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Reaccuring talk of past sexual experiences, with no lack of detail


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My boyfriend of about a year and a half now still repeats stories of sexual experiences even though I have heard most all of them in great detail before. I have said that I prefer not to hear them as I am sensitive to feelings haha. But non the less I still find him reliving them. I find it confusing considering that he tends to mention them when I haven't had a climax in awhile, i wonder if he mentions them to help him feel less inadiquite in his current relationship. I am a very sexual person, we don't have sex nearly as much as I would like and when we do my climax is not so much a priority. I love him and love our relationship but am feeling like I could use some advice in this area please

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He gets off on it. It turns you off. Do you see the mismatch here?


Tell him the TMI is a buzz-kill, turn off, deal breaker. Tell him you need oral and more Os.

I still find him reliving them. I am a very sexual person, we don't have sex nearly as much as I would like and when we do my climax is not so much a priority.
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If he can respect your wishes, then what can he respect?


Clearly you're sensitive to it and he should understand that. (Not to mention the fact he's still thinking about ex girlfriends sexually. BIG RED FLAG) If you're not feeling safe in the relationship I'd suggest couples counseling or finding a guy who will respect you.

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Your boyfriend sounds like an insensitive jerk. He is being totally and 100% inappropriate with you if he is constantly mentioning sexual experiences with other women. In fact, in my opinion, and I am 100% correct in this opinion I am quite sure; is that a CARDINAL RULE is that "you NEVER talk about things like this with your current partner..EVER". Also, as a man, a guy should never even talk about other women and ex's to their current woman/partner. It is rude and it's harmful to your girlfriends insecurities. You just don't talk about things like that, yet alone, when you are in bed together.


You need to firmly and effectively TELL HIM that his talk of former sexual experiences is hurtful, inappropriate, and just plain rude! Make him understand this and see if he stops. If he doesn't, then you really need to see that a huge red flag regarding what kind of person he really is. If he doens't respect your opinion on this and ceases, then he's got serious issues.

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