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About Me

  1. I really like this girl that I work with and we’ve been on a few dates. I’m 17 f and shes 19 f. We both have never dated anyone else or even had our first kiss. I was the one to ask her out and things have been going good, I know she’s interested in me, but she’s just so damn anxious. I know it’s not her fault but I have anxiety issues too and things are just not progressing because of this. I made the leap and hugged her, but I can’t make a move beyond that. I thought she may be opposed to affection so we had a conversation about boundaries and she assured me that I wouldn’t make her uncomfortable with anything. The most affectionate thing we’ve done is hug and we didn’t even do that until our 3rd date. I just don’t know how to get her to stop being so nervous. She keep apologizing for “being awkward” and I keep reassuring her but she never calms down at all. She literally just left my house less than an hour ago, I initiated a hug before she left, and it was a normal hug, but she’s so anxious that she thought she messed it up somehow. After we hugged, she said,”sorry Im so awkward.” What do I do? She’s technically the “boy” in the relationship, and I don’t want to overstep. I hate the idea of taking the more dominant role, and I really don’t want to be the one leading the pace. I need her to make the next move. She’s made it clear that she enjoys being the “man” in the relationship- so how do I make her comfortable enough to do that?
  2. Before I start I just want it to be known that I am still a closeted bisexual and she has an ongoing relationship with her boyfriend of 4 years. Ok so, I recently met this girl a year ago and we quickly formed a huge emotional connection as we instantly felt comfortable around each other and became really close within a short amount of time. Within the first few times of us seeing each other (through mutual friends) we had cuddled, kissed (on the lips) but that was all when we were both intoxicated, bare in mind we barely knew each other at this stage. I invited her into my girl friendship group and we started to become even more closer with each other. She would wrap her arms around my neck and hug me in public and I would hold her from behind. One night, we were snap chatting each other and she said something very suggestive to me. I was talking about her dog ***ting being jokingly sexy and to which she replied with "you know what else is sexy? Underneath these covers" (implying herself) and that put me in utter shock. Sure, friends like to joke around a lot but that was pretty ***ing bold. I responded back to her and she told me "you have to wait to see" ????? And now ever since the start of our new friendship, we constantly like to touch each other and flirt (only over text) with each other. She would talk about me not holding her hand, cuddling, how I belong to her and nobody else, and she would just say a lot of things what would involve her being possessive over me. But when it comes to face-to-face, we're nowhere near as affectionate and bold we are over text. Instead, we like to insult each other in like our banter way. When we sleep together, it is always us two in a bed cuddling and leaving no space between us. At almost all times I will be either spooning her or her body would be directly on top of me and I would give her back scratches and run my fingers through her hair. Sometimes I would notice when in an party/crowded environment and I would go off with a boy/hug a girl directly in front of her she would glare at me when I return back to her. Now, everytime we see each other we hug and kiss each other on the lips goodbye. She does all this but at the same time, she jokes about getting boy strangers numbers for me and would even joke about me being lesbian. She still would talk about her boyfriend but also tells me about the fights they have and how mad she gets. We have even cried to each other on how special we mean to each other despite only knowing each other for a year. She says she has a "soft spot" for me. Am I reading all of this wrong? Is she being confusing? Do we just have a deep emotional connection? I'm not sure what direction to take this friendship into, please help me!
  3. I am a bisexual girl who has a boyfriend of 3 months now. I also have a female best friend who, it turns out, I've developed feelings for. I don't know what to do because I love them both ever so dearly but don't want to ruin anything or make things complicated. They both mean so much to me that it'll hurt me if I loose them. I can't talk to my family because my family don't like my best friend so their opinions are one sided. And I can't tell my friends because... I have trust issues with people. Me and my boyfriend are long distance and my and my best friend go to the same school but she is a senior, and graduating this year while I am a junior. If you didn't catch on but we all are in high school. My boyfriend is 4 days older than me. Can someone please give me advise? Please?
