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  1. Not in a funny way. We like to pick on each other, like a bro and sis type of way. So I was just messing around with her like always.
  2. I know that, I was just joking with her. I replied right after she texted me that and said "Just messing with you." No response.
  3. She wanted me to listen to a song and I told her I have a favorite line, she asked what it was, I told her and she said "that's my favorite too." I replied "Nah, pick a different line. Song is alright." She replied back and said Alright... 😑👊🏼
  4. I was texting a friend and she sent me this 😑👊🏼. What do both emojis mean together?
  5. I wasn't ready for anything when she told me how she felt. I want to tell her I like her but I'm kinda scared to because I don't know if she still feels the same way anymore. Plus these past few days she hasn't been her talkative self, she's short with me when she sees me.
  6. I have a female friend that had a crush on me, I rejected her but we decided to still be friends and talk. Lately I've been noticing some of the things she says and it may just be nothing, but she recently went on a vacation and she was texting me most of the time and kept telling me guys were hitting on her calling her beautiful etc etc. And just the other day I told about an ex that kind of won't leave me alone and she jokingly said "I don't know what kind of sex you gave her, but it's your fault." She jokes a lot so I thought nothing of it, but when I told her some friends said the same thi
  7. I've been friends with this woman for over a year now and just recently she indirectly told me she had a crush on me, well she hinted it to me and I figured it out. I told her I only see her as a friend, she said it was okay because she was over me (which was weird because she just told me she liked me). This all happened last month. We are still friends and we still talk and today out of nowhere she told me she was dating a guy from her job. Now I didn't think anything of it, until she said "he's an adorable dork face." Reason why is she calls me a nerd and a dork because of my love for comic
  8. She didn't ask for advice. I just gave her advice, but I understand what you're saying.
  9. That's what I was thinking I should do, but it's already been a week since we last spoke lol. It wasn't really a fight, but we were texting one night and I subtly said I didn't want to text anymore (not in a mean way) and she texted back something sarcastic. I quickly apologized and we didn't speak for a week and a half. It's just she has a quick-temper and is sensitive. I even asked her why she gets mad at me easily and she said "I'm sensitive but I hide it well." So I now know when I gave her that advice, she took it the wrong way and that's why she's ignoring me. Yes she contacted me
  10. The latter. I gave her advice without thinking and now I feel bad. This was last week and we still haven't spoken to each other. I really want to apologize but I don't know if I should give some space. She's done this before, last time we got into a mini fight and didn't speak for a while, so I'm debating on what I should do.
  11. No just friends. She can be sensitive at times. I should've just kept my mouth shut on this.
  12. I'm in my thirties, she's in her twenties. Yeah I am male.
  13. Basically when you bring up the topic of weight loss to a friend and the friend gives you advice, you then get upset. This girl brought up the topic, said she wanted to lose weight and when I gave her good advice (or what I thought was good advice) she got mad and is now ignoring me. It's starting to drive me crazy.
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