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  1. What he's doing is wrong and clearly you know that too. He's gaslighting you and disrespecting both you and your daughter. It's time to divorce him.
  2. Then get a divorce-you can then do what you want. Contacting an ex with less than innocent intentions when you're married is wrong. You are clearly emotionally attached to someone else, I don't think staying in the marriage is a good idea.
  3. He sounds like he has way too many issues, is evasive, doesn't communicate effectively or well and seems very immature. I thought he was 22! Not 33, ***. You can do so much better. Also I want to add a real man does not act like this. You deserve a real man, who won't leave you confused. He's a loser and won't change, be glad he's set you free.
  4. Do you enjoy entertaining people with issues? Cos she clearly has many.
  5. Your behaviour was TOO much and creepy. How long did you date for? A month max? He shouldn't have mentioned marriage or kids (red flag) and you should stay single for a good year and work on yourself. The way you freaked out and your thought process just isn't healthy. It is scary and would scare anyone - if a guy did that to me I'd run far away.
  6. ...She acts like a 10 year old and sounds like a legit psycho. Block her and keep her blocked.
  7. I wanted to add to this. I've been cheated on by two guys I've loved before. The first cheated on me through the whole relationship and I didn't find out until the end (we were together for 18 months). I wanted to end things but he manipulated the situation and threatened suicide (-_-), me being young and naive bought it and gave him another chance. That whole month I was a wreck- I was paranoid as hell and considered getting a key logger software. I ended things when I realised I was becoming a version of myself that was so unlike me, I didn't want to be that anymore. The second guy was someone I had dated for around 3 years. Not sure if he ever physically cheated but he emotionally cheated on me with at least two females. He would also flirt a lot. I became paranoid, hurt and angry. I felt very inadequate, like it was me that did something to cause it. I kept on feeling the urge to check his phone and he would change his password. I looked in his FB messages and found things that didn't make me feel good. I hated how I was filled with resentment and I suppressed a lot of anger. Eventually we ended things based on other reasons. You know what both of these exes shared in common? Both were insecure and did things for validation. Both gaslit me to no end. No, cheaters that cheat don't change. It's a selfishness issue and a lack of empathy thing. They won't change, believe me. Your bf is still cheating and has never stopped. Fortunately the last few years, I have been with ppl that have been very loyal. Staying with a lying cheater eats at you relentlessly. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  8. I was emotionally unavailable before and when someone is in that state they can't love someone else. It's been over a year, that is more than enough time to tell someone you love them. Hell, some ppl get married after a year. Don't be a placeholder, you're just wasting your time.
  9. This guy doesn't respect or care about you. You don't trust him and rightly so. Without those three things, what's the point of developing a relationship further?
  10. Move out. You can't help a parent if they refuse to remove themselves from the situation itself.
  11. Unless he cheated who cares? It's his past. Lots of guys and women have casual sex during periods of their life. No biggy.
  12. He's a literal deadweight and bum. Get this manchild out of your life -_-. 5 years in the future you'll be in the same position. Unless you want to be a sugar momma, I suggest ending things. You are an intelligent, hardworking woman that deserves to a man who is an equal, NOT this. At the same age, my father was supporting his family and doing really well in his engineering career. My mum contributed a lot as well- it's really important to find someone who's worthy of you.
  13. Sorry but she's definitely cheating on you. 😐 Time to break up.
  14. I've had a couple of shots of hard liquor cos I was so nervous around a guy. But keep your eyes open and don't get too infatuated BC he's a stranger.
  15. She knew what she was saying. You are aware of the things you say when you're drunk, you just choose to deal with the consequences later. She's not a nice person, I think you should find someone else. You won't ever get over this comment and I wouldn't blame ya. It was sh it and very immature. I had an ex when I was 21 that was extremely small. Like scientifically probably a micropenis? Not at all exaggerating. I remember the first time I saw it and how absolutely shocked I was. Even though I didn't care about him I NEVER made any comments about his size. I broke up with him for other reasons but seriously...I knew if I had made one comment he would lose any confidence he had on himself when it came to sex, and I didn't want to do that to him. This girl didn't give a sht when she said those things. Being drunk is no excuse. Her comment just seems like she's really putting you in your place and that's actually pretty cruel. Also I promise you, it's not about size. Some of the best sex I've ever had was due to more how I felt about them and our chemistry than just because they were packin it.
  16. All he wants is sex from you and makes it more than clear. He doesn't give a sht about you.
  17. So? It doesn't matter. He lied and disrespected you repeatedly. Also he cheated on you. If he overlapped you when you guys got together.
  18. I don't think I've ever had a bf that repeatedly made comments about other womens' looks. We can make a comment together, but it's def not much or a regular thing.
  19. Cheating has nothing to do with looks. It speaks only of the other person and their issues.
  20. Um. Someone that mentions a sister or friends when talking about threesomes would be an ex. ***.
  21. Yip he has no moral compass. This guy is going to continue to hurt you in the future. :/...
  22. He lied to you, sexually overlapped you with another girl, lied to you some more. Slept with her cos you didn't want to. Lied to you some more. He's NOT a good guy. I don't think you should continue with him.
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