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  1. It's too soon to date, esp since you seem to be codependent and have emotional issues. Slow down, it's not that scary being single.
  2. You're not exclusive nor are you in a relationship so I would say he did nothing wrong. Everything's fair game unfortunately. If you want something committed in the near future, this guy is not the one for you.
  3. Someone that cheats shouldn't be trusted. She won't change and you're being the doormat you don't wanna be.
  4. ...What the hell is wrong with him. His comments are not funny or amusing, they're f- up. He is not a good person and enjoys making you feel uncomfortable. I really don't know why you're with someone like this.
  5. In the final stages with a firm that is offering a higher salary with part time hours. I get all the benefits but less hours which is appealing but just wondering if this would prove a problem in the future if I were to look for a full time job again.
  6. That was a long relationship, and he won't be emotionally ready for a long time. I'd cut it loose.
  7. You've already wasted 10 years on him, don't waste anymore time. He doesn't want to marry you, and doesn't feel the same anymore...No point in dragging it on. Don't move countries, just break up. I guarantee if you leave with him things will end under his terms in the near future anyway. Be the one to make the decision to walk away. Otherwise you'll look back on this and really kick yourself for wasting SO much of your adult life on him.
  8. Just sounds like a very immature relationship with two childish people.
  9. Your partner shouldn't dismiss your feelings nor should he be talking to her considering they had a past affair. This really isn't you being sensitive at all, it seems he's still being as selfish as ever. Affairs and cheating aren't "oopsy" mistakes, they're deliberate actions.
  10. It's time to get out of this. Not having sex is not normal and he clearly is working through a lot of things right now. Doesn't appear to be very heterosexual either. Sex should be happening everyday, if not every other day. Not once every two months.
  11. Seems like he's emotionally cheating with her right now. Why is her feelings more important than yours? That's such a copout; him needing to find the right time to tell her. You're being played for a fool :/.
  12. Good that you know now. It's only been 6 dates, next time I think it's really important to slow the sex down, have dates not at a stranger's house and let him make more effort. Aka after the virus situation gets better. He wasn't your partner, he was just some guy you met a handful of times and slept with. Don't mistake that for anything meaningful. You need to not build things up so much so quickly next time. You came off desperate imo. Sorry.
  13. Being overweight is a mentality and is often an accumulation of bad habits and a unhealthy lifestyle. I'm 5'7 and around 115. I exercise for an hour everyday and eat really healthy. I also have a big appetite for a female, but I don't eat junk food often though really have a sweet tooth. I just control that side of me lol. My bf does the same, he's really fit and eats good food. I do I think it's time to end things as it doesn't look good. You should find someone who will like you the way you are and he should find someone that has the same attitude towards health and exercise because it's
  14. You're lucky you're not dead. Stay at home and STOP being eager and use your brain. Be safe. There's a chance you just passed on or contracted the virus. 😒
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