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Christmas and a new guy


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So I've been dating this gentleman for I'd say about 6 weeks. He's wonderful. We see each other about 3 days a week at this point, we've met each other's friends, and we've slept together. While we've never chatted about it, it's pretty apparent that we're exclusive.

I wasn't expecting to have someone around for the holidays and now I have absolutely no idea what the proper etiquette is in terms of a gift. Do I get him a gift? Do I make him a card? Do I do nothing? If a gift is proper, do I keep it impersonal? I'm so lost here.

Thank you!

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I think this is a really sweet problem to have, i love that beginning stage where you're not sure what to do over special occasions and whether to go all out or half way or do nothing! I would say always do SOMETHING - even if it is very small. Just to show you appreciate this new person in your life.

Plus, i would make it personal. What I wouldn't do is splash loads of cash on a gift to someone who is fairly new. But in terms of making it thoughtful, i think why not, and he'll appreciate it :)

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I would only keep it cheap Something small and sweet. Something to make him smile, but not big enough to make it awkward if he forgets to buy you something or has the same dilemma right now and chicken out. And that's actually really great that you've found yourself someone special before Christmas! It's the perfect timing - Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and then spring, you have a lot of lovely times coming and hot sex

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