  4. I've been feeling really confused. I'm 23, female, and recently got out of a relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I truly loved him, and we had a great sex life for about the first year. However, over the last several months I started to have a lot of questions about my sexuality. I fantasized about sex with a woman sometimes while we were having sex, and sometimes while masturbating as well. It impacted our sex life because I started to feel like there is this whole other side of me that I haven't explored and don't understand, and I felt like I needed to explore it. I decided to try to call myself bisexual and see how that felt. Sometimes that felt ok, but then I also began obsessing over the worry that perhaps I'm just gay. Some background; I have anxiety and OCD, and wonder if me obsessing is related to that (HOCD perhaps) or if I'm just blowing up everything in my mind because I've never actually explored being with a woman, so it's all this huge unknown. I know that I have truly enjoyed sex with men in the past, and I've genuinely fallen in love with them. I miss my ex a lot, I still love him even though the relationship ended. I've never had significant feelings for a woman. However, I can't get this fear out of my head that I'm actually just gay or something. I know that I have been experiencing sexual attraction to women. I also know that sexuality if fluid, and perhaps mine is more fluid than others in that I felt very straight for 3 years (from about 19-22). Before that though I did question my sexuality and wondered if I wasn't straight. I always liked men though so it was easy to mostly ignore. Now that all these feelings have come back again I am really confused. I wanted to feel satisfied with my ex, I loved him, but I kept wondering what it would be like to be with a woman. I can't tell if I am just feeling all of this intensified curiosity because I've never been with another woman, or what. I want to learn to accept these feelings in myself. If I was bisexual would it still be normal to feel a need to explore this other side of myself since I have never acted on these thoughts? Any insight or advice would be helpful! :)
  5. Hey happy campers, I'm currently in that point in time during high school where I'm just trying to figure my sh*t out. I've had those typical crushes on guys (I'm cis girl) since the beginning of time, but only recently I started having feelings for another girl who I know is bi. The problem is I've never kissed or had sex with anyone regardless of gender. So do you need to have sex/kiss a girl or guy to truly know your sexuality or does feelings count? Thanks.
  6. I a bisexual woman in a relationship of 7 months with a straight male. We have a very loving relationship, although I can't help but think about other women everytime we have sex to reach climax. It's gotten so bad that I don't even know if I'm sexually attracted to him, and completely zone out and think about other women which will make me orgasm instantly. Even romantically, I can't help but feel like I want to be with a woman sometimes, as I feel that maybe in some ways women are easier to connect with. It's worth noting that I have never been in a relationship with a woman so don't know what this all means. I think I love him.. But all of this makes me question it.. and I have huge guilt about it because I dont want to hurt anyone.. what do I do?
  7. Hi guys, I’ve been with a girl now for 3 years to say I love her would be an understatement. 2 days ago she told me she is bisexual and has been since we met. She has never experienced any sexual or emotional relationship with a girl which is in fact why I am writing this. I don’t want to finish her and she says she wants to be with me but I feel it’s only going to be a matter of time till she has to explore that side of her personality. I am not considering giving her a hall pass or whatever as I would not be comfortable a with that. What do I do?.
  8. I met a girl at work and there was an instant connection. We started slowly but got on so well we thought we would just go with it. Up to this point I had not been with another girl but had been interested. There is a 17 year age gap which didn't matter to us at the start. We had 4 really great months and then it went wrong for no reason. She broke up with me and we have both struggled but have agreed to stay apart because of the age difference. I have kids and she may want her own at some point. I now realise that I was interested in girls all along just had not been in a situation where I could be open about it before. I have been asked so many times which way I'll go now that I have been stressing out questioning myself. My ex has been great and says it doesn't matter and just to embrace whatever comes next but it does matter. I like to know what is going to happen next and I would quite like to have an answer when I get asked next. How the hell do I fimd this out?
  9. Well ya guys Im stuck in a rut and Im clinging on to hope! Well Im a bisexual male and Im only 15 and Im proud......but now my pride is starting to wane because of one very important quistion, "Will I go to Hell for being the way I am?". Some people say that gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, etc. people go to Hell, then there are some people who say that it's not true. I think God loves everyone and doesnt care for sexual orientation but then again with all the people and books that say that being homosexual is a sin, it leaves me confused. I read a book about sex and all that teen stuff today, its a Christian book by the way, and in it it said that its a sin and that people CHOOSE to be Gay,Lesbian,Tran,Bi, etc. Now thats were I strongly disagree because I did NOT choose to be Bi! Im not saying that God created me like this but I know "me" better than anyone else! Ever since I could remember I always was attracted to both sexes since I was 4 or 5! I mean what 5 year old boy do you know just wakes up one day and decides to become bisexual? Its appauling that people think that! Then the book said that people can change there ways and that kind of stuff. Im just so confused, what are ya's views on this?
