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  1. He was like that when you met him so, imo, you don't have the right to get upset about it. You have every right to uphold your personal boundaries, but resenting him for it when you knew about it right from the get go is not fair imo. It was your informed choice to marry him. You need to reframe your thoughts about it in your mind so that you do/ask him what is right for you without resenting him in the process.
  2. He broke up with you after only two months. In my opinion he is just not that into you. He used you to soothe his pain from his beak up (i.e. as a rebound) but at the end of the day he wants to see what else is there and play the field instead of getting into another serious relationship so soon. It could also be that his ex came back so he wanted to be free to try with her again. Of course he would never admit any of that to you. Instead he will try to keep you around as plan b if you allow it. Many men do that. If he really really liked you though, he wouldn't have dropped you during
  3. Unless you have somehow led him on that you are taller than you are or have provided him with false info about your height, I see no point in bringing it up. If you were an heterosexual couple, it might have been a problem given that the social norm is usually the man being of the same height or taller than the woman. However, in a same sex couple I fail to see how it would be a big deal. If you have been on zoom dates, I assume that he has seen you live on camera. However, if you feel that you need to let him know about it prior to meeting, i guess that you could mention it casually by as
  4. Based on what you wrote, you did not ask him for a relationship so no, you were not used. You made the informed choice of having sex with someone who you knew had just broken up (i.e. was most likely in rebound mode/ not in a stable state of mind) without previously clarifying what you were getting yourself into. Based on what you wrote, you chose to have sex with him, no questions asked, and you did. If you wanted a relationship, you should have discussed that with him beforehand. If on the other hand, you asked for a relationship and he promised you one, then yes, you were used. But aga
  5. Your inner critic is interpreting what she told you in a way that is distorted. 'Not feeling right' is not about you nor is it any reflection of your worth. You are still the very same (worthy) person. It's just that people who are infatuated project what they want to see to the object of their infatuation so she saw what she wanted to see. Feelings change, and it's not necessarily something you did. That's why you should never attach your self-esteem to someone else's feelings. You ARE good enough for the right person. You two were not the right person for reach other. That's why it did
  6. Reread what your wrote above. Past behaviour is indication of future behaviour. This guy is immature and chances are that if you were ever to live together THAT is the person you would have to deal with day after day. Basically, he sounds like a person who refuses to grow up hence still living at home, having his mom still cleaning after him, sleeping in late as if he is still a teenager. Imo, the chances of him magically changing all the abovementioned bad habits and become more ambitious for you are slim to none. What you see is what you will get, as is the case with most people. Plus,
  7. Hi there. I am very sorry for the loss that you are experiencing. It sounds like he is choosing to distract himself from the break up by partying and going wild. Lots of people do that. You cannot control what he does. You can only control what you do. Following what he does on social media and trying to make sense of it is a huge mistake. It will not help you in any way. It will only keep you stuck in hurt. People do all kinds of random things that make no sense to their ex after a break up. The worst thing you can do after a break up is keep learning what your ex does, no matter whe
  8. Sounds like he was looking for an ONS/hookup, hence why he behaved so dismissively once he discovered that sex on the first date was not in the cards. You did well to protect your boundaries. If you are looking for a relationship, this guy is not it.
  9. You have no way of knowing what happened. Imo, you should move on i.e. go on the dating app and communicate with new people like he is doing because a. there is no point in giving him a few more days if you are going to " be annoyed the whole time" and b. sending a feeler is pointless since he clearly indicated that he would contact you himself. Not contacting you is an indication that for, whatever reason, he did not want to contact you. Getting this annoyed about someone that you have never met in person indicates that you need to rethink about emotionally overinvesting in someone who is
  10. It sounds like she doesn't love herself, feels that it's ok to be cheated and abused and has no mind of her own. She needs to seek professional therapy to address why she has such a warped notion of what love is. She needs to let go of that clown already. Unless she secretly enjoys being jerked around and all that drama... At this point he has fully shown her who he is, yet she refuses to accept it. She is making informed choices. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. She needs to seek professional help. Seriously. What you desc
  11. You cannot handle long distance so the reason for breaking up is still there. If you were to get back with your ex you would end up breaking up again due to the distance once you get back to college. So do her a favor and don't get back with her. It's that simple.
  12. Imo, opposite views on premarital sex, cohabiting before marriage, when to have children and moving around the world vs staying in one place are all too fundamental to settle. In essence you have different life values regarding multiple issues and long-term goals and that's highly unlikely to lead to a harmonious relationship down the road. You wrote that she comes from a very conservative culture. The fact that as a man you get to have the luxury to be "independently minded" doesn't mean that she can afford the same luxury without major hassle. The trouble with conservative cultures are t
  13. No it's not normal. It sounds like you keep meeting/ are drawn to immature jerks/ clowns/ people who lack boundaries. You ve already been told why sexy photos are a bad idea. Next.
  14. How will this play out? Simple. She will continue to jerk you around for as long as you let her. It will end when one of you gets bored/ finds someone else. In the meantime you are making the informed choice of accommodating a cheater. Even if you were to become the boyfriend past behaviour is indication of future behaviour. It's naive to think that she would treat you any better when the time comes when she "can't get everything she wants" from you. What you see is what you will get. The million dollar question is why all this messy drama and being jerked around appeals to you so much...
  15. You don't notice the age difference because he has the mental maturity of a 24 year old. And if he has reached the age of 33 and is still behaving like a 24 year old, then chances are that he will keep treating women as if he is a 24 y.o. for as long as he can find women who let him. This is very bad news for any gal who goes after him thinking that they are going to bag a doctor who is age-appropriate for marriage. Of course he did. He was showing off how he a 33 y.o. gets to bang a chick who is a decade younger than him. Based on what you have written about this guy in a pr
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