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  1. You may not want to watch if you don't like seeing spearfishing.
  2. You were so busy wondering if you could do it, you never stopped to ask if you should. [video=youtube;-jdAsT0ZB-M] ]
  3. Have a baby or get a parrot. But don't do both. [video=youtube;YIxW0Sfhl6M] ]
  4. Ramen from this build-your-own ramen restaurant (you choose the toppings buffet-style and pick the soup and noodles, and they charge you by the weight). It was a little spicy, and my lips were still hot by the time I got home. So I'm currently sipping a glass of strawberry soy milk.
  5. Milk + lemonade + vodka = [video=youtube;MLrNGIbqn0w] ]
  6. Reminds me of an older post from Part 1. [video=youtube;-w-58hQ9dLk] ]
  7. "I'm in love with Stacy's ska-ba-da-ba-dop-bop!" [video=youtube;T2kOj-GFN8k] ]
  8. This is the official dub. Really. [video=youtube;-iDtR1yKJM0] ]
  9. [video=youtube;jil0WCh_UoQ] ] I didn't expect to laugh at a little kids' show so hard as an adult. ...I am an adult, right?
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