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  1. I think you're right, I've had quite enough of this relationship and it has been toxic since the beginning. There is lots more that goes on other than this issue and now its hit a breaking point. Thanks for the insight everyone.
  2. How can I confront her about the situation? Should I just ask her to ends things because to me that seems like ending things for a silly reason if the case is that she is not cheating.
  3. I feel that’s a big problem as well. She hates communicating or talking about anything. I texted her yesterday saying we need to talk and when we were on the phone later that day she asked what I wanted to talk about so I brought up why she hides me so much and all she had to respond was “nope not doing this” and changed the topic.
  4. We’ve been dating for a while now and it is an exclusive relationship. We’ve discussed that part out extensively and it’s exclusive and committed, but that’s just as far as I know obviously. I don’t know what or who else she may be talking to.
  5. As the title suggests, my gf(F22/M19) has some sort of commitment issues per say. She has done things which I would consider a bit extreme or unnecessary to hide our relationship from her friends and family. She refrains from posting me on any social media and refers to me as her “friend” whenever her friends or family ask who I am. In contrast, my close friends and family know who she is and how long we’ve been together. Whenever I bring this up she just changes the topic or tells me to get over it. Going back to the unnecessary things she’s done to hide me, she’ll often lie about who/what/where if it involves me and she does this absolutely stupid thing where she’ll change her phone wallpaper constantly so that when I’m with her it’s us, but when she's out and about it’ll be something else like her dog so that even by chance nobody finds out about me. Same goes for any comments I might make on social media, she’ll just delete them so nobody can see what I wrote on her posts. Every time I have brought this issue up she has just refrained from talking about it, and makes it seem like it’s not that big of a deal. But I don’t get why she needs to hide me and do all this childish stuff that I’ve mentioned. I mean we’re adults about to graduate college and this entire scenario makes it seem like a high school drama. On my side I feel she’s either embarrassed or ashamed of me to tell people we’re together, or she’s talking to other people and wants to make sure they don’t stop if they know she’s committed. Either way, I feel unappreciated and neglected often and feel like our entire relationship is just me putting in a lot more effort and care than her. Is it common for people to keep their SO so hidden from their circle?
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