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  1. Ah thank you for your reply. You have made me feel much stronger. Such a difficult position and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I feel after reading your response I am certain which path to take...the one thats right for me. I appreciate your words x
  2. Thank you for your reply. I have to say you are right. Thanks again
  3. I feel that was a little unkind of you to say that. This guy has been asking me to move in with him, start a family etc and I have been the one to back off. The issue here is his communication
  4. Thank you for your reply. I placed myself in the background for a long time. I've given sooooo much consideration to his family, his partners family, children. I've done all of this thinking of them as I didnt want them to get upset. I have done lots to consider them all and put myself in their shoes. I didnt tell anyone about "us" for months and months as I didnt want her fa.ily finding out the wrong way. The problem here is he organising things with me and then goes silent so the day out/park/meals do not happen.
  5. I knew this guy 20 years ago whilst I worked in the pub. Over a year ago we got chatting again via a dating site and got together. His partner of 17 yrs sadly died and left him with 2 children under the age of 7. I love the children and vice versa. The children beg me to stay over more than he does. He tells me he loves me and when I'm with him he is very affectionate. The problem is he is very inconsistent, made no effort over Xmas with me. He cuts off my calls quite a lot. If we arrange to meet up it rarely happens. I will call and text on the day and get no response until its too
  6. So im day 220 of NC. My ex got his new GF after 4 weeks of us breaking up. About every other week he posts stuff on social media. "I am constantly pinching myself i have found the love of my life, the most perfe t woman" "Im so lucky to have found a super amazing gf" " just spent the most amazing day. Cant believe ive found a beautiful woman i will spend the rest of my life with" .....you get the rest etc etc Tbey live together after 4 months been together for 8 months. Now, he puts the posts public. The only one who responds is his gf....they live together! So what im saying is....i do
  7. I really want to message him to find out why people I don't know but know him are contacting me on social media. The messages do not make pleasant reading at all and are really upsetting me. I have gone 83 days NC and its diring this time ive had the messages.He is obviously slagging me off and showing them who I am. I don't know what to do. The police are not interested 😢
  8. I've blocked him on social media but I've since had messages from his new gf. Then I get messages from one of his customers which was super hurtful and nasty. He is a kitchen fitters and recently fitted this woman's kitchen. She knows who I am and I hadon't no idea who she was. I really am trying but it seems every corner I turn someone is waiting to attack me.
  9. Lovely kind words LynnRudy. Thank you. Its a bitter pill to swallow and doesnt do much for the confidence x
  10. We broke up in April. He got with gf in May. He has been posting OTT declarations of love on fb since. Today ive found out that after 4 months of being together he has moved in with her. He wouldnt move in with me after 8 months as it was "too soon" She has children and he always said he never wanted children. My head is a mess. Was he just fobbing me off the whole time? Im gutted as i gave him my all.
  11. My ex ended things with me in April 2017. It was unexpected and a shock. I was still floating around being in love so i had no idea. He got into a relationship very quickly after and makes it super known on social media how happy, in love, incredible, beautiful, lucky he is and that life could not be better! I have joined a dating site and have proved to be very popular with the guys on there. There is one problem though which i cant get my head around. When ive chatted to these guys and it gets to the point of meeting up i cant do it. I cant do it because i feel like im betraying my ex. Thi
  12. My ex broke up with me because he wanted to go an live his dream. Move away and build on some land.He is 44 and said he needs to do this now as he is not getting any younger. Previous exes have all prevented him from doing this. He shudders at the thought of ever having children, hates the thought. He told me he loved me still and i was a catch. Others guys will think he is mad for breaking up with me. Good career, no baggage, nice home, car and very attractive etc He has now got with a girl who popped out her first baby at 15 and has had a further 2 children off 2 different fathers (sorry
  13. My ex has just come storming around to mine tonight. He let himself into my apartment building banging on my door. He had a baloon and teddy bear delivered today. Not from me. He was banging on my door shouting at me. I wouldnt answer but he was screaming the place down calling me a psycho and a weirdo. I didnt send him anything. He has a new girlfriend. Yet he is accusing me of sending this stuff to his place. He brought it to my front door screaming his head off, i shut the door twice on him. Im so so so upset i dont know what to do. I feel ashamed that the neighbours heard everything. Im o
  14. I thought the OTT repetatative words of extreame happiness were a sign of the opposite! Yeah clams get caught and eaten. Only one of you...thats a shame because you are cool.☺
  15. Ha ha psychopath!!! Love it!!! He is just plain nasty rubbing my face in it like that! "Very very in love" "really really happy" i think its BS!
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