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  1. You may not want to watch if you don't like seeing spearfishing.
  2. Again, it's not your call. A sudden random ink on a whim is still completely within her rights. She doesn't need your approval, and she doesn't have to justify it to you because it's all on her.
  3. You were judging people, calling them copycats and looking down on them. Just saying "I'm not a fan of tattoos" is an opinion on tattoos. Going, "Why bother in the first place? Usual copycat stuff I suppose. Rather sad" is condescending to people who get them. I was reacting to your rudeness.
  4. Other people inking their skin is None. Of. Your. Business. You are aware that there are people here with tattoos who may be reading what you typed, right?
  5. Not the point. And it still won't make us say what you want to hear about how she did the wrong thing. Anyway, I went back and reread your first post: That's where the other posters got that you made a compromise, which is a reasonable conclusion to make. It was not a complete fabrication.
  6. Alright if the compromise thing really was an inaccuracy then I apologize. But my original point still stands about how she alone gets a say in what she does to her own body. Getting a tattoo that turns out be bigger than what she originally said she would get is still nothing wrong. You may say it was a rash decision, but it was still hers to make. You saying she has BPD in an earlier post does not invalidate her decision. You don't have to like her tattoo. You don't have to "accept" and stay with her anyway. But her choice is none of your business.
  7. Tattoos are permanent, so I believe that if you're going to get one, it should be exactly what you want for yourself. The "compromise/agreement" shouldn't have even happened in the first place. The person I'm dating or even married to can get a giant swastika on the face, and I still don't get a say in that. The only choice I have in this situation is whether or not I will stay with the person. Because it's their body, not mine. It's not about me! Likewise, her decision to get the big tattoo was not something she did to wrong you.
  8. Hes a selfish jerk is why. He only cares about getting his rocks off, and for that he wants to use you for your body. And on an emotional level, he may be getting some satisfaction from manipulating and controlling you. That "you're so much more chill than other girls, it's awesome that you don't nag like they do!" is a classic technique.
  9. Yeah, it's horribly unfair. Unfortunately, LGBT people just don't have all the luxuries straight people take for granted. You're only 13, so you're still minors who have to live with parents or guardians and are stuck wherever they live. And you know your location far better than I do, so you may have to use your judgment on places to avoid and what you need to do to stay safe. Good news is that when you are in your 20s and older, you'll most likely have a lot more freedom to go to places where public same-sex affection is more normal and accepted. Remember that you're not alone in this,
  10. You were "easy" with her too, weren't you? I do find it ridiculous that you don't seem to hold yourself to the same standards you hold her to.
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