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  1. He dumped me said I was always think he was cheating on me and he could not take it so he doesn't want to be with me. He has been talking to his new best friend which is a girl so I know what he is up to. I am so dumb letting he treat me this way. What is wrong with me. Why does this guy who cheated for 20 years get to have to women that would do anything for him . Why does he get rewarded like this . why
  2. Update: This morning, as he was getting ready for work, I was making his bed for him when I noticed a pair of women's panties fell on the floor , which he said he had no idea where they came from.
  3. have been seeing a guy for 2 months we got along so good we are perfect together but he doesn't want a relationship with me he has told me from the start he just got out of a 20-year relationship which he cheated on her for 20 years because he says he did it because she was not intimate with him but he tells me that he has changed that he never wants to hurt any other women as he hurt her, I don't trust him 100 percent we care about each other a lot but he said we need to split up so that he can get over his ex and that I also need to work on myself. I understand that he needs to get over his ex. But I am ready to be in a relationship I have been single for 7 years I don't want to be alone anymore. He keeps telling me that I am making a mistake if I go with another guy that I need to work on myself before I get into another relationship. I want to be with him but he doesn't want to be with me. He found out I meet someone we just talked but it felt good to be wanted by someone again, I have been lonely wanting a partner for a long time. He keeps saying that I need to stay away from men and work on myself. The only reason I have trust issues is because of his bad reputation. And when we are together he doesn't make it easy for me to trust him completely because he will make jokes, for instance, he called me at 4 am so I asked him why are you awake and then he made a joke saying the girl just left my house right now. Stuff like that makes me not trust him he is always making those kinds of jokes. He says they are just I don't want to waste my time waiting for him if he is not serious about me He says he loves me and would never cheat on me that he has changed. He also said I pushed him into a relationship with him, that He feel for me because I wouldn't take no for an answer. I understand that we are at different times in our life he needs time to heal from his 20-year relationship it's only been 4 months. And I want to and am ready to find a long-term relationship.
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