


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So im day 220 of NC.

My ex got his new GF after 4 weeks of us breaking up. About every other week he posts stuff on social media.

"I am constantly pinching myself i have found the love of my life, the most perfe t woman"

"Im so lucky to have found a super amazing gf"

" just spent the most amazing day. Cant believe ive found a beautiful woman i will spend the rest of my life with" .....you get the rest etc etc

Tbey live together after 4 months been together for 8 months. Now, he puts the posts public. The only one who responds is his gf....they live together!

So what im saying is....i dont know any of my friends in relationships post so much gush on social media. I think this is weird

When he broke it off with me he told me he wanted to be single. I was such a catch. He knew he was mad for calling it off. He still loved me:::(

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You are a catch, and I'm sure he thought you were a catch too, unfortunately that is never enough to make someone stick around forever. For that, there needs to be a certain *something* that has nothing to do with how great we are as people, and if that something is not there, nothing else really matters.

No, I don't think it's weird that he posts like that on social media. I mean, in my personal opinion gushing over such personal stuff on social media is silly anyway, but that's just me being old.

Life is not fair, and there have been many instances where perfectly good people get dumped, only for their exes to enter their forever relationships right after. It stings, but what can you do...

Also, with very few exceptions, almost nobody ends a relationship because they want to stay single. That's usually a line, meant to soften the blow. The reality is that they already have someone else lined up, and sometimes the new person works out, sometimes they don't, in which case the ex tries to crawl back to the one they dumped.

Either way, it doesn't matter. I think you'd be better off staying completely away from his social media, because no good can possibly come from you torturing yourself like that.

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When he broke it off with me he told me he wanted to be single. I was such a catch. He knew he was mad for calling it off. He still loved me


This was his way of letting you down easy and attempting to not feel guilty about breaking up with you. Seriously, why are you torturing yourself by looking at his stuff on social media? Block and/or delete so that he doesn't even pop up on social media and you aren't tempted to look.

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Some couples are like that. Imo it is a form of trying to show off/ overcompensation due to some inner insecurity. Here is the thing though...whatever it is, it is irrelevant. It doesn't matter. You are shooting yourself in the foot by checking out his social media and it is breaking NC. NC should include avoidance of all new information about the ex. You are keeping yourself stuck in the past and hurting your healing. Please block them. What he does has no relevance to you yet your brain uses all this random new info you seek to fool you. Meanwhile, he is living his life. You need to stop the cyber-stalking. It's keeping you stuck in the past. He is no longer relevant to you. It doesn't matter what he does nor why. Real NC = Block him and her.

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If your stalking his social media you’re not NC. No contact is NO CONTACT even limited or secondary contact hurts. It has to be like he died for you to fully heal. It took me a long time to get over my cheating ex wife but 100% no contact finally did it. I’ve lost count of how long it’s been now I know it’s over 2-3 years it doesn’t even matter anymore. And I deleted Facebook for over a year and when I got back on again for friends and family the very first thing I did was BLOCK HER. That’s what u need to do.

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He's gushing about it because he knows you look at it. Even if you are not still friends, he always knew you'd look at it. Your jealousy makes him feel better. I know, you've gone 220 days NC, so how could he know you're feeling this way? Trust me, he knows.


Agree with the others: stop putting yourself through this misery and give it one day where you won't check at all. Just one day. And then, wake up the next day, and try to do one more day.


To answer your initial question, is it weird? Yes. It's him trying to show off his new girlfriend and rub it in everyone's face. The smoochy-smoochy nonsense that some new couples post is nauseating. My ex-BF did that with me, posting all this "head over heels" stuff about me. Guess why he did it? To rub it in his previous GF's face. Similar situation as you: he broke up with her, but he still had to rub things in her face. To her detriment, she remained FB friends with him and saw it all, and I believe it hurt her the entire time we were together. Don't be that girl.

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Agree with LHGirl and seeing all that on his SM deserves nothing more than an eye roll.


It's just so obvious what he's doing, it actually defeats the purpose. Or it should.


An occasional mention of her, sure, but not all that gushing, tmi. No one wants to read all that.


But you really need to stop checking too. After the breakup and maybe for a couple of months after, ok understandable.


But it's been almost a year; after awhile you stop calling it "no contact" and replace with "moved on."

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