  10. A (girl) friend of mine who I don't know very well is constantly touching me and telling me everything I really don't need to hear. It makes me uncomfortable because I just met her last week in one of my classes. The first day she's constantly poking me after only about 10 minutes of knowing her. And asks for a hug- I give her a light one, not thinking much of it, just a hug right? Then the other day she just kept on staring at me then walked by and ran her hand through my hair in the beginning of class. I hate it when people I don't know just touch me like that and muss up my hair. Then she comes by and rubs my shoulder or neck at random points in class. I just shrug her hands off and laugh and say, "Oh- you scared me! Don't sneak up on me like that." or something stupid because I don't want to say, "Get away from me what's your problem?" Today, she did the same. But at one point, I was showing her a drawing I did and said, "Oh, it sucks ***, I can't figure out what I did wrong." She came by and put her arms around my neck and just pointed out things that way- her arms resting on my shoulders. Ugh! It just weirds me out. I tried to act natural, but it was weird and all my friends were just staring and when she walked away were like, "What was that about?" I know it sounds wrong and mean but it'd be easier to ask her to back off a bit if she were a guy. It's a little embarrassing too because my guy friends will whistle and joke that they're going to get to see some "girl on girl" action. I just tell them to shut up or laugh it off but I'm worried people might actually think I'm into girls or something. And I might make people mad but I have a slight feeling that she's possibly a lesbian, bisexual, or is trying to get attention from guys in the class. Then, she today started telling me really personal stuff. Like how her mom is terrible because of this and how she once was raped and had a gun held to her head. I had NO idea how to react and said something lame like, "Oh, that sucks, I'm sorry." I'm not a counselor or anything, and it really bummed me out. I felt bad but I tried to change the subject. I don't want to sound mean but I have a feeling she was just making some of it up. Also, I just met her back on Thursday or Friday or something. Isn't it a little odd to be sharing personal information so soon and in public? Should I just ignore it? Maybe people can obviously see I'm not the one doing the touching. Or she'll get the hint and stop? It just weirds me out a little for some reason but how do you nicely say, "Don't touch me, stop telling me all this." ? Call me a prude, but I'm just uncomfortable with getting so close to a girl...
  11. I'm a bisexual woman, and I've been in a relationship with a wonderful woman for over a year. I'm extremely confused because I recently broke up with her out of fear. Now that I did that, I can't stop thinking that she is the one I am supposed to be with for the rest of my life. I can't explain it, but I know she is my soulmate on so many different levels. She knows that I am bisexual, but doesn't approve of it while we are in a committed relationship. She encouraged me to do my own thing for a while, but we are still going to be in our relationship, however there is no strings attached at this time. I'll always be attracted to men, and wish for that "normal" life, but I can't help who I am, and how it has defined me over the years. After I get out of one same sex relationship, I head over to the opposite sex relationship, and when that doesn't work out, I go back to the same sex relationship. I've never cheated on her or anyone else, but when I think it's not working, I give up and move on to the next. Needless to say, it has been a whirlpool of the same actions and consequences. I never thought I'd ever find someone to love me as much as I love them, and then just when I thought it would never happen, I found it in her. The other day while I was having an emotional breakdown, she was there for me like always, and she comforted me and gave me the space I needed, and rubbed my back and kissed me when I needed it. It really hit me that she is my soulmate.. I can just feel it, but I am so scared. I'm scared of making the wrong decision, I'm scared of being Judged by God and the people around me. Marriage, committment, and family is a huge issue. I want it so bad, but how do I know which way to go and if marriage is an option for someone bisexual like myself? Thanks, I'll be looking forward to your advice.
