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  1. Haha great video! Yup the heartbreak diet really works..
  2. Be thankful you only invested 5 months and not 5 years..or longer. This gives you plenty of time to heal and find someone more compatible. But if he ghosted you then the path to healing is delete his contact info and go No Contact. It’s hurts for a while but slowly you’ll come out of it and be just fine.
  3. I think you’ve given her every opportunity to revisit the relationship and she’s shown she’s not interested. She’s staying pleasant to keep you from being hurt but she’s made her mind up at least for now. You need to go 100% No Contact and that means blocking on social media and not trying to woo her with your stories. The more you stay in contact, even indirect contact like your posts and seeing if she’s read them will keep you stuck. She knows how to find you, your only hope is disappearing and see if she misses you. She may or may not. Statistically she’s decided to move on. You’re gonna have to do the same, sorry i know it sucks but weve all been through it.
  4. Your really need to block him. Don’t give him that power to make your head spin.
  5. Block her on all social media..that’s not immature it’s looking after your own well being. All communication should be about the kid only. Do you have a parenting plan? Visitation schedule? You should have an agreement in writing covering all holidays etc. and a legitimate child support agreement. You have a long road ahead since you share a child and eventually the sting will lessen and go away but you’ll still have to navigate the child issues. Thankfully kids get older and in time they can decide who they want to see etc, so keep in your child’s life and be a good dad. My wife cheated and left after 24 years, our kids were adults by then (17 and 26) it hurt like hell but 5 years later and cutting her out of my life completely has helped. Good luck
  6. It’s just a setback not the end of the world. It takes time to reach total indifference to an ex. All your feelings are normal. Just get back on the NC horse and moving forward..the thoughts will dissipate over time and you’ll be back to feeling good again. But in the meantime I would avoid bars or nightclubs she frequents. I know that sounds sucky but it’s necessary to avoid these setbacks.
  7. When they start treating you with contempt then they are detaching and preparing to live life without you. I would beat her to the punch. It doesn’t get better. Been there done that after 24 years my ex wife did the exact same thing, turned out she was already seeing someone else. I wasted way too much time waiting for her blah blah...
  8. Who knows why they do it? Maybe she’s feeling nostalgic? Whatever the reason it’s a testament for going NC. I would tell your friends to not mention her anymore. That’s what I had to do to get over my ex. I deleted Facebook for a couple years and when I reactivated it I immediately blocked my ex wife. These are still breadcrumbs and keep you stuck. I would analyze these things way too long, like my ex emailing me about a song on the radio that we had history to, blah blah I mean why? That perplexed me for days. And really it meant nothing.
  9. If she’s gone colder and trying less and less that means she’s detaching further. You remaining friends with her and still seeing her on weekends just made breaking up with you that much easier for her as she never had the chance to miss you. Congrats on working on yourself that’s usually a benefit of a breakup, although historically short lived. As far as announcing no contact? Just go no contact no need to announce anything. She knows how to find you.
  10. No the third date is fine, I’ve kissed girls at the end of the night on a first date but usually ask if it’s ok lol and usually if things went well they’re more than up for it. Once that’s out of the way the skies the limit
  11. Yikes yet even another version..obviously you’re going to send it regardless so knock yourself out. Why people come to get advice and then totally ignore is beyond me but to each his own.
  12. God no, why do you keep drafting different versions of this “last gasp” and now a card?? NO. Accept its over. She’s with someone else. Anything you do to reach out to her will look pathetic and weak.
  13. Planning to send this several weeks from now means your obsessing about her..like there’s this countdown for this huge hammer (your message) to drop. If she has another guy it won’t have the effect your hoping for. I would stay no contact and stay busy, occupy your time so your not fixated on someone who’s 20 years younger, thousands of miles away, taking care of their mother and clearly has moved on. There’s plenty of other women out there
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