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  1. I don't exactly get affected by it so much anymore, as I just see that I still have a hold of him. However, we broke up almost a year ago. Was a hard break-up, we admitted that we still like each other and that we miss each other all the time, and we both have mentioned to each other that if we ever did talk about our relationship again - it's once we've moved on from the hurt, so I don't think it's a 100% final break up where you never want anything to do with them again. I think because I still to this day felt like we broke up over very odd things and he thought the grass was going to be greener. Sometimes the texts will stop and he'll find a way to contact me weeks or even months later and it's always about how he's sorry about how things ended and just our relationship in general. He'll never directly ask me how things are unless we speak on the phone. But his texts will be wrapped in 'I hope you are truly happy and things are good' Or for example, recently I replied to one of his messages saying that I miss our intimacy and laughs. He hasn't responded but it's almost for certain he'll try to find a way to respond back to that. Because I know at this moment, he tries to play it cool or even just compartmentalize it. Any input?
  2. He's sort of stepped up the plate, a *bit*. Offered to study together this weekend.
  3. As in is that what he meant by not wanting me to wait? He didn’t say about others, no. I think just not to make me wait in general.
  4. So he said that his exams is in 2 weeks, he doesn't expect to make me wait but would love to see me after. Acceptable or not?
  5. Thank you. Yes, I told him that I don't expect for us to stay in contact but I would have liked to have known if he wanted to see me again since he asked; that I also support him in what he needs to do and to be in contact once his exams finish as I would like to see him again.
  6. Whether it's bs or not, I think lack of patience and jumping into things too quickly with my previous relationship turned out to a be a real indictment. I was obviously never going to be compatible with him but probably some patience from both ends and actually getting to know each other may have deemed to been useful.
  7. Well aware that could be a possibility; no matter how busy he is, if he doesn't make a date, I will assume it's a polite and slow fade from him. I do find it hard to believe that since he seems genuine with his intentions with me, that he wouldn't be honest now to save himself as well. Seems like an unnecessary position to put yourself in, if he's really not that keen. But I guess - welcome to dating.
  8. This was his exact response: 'Sorry I wasn't able to reply immediately, I have been thinking about my answer. I'm sorry if it came across that way. You're not someone I would do that with and I had hoped to get to know you better and see where things go. I am busy but I should have more time once exams are finished. I do want to see you again so I apologise for not initiated'
  9. Yes he’s initiated just about everything. He will often double text too. No calling though. I don’t mind a call before meeting but not the biggest fan of calling, so that’s fine.
  10. Update: he's very keen to see me again, just very busy with Medicine and is keen to see where things go between us and wants to get to know me better. I think it was a failure on my end to not speak up.
  11. Can it be possible that he is interested, despite still not suggesting a day? Although, he sent a pretty brief message (like he normally messages), 5 days ago which I did not respond to. We often have days of not messaging and this was evident before us meeting.
  12. Even though - hypothetically let’s say another date happens next week, that’s 2 weeks from the first date, could he be playing it cool? Given his age too. And his proneness to self deprecation and telling me he was nervous. Maybe it was a bit much meeting my mother too but he offered.
  13. Thank you! His last text was ‘you too’ when I said sweet dreams and then followed up a few days later asking how I am. When he thanked me in the message, I did the same.
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