  12. I haven't posted in a bit about my situation as of the moment and decided for a post that was based on updates for what has gone on since last time. Right about now I am trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life, I've spent the past week or more to myself trying to sort out what I want and want to do. Going to different towns looking around, mini vacation as much as a College student at my stage can. Aside of my own confusion on the professional front I've had to deal with the "love" front. My friend is Bisexual as it turns out and she has been flirting shamlessly with me whenever we talk yet she will not let go of her boyfriend or any of the like, she knows I don't approve of cheating matters and won't be involved in it but she continues. On the other half, I met a woman who I fell for extremely so, and we both can just spend hours chatting about anything and enjoy each others company extremely. She was the one to really show interest initially now that I think about it, and I have to say I'm stricken too. She has all the traits I've thought about in a woman and she says it is the same for me. One major huge hang up that put a damper on the day, she is only about 17 years my senior. She has her degrees, she has a professional career, she has a home and is well established. I on the other hand am only a student finishing a Bachelors and wanting to get into Graduate school, I am renting, and my employment is still on the casual minimum wage front. Technically, we're two absolute opposites. Not in goals, just in stages. While we share the same views and eventual ideas about life despite the gap, neither of us are sure whether it is worth pursuing or not. Worst part is, when we've been out together, even in the most liberal area we've been to, even with as close as we tend to act and be, people have a tendency to ask if we are relatives or such. At least no one has asked if I'm her daughter yet, maybe we don't look that far apart for people to say that or they just think and don't speak. On another point is jealousy. While my friend would refuse to get rid of her boyfriend if she were actually interested in me beyond a crushing bi-curiosity, I find the green eyed monster loves to rear its ugly head when I tell her that the other woman and I are say going out for lunch or coffee. She isn't really rude but she is cold about the fact. Really, what does she expect me to do? I don't see why I should be getting the attitude about all of this for moving along. At least this other woman knows she is a lesbian, open about it, and has known for a long while. With her, the woman whom is older than I, I don't have to worry (or at least I hope not...) about being Gay, having a relationship with a woman and midway going into a crisis about "My parents said I need to marry a man, sorry sucker, I'm off. Hope you enjoyed." Love my friend dearly but I don't trust her to remain a Bisexual interested in women. I could be terribly wrong, that she isn't confused in her female interest and won't go haywire mid relationship. To me personally it would be more devastating to date a Bisexual woman or confused "lesbian", invest years into a relationship then out of the blue one day she states that she wants a man and a year later is married to one. I can much better tolerate the thought of loving a lesbian and her leaving for another woman. Oh, and the lovely catch on the end of this is my Bisexual friend wants to meet me and spend time with me over the Summer and that makes me very nervous. I get this odd impulse to think that spending time with me over the Summer isn't to catch up on schoolwork, life and employment topics. I want to say no, but she isn't an idiot and will catch on that it is the fact she seems interested in me and I don't want to deal with it. Secondly, I am not at all on good terms with my family at current so it isn't like I can say I'm going "home" to be with them while she is in the area. Anyhow, looks like I'm going to be here for awhile longer (School has gone to hell in a handbasket for me) and not going to be any escaping the issue for awhile, so I've just been debating about the to-do's and not-to-do's of these complex little bumps in life that come about.
  13. I have a pal who is dating a man who is gay. I know he's gay, and so does she. I see she's falling in love with him, and I think it could be a bad deal for her. He used to tell people that he's bisexual, but in the last decade or so, they're not young, he's been calling himself GAY. What do you think about this situation? I'm not about to say anything, but I don't know what it means to be gay versus being bi. I had one pal who was always torn about whom she wanted to be with, men or women, but she was the sum total of my experience in listening to someone talk about how they feel. Could anyone help me out and tell me what they think about her situation? Savannah
  14. hey, im a teenager and im wondering...just as a general question...is there really such a thing as 'feminine' lesbians? - cause the typical thing is to always hear about 'butch' lesbians (i know its true that stereotypes should be ignored and that they arent necessarily true), but i wud just like to confirm whether or not a lesbian/bisexual woman can be as 'feminine' (clothing, 'mannerisms', etc) as a straight woman/gurl. Lately ive been doing a lot of 'questioning' of my sexuality and preferences and ive realised i tend to like 'girly' girls (even considering i am one of them myself! - i always, always pay attention to 'girly' details...earrings, jewellery..and i loove pinks/blues)...which cud potentially mean i prob knw at least someone who is very gurly and lesbian (only they havent told me)...cause 'girlieness' is associated w/'straightness'... what do u think? thank you!
