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  1. Love the reply. No offence taken 🙂
  2. Exactly! I asked him that and he said he was tired and confused when I knocked on the door. As I'm writing this down I'm realising how stupid I sound!!!
  3. 74Grfs5


    Thank you so much 💗
  4. 74Grfs5


    Oh yes it is the same guy 👦
  5. 74Grfs5


    Thank you for all your input. Gonna be hard but all above has helped
  6. 74Grfs5


    I know I'm just so weak and forgiving! Today is my first day going no contact. Right now I need everything I've got to do this Thanks
  7. 74Grfs5


    Yes I've seen it and it is him. I wasn't sure about the marketing thing because I didn't pay for Tinder so I wasn't sure
  8. 74Grfs5


    My friend has seen my boyfriend of 18 months on Tinder. We met on Tinder and its the same profile as back then. When we first got together he told me he had deleted it. Someone else told me that your profile can still show up even if deleted. He gets notifications from Tinder ( i see them on his phone flash up) I asked him about it and he said it was marketing because he used to be a paid member. I've not confronted him yet as I want my facts straight and I'm not good at confrontation.
  9. He has always said to come by his or pop in anytime and that I don't need to ring first. He said to treat it as if its my own home, so yes I do pop in unannounced. I always used to ring first but he said no need!! You are right though I need to leave him. Just gotta find the strength 💪
  10. I asked the cyber girl for proof and she said if I don't believe her then that's up to me
  11. He said he had to help his mate out and by the time they sorted his problem it was very late. He said he couldn't drive around to mine at that time of night cause he has 22 points on his licence (I didnt know this) When he wouldn't let me in he said it was a bad time as he was trying to sleep. He has been sleep deprived since his friend died. I returned a few minutes later and he was talking to a female friend in his kitchen. He said she had just popped round that second. I questioned him about why she was allowed in and I wasn't. He said he was half asleep when he answered the door to me and then said "how do you think I stayed with my late gf for 17 yrs? It's because I'm not a cheater but if you feel that way then you know what to"
  12. I have been dating my bf for 18 months. The mother of his children passed away so I have been involved with the children whom I love dearly. We have had our ups and downs over the months but it's usually the little things. Recently I received messages on FB from a fake account. The girl on there claims to have slept with my bf. She said he would go to hers or stay in a hotel. Recently he has been moody and snarling at me. He always said I'm welcome round his anytime but when I've been round lately he looks at me like a piece of dog poo and snarls at me "why are you even here?" "I'm busy" etc. He wouldn't let me in the house once saying it was a bad time. I've found womens items around the house and he says it's stuff belonging to his late partner. That then makes me feels bad He came to mine last Friday and I went all.out....sexy, nice food etc. He stayed two hours and said he had to go and see a man about a dog.(this was at 2245) He said he would be back...he never came back. His friend died recently followed by his cousin so I've been putting his mood swings down to that. I just dont know what to do about this cyber stranger as I have no actual.proof and I know he will throw that back at me. I'm.stuck between a rock and the hard place here!! Appreciate advice x
  13. Ah thank you for your reply. You have made me feel much stronger. Such a difficult position and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I feel after reading your response I am certain which path to take...the one thats right for me. I appreciate your words x
  14. Thank you for your reply. I have to say you are right. Thanks again
  15. I feel that was a little unkind of you to say that. This guy has been asking me to move in with him, start a family etc and I have been the one to back off. The issue here is his communication
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