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  1. Sounds mental to me. Ive had this problem. It seems to compound cause then you got the fear of everything going south. Try not to worry about it. I haven't had that problem in some time maybe practice?
  2. If there was contact move on. If not might be worth looking more into. I had a friend who used such services. I asked him how and yes I got curious and broused. I'd do the same to this day. I think it's like a cheater either they are 1 or arent.
  3. (Snot bubble) dropped the mic for me and thats as far as I got.
  4. It means you need to come up with a new hypnosis of everything
  5. Well it's going on date #5. I always find it strange how fast things move with relationships. I guess that's nature's way.
  6. I'd be more concerned about him not being able to come to you about him watching porn. I tell my SO I watch porn from time to time oh well.
  7. How did she act after the date? Maybe she just setup a definite time to bail out. I'd probably actually prefer this on a first date. No awkward when should I leave thing going on.
  8. I've had the same sort of problem unable to finish ect. I think it will only get better if the pressure is off. Meaning who cares if he can't finish. Just try again later no big deal. There's I'm sure alot of woman out there that it doesn't happen all the time for them and it's not a huge deal. Practice and enthusiasm go a long way. Maybe just concentrate on him meaning not sex. That takes pleasing you out of his head. Or get him there then have sex. Good luck
  9. It's better to come into a relationship on equal footing. It's good you are working on yourself. Good luck
  10. I don't believe in horoscopes but!. I've removed the lens in my juija board. Ever since people have been sticking there privates thru it. So I'm a believer. No meaningful relation ships have developed though. Plus I put a ragu lid over it. But people keep trying to get thru still and the rattling keeps me up at night. I'll try duct tape.
  11. Yes she was very nice. I don't know if there's much chemistry. That's only happened once really on my part. Figured go out a couple more times.
  12. Well I gotta say even at my age I was still anxious when it came down to the date. I guess that will never change. I just psych myself out. This was my first meeting with anyone since my major breakup over a year ago. Nothing huge to report everything was pretty normal. Dinner turned into 3 hrs. Said she would like to see me again. So I guess I'll just go from there. Will have to see how the conversations during the week go. If anything it's good to know I'm not totally broken. I was getting worried there for a while.
  13. Done setup for Saturday night as she put it. I would rather lunch oh well. OK possible red flags. Only face shots. Though a friend of a friend. So I felt weird asking for more. Talked maybe 7 hrs in two days. Very strange conversations. But if you know my posts it's understandable. She tries to get the conversation to go to a naughty side.
  14. Well after overy a year out of the blue I got a date. Well not yet but considering how she talks to me when I ask today she will agree. This is the first person I've talked to in over a year. I figured if anything it could be amusing to others. I'm going to try for this saturday.
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