  15. hi everyone! this is long; - but its the size it means to me - dont judge by the length before reading pls here goes. this is really awkward..im a female teen and ive been interested in a female friend of mine for quite a while now. I truly get the impression she flirts w/me sometimes. our eye contact is often prolongued, lots of smiling, some footsie here and there and its funny coz its when we're at someones party/house that all this seems to intensify...her body language becomes less 'friendly flirty' and somewhat more 'seductive and meaningful'. i was half sitting/lying on a sofa beside her recently (at a bday party) -we were alone, and occasionally she would straighten herself but then return again in such a slow but i have to admitt, rather sexy way; and each time i noticed she was discreetly moving closer to me. She was talking to me in a whispery and slow manner, her eyes showed she was composed but her eyelids would open and shut slowly but really seductively! And so, her legs were crossed towards me, to the point i could feel my feet touching hers. Even her waist and hips seemed rotated towards me in a way i havent really seen with any other friend. In reality, she was the one to take me over to the sofa to get a rest from all the music. So we spent ages there talking about nothing very specific really, but the whole time i felt this irresistible urge to kiss her..and i promise that there were instances where i could have just done it because i was getting the 'rite vibes'. but was i?? I dont knw her orientation but weve occasionally touched the subject of bisexuality and we both agree we're all slightly bisexual by nature, and she seemed enthusiastic in defending that view-point. still though, she hasnt a clue i like her (altho i do think its obvious sometimes). MY QUESTION is: what do you think of all this? was she thinking the same as me? next time im with her in a situation like this, is there any way i can bring up the subject of my curiosity and suggest experimenting? there are jokes and things she says regularly that really make me think that altho she talks about guys a great deal,deep down she would be interested in a girl/girl thing. advice, ideas...appreciated immensely.
  16. I have a best friend who is 17 and a male. We have been friends for a very long time and know each other quite well. About a year ago I came out and told people I was bisexual ( I have had several deep relationships with women. ) My best friend knows about me being bisexual and is totally comfortable with it. The problem lies in the fact that I have very deep feelings for him. I would do anything he asked me to and would sacrifice alot for him. At first I suppressed the feelings quite easily, but then a girl came along named " Jasmin " ( who is also a close friend. ) She developed a crush on him too. I was not angry or jealous in anyway by this, but things started going downhill from there. One night she wanted to see my best friend and I kiss. So we did. After that my feelings started rage even more. Time passed and I ended up to the point where every night he would stay at my house I would end up making out with him and performing oral sex on him. Though he says he does not like me doing it ( I believe him because the way he says it and acts ) he still allows me to do it anyways.... Most likely because I pressure him into it. He has performed oral sex on me once and says he doesn't want to do it again. After awhile I told him I liked him very much... He told me he was really sorry, but he didn't like me. He also said " If I could like you I would. " I have asked him time and time again if he was gay or bisexual and he repeatedly stated that he wasn't. Recently he got uncomfortable while I was just leaning on him and I asked him if he was worried if I was going to pull anything and he replied " Yes. " I told him that I wasn't because he didn't like me and there wasn't anything I could do about it. He is still my best friend, but sometimes I think he hides things. I don't know how he feels about anything because he is not particularly open. He claims some guys are hot. He even awkwardly says girls are hot when it's something he hardly ever would say. I like him very much and I just really really really want him to like me too? Is their a chance that he could ever return those feelings? If so what should I do?
