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  1. My understanding of specialty forces training has a lot to do with mental health and mental endurance. Breaking you down to see if you get back up even stronger. It’s an honor to be in the specialty forces, but a lot of commitment and a lot of risk. It sounds like you don’t want that - which is absolutely fine. What if, instead, you focused on your health and your relationship and then worked with your local military recruiters to help increase female enlistment? That, too, is paving the way - in a much more accessible way, honestly - and you get your personal life too.
  2. I get your timeline. I’m clear on that. It changes my point 0%.
  3. How did they even meet? Him being sexually mature doesn’t make the relationship right. And frankly, it’s insane that you didn’t know about it or allowed it to continue if you did know... You had your chance 8 years ago. Now it’s done. He makes his own choices.
  4. That’s not how I am :/ if people keep to themselves, I leave em alone. If they seem sad or otherwise distraught, I ask them about it.
  5. Recognize she’s trying to be nice and either accept it or communicate that you need something else. Otherwise she will keep doing it.
  6. As someone who might be the kind of person to ask if someone is ok or if they’re doing better: it comes from a good place. I know when I’m not doing well sometimes I want just SOMEONE to notice. So I try and be that someone. Talk to this coworker on the side and tell them it’s stressful when they keep asking. ETA: don’t tell them you’ll tell them if you’re ill. That seems like a lie to me. You won’t REALLY tell them, will you?
  7. Were YOU happy during all the fights? Were YOU as happy as you could be? You broke up with him - so clearly the answer is no. Why isn’t he allowed to also have feelings?
  8. I think that’s a very nice compliment. It feels to me like he was saying he enjoyed being around you.
  9. Getting to the point where you’re question your relationship with your husband and considering sex means you established emotional intimacy. Intimacy. Saying again for emphasis: intimacy. It was an affair.
  10. Well, it is cheating to be involved emotionally with someone. It’s called an emotional affair. It’s both of your faults.
  11. The rule of thumb is to keep mum about pregnancies for 12-16 weeks.
  12. I agree. I never said she should pay his initial flight. But if he DOES come visit for her, she should pay for something.
  13. If he pays to visit you, you should pay for everything once he’s here. And then you should pay for yourself to visit him. If he was always visiting, then you should pay half the time.
  14. If you’ve had chicken pox you’re much more likely to get shingles
  15. If it’s for his ex’s mother who is a caretaker of the kids... then congrats, you’re dating a very nice guy
  16. You say you put your family before your wife but you’re estranged from your family. Can you elaborate?
  17. I think he knew it was you. It was an immature joke. How did you transition from random chick has his number to sexy?
  18. I know of one first hand story where leaving the tap on flooded a downstairs apartment. It happened to my friend in her rent controlled apartment and she was told find an expensive apartment or deal with the mold. So yes. You’re overreacting. It’s irresponsible to leave the tap on and being upset that her ex fiancé happened to impart knowledge is overreacting.
  19. You had sex with her and didn’t ask her out for two weeks. She probably thinks YOU don’t want anything serious.
  20. Studies show that divorce rates skyrocket when commutes reach 45+ minutes. It’s correlated to individual misery and people bringing their misery home to their spouse. Keep that in mind. Plus your gas expenses, and therefore car maintenance, will go up a lot.
  21. Going over to a literal strangers house for the first date is dangerous. He probably wanted a booty call not a girlfriend.
  22. He may have an oral infection that connected to his sinuses
  23. You’re being irresponsible. Have a condom on the WHOLE time.
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