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  1. There are always a few of these in every workplace, aren't they? They are clearly unhappy with their own bodies, and project it on the ones who do look the way they wish they did. They will never accept that not only the remarks towards heavier people are wrong, but those towards skinny ones as well. I like some of the suggestions above, I know you said you are a non-confrontational person, but sometimes you do have to say something, even better if it's something that hits home for them, while keeping it very polite and pleasant (with a smile on your face). Unless they feel the sting themse
  2. Yep, Wiseman is right, that's how it works. You must have no expectations, and the communication will be only about when and where to hook up again. Also, don't expect to be treated like a girlfriend, more like a call girl. And after only one long term relationship, I have doubts too that you will be ok with that. But you know yourself best. If you think you won't get hurt when he meets someone he actually wants to date and stops "seeing" you, then go ahead. Instead of several casual snaps, just message him or tell him in person that you are interested in hooking up again and nothing else,
  3. He clearly finds her attractive, some people just happen to catch our eye more than others. But that doesn't mean he will do anything about it, or that he would jeopardize his family over the waitress. I would too feel uncomfortable, to be honest. Since an argument already happened, I'm sure your husband will understand if you two avoid that specific restaurant going forward. If he still insists on going there, or if he starts going by himself (which you may not find out unfortunately), then you have your answer and know that you have a decision to make. But hopefully he will agree that it'
  4. This is one of the biggest downfalls of multidating. I know this is the new way of going about finding a partner, as it makes the process more speedy and efficient, but it also causes lots of disappointments, resentment and heartaches. I think this is why it is extremely important that when you meet someone and know you want to see them again, you first have a conversation and make sure they are on the same page with you regarding how they see the process of dating: if they are into this "dating around different people until exclusivity" and you are not into it, then say so and leave them be,
  5. I'll join MissCanuck in saying that it's not at all sad you didn't meet, it's the best thing that could have happened. Real "charming, extraordinarily handsome and intelligent" men do not settle for online relationships and absolutely do not ask for pornographic material from the women they are interested in, unless they have an agenda. You need to be much smarter with your choices when it comes to online anything, romance included, because for all you know this man could have sold everything you sent - there's a whole nasty underground industry going on, and you basically put your fate in the
  6. I wouldn't allow a close female friend I've known for years to control me like that, never mind someone I haven't even met in person! You can't tell much from phone conversations, yes everybody can seem nice with a great personality from afar. But even so, this guy screams psycho, and you'd be very smart not to give him any details about whereabouts you live and work, or you may have a very unpleasant surprise. Your husband is right to be worried, as it's become a safety issue for your family. Possible possessive friend? More like definite psycho... You need to end this "friendship" before yo
  7. I will disagree with most of the posters and command you for wanting to do things (whatever you decided you wanted to do) the nice way. The world has become too cruel, showing respect for someone else's feelings a thing of the past. There is no reason to be like that. Yes, I agree there are lots of red flags. And if you have already decided this is not going to work for you, that's perfectly fine. But I still think you should meet her in person and tell her that you didn't feel the spark/vibes/whatever you call it these days. It's just the polite thing to do, and it doesn't mean you will chan
  8. On one hand, I see nothing wrong with her not wanting to multidate, and to state this preference beforehand to ensure that you both are on the same page. I don't do the multi-dating thing, and every single time I met someone I made sure he knew where I stood, and if he was into multi-dating he was free to walk away because it meant we were too different. Now, if this girl is specifically telling you that she has strong feelings for you and is so into you before you even met, it could definitely be a red flag. The only thing you can do is meet her in person and see how you get along and
  9. I am a firm believer that connections like this one do exist, for reasons that cannot be explained. There is no way to tell whether it's a "false alarm" or the real deal, the only thing you can do is get to know him and see where it goes. Don't try to explain it, just enjoy the ride. I would definitely hold back on sex until you have a better grasp on who he is, but other than that just be grateful for the wonderful connection you just experienced and go with the flow, as you normally would. Don't wait too long to message him. Give both of you the rest of the day to rest, then shoot him a tex
  10. To me, it totally depends on how long I've known my man, how well do I know him and how much I trust him. A boyfriend I haven't been with for that long (under a year) and who's not all that committed to me, heck yes I would worry. A husband I've been married to for 10+ years and know him inside out? Nah, I'd be happy for the break and for having the house all to myself. I really think it depends on the individual and the situation, this is not a "one size fits all" kind of answer. I would understand if you were worried and upset, because it's only natural in some situations. However
  11. Nutbrownhare is 100% correct, this goes way, way beyond your boyfriend being just insecure. He is emotionally abusive and controlling, he has deep rooted issues (probably stemming from his childhood and maybe being at the very least only emotionally abused as a child, conditioned to never feel good enough), and this is something no amount of love and loyalty you (or anyone else) might be giving him will fix. This is the job for a professional, if he chose to get that kind of help, which I'm guessing he doesn't see the need for. No matter how loyal you'll be, he will always accuse you of cheat
  12. Like the other posters, I don't think your worry should be him liking your best friend. His behavior in public is atrocious and completely disrespectful to you, can you not see that? I don't care if it was a "game" or not, even if it was only you he had asked to perform oral sex on him, it would have been unforgivable. Unless he's 12....what kind of man does this? To bring your best friend into the equation was even nastier, I'm surprised she didn't slap him herself! I think you need to re-think this relationship, because this boy doesn't sound like someone worth putting up with.
  13. Unfortunately there are no new tips, just ears ready to listen and who will try to provide some support. In cases like this, I don't know if there is anything that can be said that would alleviate the pain, so the old advice still stands - let yourself grieve for a while, be kind to yourself, surround yourself with loved ones, and let time do its thing, because time is the only thing that actually works - but as you know, it won't be instant. I am sorry to hear you're going through such a brutal breakup, I'm not sure why some people do the things they do, and how do they have the heart to do
  14. This is exactly how I see it, word by word. There is no logical explanation as to why, it just is and it can happen to anyone. And until and unless it happens to you (the universal "you") personally, you won't be able to believe it happens and understand what it is like. I used to say all of those things (oh they are just stupid/lack self esteem/etc) before I experienced it myself. But then I realized it's not that. I don't know what the reasons are, but they are not the ones I thought. I have been treated less than stellar by a few of my exes. And yet, out of all of them, I only felt that wa
  15. You are a catch, and I'm sure he thought you were a catch too, unfortunately that is never enough to make someone stick around forever. For that, there needs to be a certain *something* that has nothing to do with how great we are as people, and if that something is not there, nothing else really matters. No, I don't think it's weird that he posts like that on social media. I mean, in my personal opinion gushing over such personal stuff on social media is silly anyway, but that's just me being old. Life is not fair, and there have been many instances where perfectly good people get dumped, o
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