  17. I am ashamed to say our relationship had every single bad ingredient one could think of!! I met a man two years ago through an online dating agency. We lived in different countries more than 6000 miles apart. From the beginning he was extreme. But from the beginning I enjoyed this - it was unlike anything I had experienced. He said he wanted an obsessive compulsive love. And I was willing to fall head over heels in love. There were red flags early on - he was very quick to anger. He was verbally abusive. But before we had even met, after hours talking on the phone each day and on messenger, we were obsessively in love. We then spent a week together. It was a week of hedonistic sex, long intimate talks and then he stunned me by telling me that he thought he might be bisexual, but he had not need to be with a man, his prediliction was transexuals. His porn collection was quite hard core. I did not listen to my head - my heart was shouting too loudly. And so I became embroiled in a relatinoship that was extreme and unhealthy. Over the two years, he has left me six times. He is cold and unemotional. And then last year, we reached a turning point. I told him that i had had enough, and he became desperate. Gave up his job. Moved into my home. It was awful, but the balance of power had changed. I suddenly had the power. I did not enjoy this. He begged for forgiveness. Begged me to love him back. We tried. He stopped the porn. He stopped the drugs. But then I became abusive when he was verbal abusing me, woul dhit him. Fly into rages. And then of course, the porn came back. He had no control over the drugs. Over the course of the last month, life has been intolerable. We have been barely able to look at each other without fighting. Every single argument he will throw at me, I am leaving. I will not have this! And now I started to say GO I dont want you. I hated him. I could not look at him. Hated what he had done. Hated what I had become. And then last week, one day, while I was at work, he packed his things an dhe left. I came home to relief. No more madness. But then of course the grief set in. The mourning. Of course I hurt. I message him. His replies are matter of fact, at best. I call him. He will not call. I hurt because a man I love who abused me has left me. And it scares me what that says about me. Although I was not willing to put up with him. I am terrified of not being with him. The loss is incredibly hard to deal with. When he loved me, he loved me in a extreme way. Like I was his child. But he destroyed that each time he abused me. So, why does my heart hurt so. He is a damaged man. He has damaged me. I want to find the strength to rebuild my life. Please help.
  18. So I am a bisexual female dating a male. I have never been in a proper relationship with another female before, but have had numerous sexual experiences and am open to dating a female. I love my boyfriend but the timing kind of sucked. I cheated on my boyfriend of 4.5 yrs with him. Once I broke up with the other guy, I told J (current bf) that it was just sex. Everyone knows that never works, bottome lin, we're dating for real now and are pretty serious. However, jumping from guy to guy without satisfying any female urges, or just urges of being free and single, may not have been a good idea. We've been looking for a third partner to have some fun for a while, and recently we found out that his tenant is a really hot, cool, bisexual female. So we had all discussed it before and decided it was probably possible one day. Her name is Jamie. At first we would just make out in front of my bf and other guys to mess with them. Or for the sake of me ''recruiting'' her. Recently I was really drunk and we went a little further than that, totally alone. My bf suspected, but I denied. He wasnt even really mad.... I should have just told him but I was drunk and defensive. So, in a drawn out nutshell, I cheated on my boyfriend with a woman, and I sort of feel like I got it out of my system, but at the same time I dont want drunken me to think that because its with a girl its OK. Any advice? Thoughts? Reflections?
  19. Well, my best friend who is two years older than me is bisexual and in the past year i've been having serious feelings about her. I'm crazy about her. She's all i ever think about. At school, i always take different routes to lessons, hoping i'll bump into her so i can talk to her. I get miserable when i'm not with her. She's single and there's signs that i think she's interested in me too but the thing is, I already told her i was straight but i want to kiss her so much! I think if she knew i was bisexual too, we might have a chance together. We're perfect for each other too. What should i do?
  20. i feel very unsure of myself right now. my sexual orientation is dwelling on inside of me. im usually a really fun bubbley person. but lately i just cant explain myself. i have all these crazy feelings inside, but i just cant let them out. its all foggy and im in a state of where im studdering and cant get out what im going to say. i have feelings for girls, and i still lable myself as bisexual. how is that? i need some feedback on how to find your sexuality
  21. Okay so tomorrow *august 31st* will be the third day of me attending my new school. It's a catholic school and people are already starting to warm up to me. some problems are that I have obvious scars up and down my arms. i cover them on my wrists with braceletts and stuff, but it really looks like not many people there cut (on their wrists/arms atleast). when people start to notice, it will be around the whole school. in my last school it got around and most people didnt really care. do you think it will be different in this environment? also, i'm very bisexual. *one reason my parents sent me to this school... to turn me straight* and a few people know this because I know them out of school. i dont mind people knowing really. im totally "out" at my old school, but i dont know about these circumstances. i dont really want to be shut out before anyone really gets to know me. i have an idea about what you all are going to say.. like.. dont tell them, hide it and stuff. its a part of me though. i dunno. anyone have similar experiences at catholic shcools?
