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  1. So I heard you cheated on me a few times during our past relationship. Screw you. I can't believe I wasted years of my life with you. Thank you for giving me more persisting issues. I f love it.
  2. You remind me of how I was a few years ago. I was emotionally unavailable and would always find ppl expressing feelings as annoying and suffocating. You shouldn't be talking to your ex regularly and not telling him u have a new bf isn't cool. Be single.
  3. He's not actually rushing anything. I think you're emotionally unavailable and need to stay single. You are using your bf and it's not nice nor fair.
  4. Why are you obsessing? She's a stranger and you know nothing about her. She lies so it's clear you just need to drop her. What a waste of time and energy.
  5. Hey Knightman, I remember reading your original post and was really happy you chose to walk away. These updates have put a big smile on my face and I am really genuinely thrilled for you. Good people deserve good things and you deserve lots of happiness! So happy you are having a blast and have found someone you can trust and let yourself relax around. Sometimes bad things happen but better things are just around the corner. All we need is hope.
  6. He doesn't sound like a quality guy so good riddance.
  7. If his leg or arm touched yours for ages it would mean more.
  8. My boyfriend asked me to be exclusive after two dates and for me to be his gf after 3. We had sex after being in a relationship for a few weeks. If a guy is into you, they generally confirm it fast. I've never had a guy not try to be exclusive by a month to 6 weeks. Whether I end up agreeing to it is another matter, but guys will always try. You shouldn't have to ask or bring it up. Hope things go well for you, he doesn't seem the best candidate for a serious relationship imo.
  9. Your daughter should always come first. If you want to choose your husbund over her, make sure the father gets custody. This is really sad. My dad has anger issues and it has caused a myriad of issues through the years. I'm not a child and still have problems because of it; don't do this to her.
  10. For three years I drove an ex around. He was stingy so wanted to split meals and would only occasionally buy my dinner. He didn't contribute fuel wise and would get mad if I didn't understand his crappy GPS directions. For the past few years I have been picked up and driven everywhere. This guy needs to start contributing and get a car. Don't have him move in until he gets this sorted :/.
  11. She has another guy or two on the go or is ashamed of you. She is definitely hiding a lot of things and mostly likely cheating on you.
  12. It's just sex for him it seems. I don't think I would ever allow someone to flake on me more than once. It's crappy and why are you putting up with it? He didn't even want to be exclusive-it shouldn't be that difficult.
  13. Throwing away an honest, kind and trustworthy man for a fling with a crim is not it.
  14. We've been together 9 months. I think he's amazing and if I were to marry this guy I think I would be very happy with him. We have a very similar way of thinking, get on like a house on fire. He possesses a combination of the traits I have always wanted in a guy, and I feel really lucky. He makes me extremely happy. I had mostly mentioned the family thing because it's a big deal to me-I hardly ever introduce family to ppl I am dating as I'm private and my parents are very old fashioned. The avoidance is something I have slowly realised and is something I had always chalked it up as
  15. I think they stem from childhood. I have realised a year ago I have avoidant attachment and it's something I have actively tried to change.
  16. For the first time in many years,I have finally met and developed strong feelings for someone and see a proper future with him. We have a really big connection-perhaps the strongest one I've ever had. His family really likes me, (he says his mum never liked any of the other girls she had met) and my family like him too. My sister gets along super with him (which is f- awesome),and his mum seems to really adore me. I can honestly say that I really love him. He is the second person I have ever thought of doing the whole marriage and kids thing with. He has been very straightforward and seri
  17. He's not into you and wants to date other people. Sorry.
  18. That's amazing, I'm sure you will be missed. It shows true dedication and commitment to stay in a company for that long, I really hope they send you off with a massive bonus!
  19. Hey guys, Recently started looking for a new job and have been fortunate to have received two job offers yesterday. I am however having another second interview today and was wondering if I should mention this towards the end, just so that I would be able to speed up the decision process. I've received the offer letters and am weighing out the options atm. I know this can work both ways, so how would you suggest going about this?
  20. Did you experience cheating in the family? Please don't, it's extremely selfish and would hurt the wife. Stay away.
  21. It's too soon to date, esp since you seem to be codependent and have emotional issues. Slow down, it's not that scary being single.
  22. You're not exclusive nor are you in a relationship so I would say he did nothing wrong. Everything's fair game unfortunately. If you want something committed in the near future, this guy is not the one for you.
  23. Someone that cheats shouldn't be trusted. She won't change and you're being the doormat you don't wanna be.
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