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My ex boyfriend's friend asked me out?


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My ex and I broke up a week ago. We dated for 7 months and it just didn't work out. A few months ago we were out a charity benefit and his old high school friend showed up. I thought he was super handsome and we actually ended up having a lot in common and talking for a while. We became friends on Facebook and I noticed he would "like" my posts. I never really thought anything of it since I was seriously dating his friend at the time. I ran into him at a concert this weekend and we talked for hours. Easy conversation and a lot of fun. He then called me last night and said he has always thought I was so beautiful and wants to take me to dinner... Ugh what should I do? He really does seem like a great guy. I met his dad as well and he told me his dad thought the world of me. I couldn't stand my ex when I met him but this guy I automatically felt some sort of connection. Not sure what to do...

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I say go for it! You never really know unless you take a chance. You only dated your ex for 7 months and it doesn't sound like it was very serious, so I don't think the old adage of never dating a friend of an ex applies here. Plus, that's a way too old fashioned line of thinking. As long as you are both respectful of the connections to your ex, I don't see an issue. I did the same thing several years back. This situation is a lot more common than you may think. People come and go into your life at a rapid pace. When a connection is felt, the regrets start adding up when you don't take action.

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It is his friendship he is possibly jeopardizing and his choice and totally his business so I say go to dinner with him and see how it goes. You only dated his friend 7 months and you don't even know how close they are anyways.


My only concern is that you just broke up a week ago. Are you really ready to start dating? Is this guy trying to make a move on you while you are vulnerable?


If you think you are totally ready then go to dinner and see how you feel about the whole thing. Just make sure you hold off on anything physical for a while.



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Do you have every right to go on a date with him? Sure. Personally, I'd broaden my dating pool a bit to not include friends of people, particularly exes, I "couldn't stand." But I tend to prefer things as least complicated as possible. That you've only been single like a week is just that much more reason to maybe take a pass this time around.

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You have only been broken up a week. i say Slloooow down. Tell him you have only broken up a week ago and are not ready to date and maybe chat with him just saying its a bit odd that he is interested since EX and him are pals. Maybe it turns out they are only facebook friends and graduated together but aren't really friends, who knows, but it will bring it out of the woodwork.

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Yeah, even tho' it's scary how many people here are giving advices without at least some perspective on the situation.


Guy that is presenting himself like a friend to your ex is turning back on him in such a disgusting way that he is almost bound to be oppurtinistic when you come along anyways.


He will have you but will probably have almost natural urge to always look for "better".


He is even trying to capitalize on the fact you are so fresh out of the breakup so he is probably knowingly trying to use them in his favor.


Every man knows that, it's basic logic and his ways of not respecting the fact that you probably are not 100% of yourself right now is also disgusting.


Sleezeball. I know exactly the type. When I asked him last time if he ever contacted my ex he's like "why would I do that??!" and then his phone is full of his entries to her number and he's sending msg's to her.


In the same time it's always "bros over hoes" for him.


Yeah right.


Stay away.

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