  22. hi, i know this bisexual girl and she says i'm as hot as (the f word) lol dont want my post to get deleted. well she invited me to have a threesome yesterday but i turned it down as i have no experience either way. i want to do stuff with her, but 1 im really shy and selfconscious about my body and 2 im inexperienced. i was curious how do u give good oral to a female? what kinda things can i do that will turn her on. i dont want to be really rubbish coz thtd be very boring for her. the thing is she has had a guy do everything to her. so my fear is coz she received oral already ill just be really rubbish. shes never done it with a girl before but told me that she would love to. im not sure how to go about it. can someone give me in depth tips? straight guys can answer this too. spaggle x
  23. Hi I'm a biromantic homosexual girl. If you don't know what that means you can look it up on the urban dictionary. And I think you might want to know what it means for this story. Okay so I'm in a relationship with this girl right now. It's been a little over 2 months since we started dating. Last month she kissed me. And I didn't feel anything. I thought maybe it was because it was my first kiss ever but later in our relationship I still didn't feel anything for her. I mean I feel a little. Well anyways I'm not sure if I should breakup with her because I'm not happy in this relationship but then again I'm the first person she's ever dated and I don't want to hurt her. So moving on even if I did breakup with her i still have to deal with this other thing. The other thing being a guy that I've been friends with since I was 1 he just recently confessed his love for me and ig I feel something for him and I told him that. Hell, my even told him I would date him. But I'm not so sure I wanna do that. However my friends are telling me I should do it. And I don't want to also hurt him. I mean I would date him but he's so....clingy and sensitive. Anyways my friends are already making plans to go on like double/triple dates and I really want to come and not feel left out but I can't do that without a bf/gf. Oh I almost forgot. If I dated the guy, people might judge me because I came out as a lesbian not a biromantic homosexual because I didn't know thats what I was at the time. So I feel like people would say like "lol you're not a lesbian you're bisexual" or "why'd you lie to us when you're actually bisexual" I don't know. I have anxiety maybe I'm just overthinking again.
  24. I have been with my boyfriend 1 & a half year now, we are currently living together. He is 29, while in college he moved in with his male friends family for about 5 years. They have been friends for 10 years now. Lately rumors where confirmed about the friend being bisexual. My boyfriend said he knew nothing about that. The bi friend told someone that they use to do sexual things together so my boyfriend confronted him & recorded his convo where he is saying he didn't say that & that would mean he bisexual. After that he stopped communicating with him, he also won't admit to my boyfriend "on tape" that he is bisexual. This have been causing major issues in our relationship because I feel there is a secret, I have no problem with gays/bi. Whenever I ask him about this he feels sad, offended, says I don't respect his morals & I am making his mind sick etc etc, because of this he tried leaving many times then changed his mind. He shave his butt, never had a serious girlfriend. My question is, do you think he could really not know his best friend of 10 years that he lived with and work with was bisexual? Is he bi?
  25. Hi. I am 21 years old and male and have always been confused about my sexuality. I have dated women but i have never been really into it. Everytime i have a crush on a guy, it seems as if nobody i like is interested in a same sex relationship at all. My gaydar is completely messed up. I can't find anybody that will make me happy. How am I supposd to figure myself out if i never have the chance to be with someone of the same sex. It doesnt help that i have low self esteem. To many i am not ugly, but i dont see myself the way they do. I usually blame myself and the way i look for the reasons why nobody wants to be with me. I am very well liked though. Its jsut something i always do. I am very slim, and usually when i feel alone i stop eating a lot and i run. Actually today i ran 5 miles just so i can make my face appear slimmer so people might think im more attractive. I dont want to hurt myself over finding somebody and i need help and guidance. :sad:
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