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Am I crossing the line?


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Me and this guy stopped dating this week I embarrassed him in public then called his phone 100x when he blocked me. I know embarrassing but I was drunk. He told me he wants nothing to do with me anymore so I decided I’ll let him go. However, His friends still call me and invite me out I’m kind of confused to why. I have multiple activities planned with them this week but I don’t know if that’s gonna make my ex uncomfortable when he hears I been hanging With his BestFriends and brother. Their calling me I do not contact them at all they also asked that we don’t even talk about me and my ex while we’re out but that fine with me.

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Normally, I'd say mutual friends are fair game, but calling him 100x would understandably give him a bunny-boiler vibe and you've in fact put him in a position to be uncomfortable rather than him otherwise essentially needing to just suck it up.


Decent thing to do would be to leave it and hang out with your own friends.

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I agree with everyone else, you are crossing a line.


You want to come off as confident and not like you're chasing or desperate. You don't ever need to ring anyone 100 times, not only is that shameful behavior but it makes a person look crazy.


It's not a good idea to be hanging out with his friends either. You have your own set of friends don't you? It's more respectful to stay away from all of them for now and it's


better for your sake too as you don't need to keep being reminded of this guy.


It sounds like his interest has changed and you don't need to continue being reminded of that hurt.

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