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  1. I don't want to be the one who rains on this parade...but do you think this is too good to be true?
  2. How old are you two? She could be testing you to see if you're interested. If not pursue her. Ask her out on a real date. If she's wishy washy and you're beginning to like her perhaps you need to reevaluate things so that you don't get hurt. I'd still try pursing her first before throwing in the towel. Good luck.
  3. Bold statement. Care to explain your reasoning? And I like rainy nights. Preferably with a thunderstorm mixed in.
  4. Large ponds that prevent one from enjoying homemade pudding...
  5. This sounds like a tough situation and at this point there probably isn't much you can do directly. HOWEVER, I'm sure your friend needs some support, whether it be an ear, a night out etc.. You can tell him that you'll be there for him for whatever he needs. Call, text and make sure to check up on him. (Not all the time, but enough to show that you care.) Hope this helps.
  6. What does your gut say? Are there any indicators that she is backing off? less intimate, doesn't express feelings etc? How long have you two been together? If someone says they need space, chances are they're feeling smothered or have a lot going on in their life. Edit Just read your post from November. Is this the same woman? How much time with your partner do you need in a relationship?
  7. There aren't many folks on here who are going to sugar coat something. The best advice you'll get here are direct honest answers, even if it hurts. We're not being mean, just looking out for those involved.
  8. QUEEN Quit Underestimating Elephant's Exotic Neckties CARDS
  9. I only had to read your headline. I'd back off and find someone who's single. Unless all parties involved want to be in a polygamous relationship.
  10. If I were you, I'd delete that footage asap. The last you'd want is for that to ever get out. Especially today's laws in regards to revenge pr0n. That being said, I'd say your peace and leave her be. Let me know how you feel then drop it. If she's interested, she'll come back to you. In regards to hooking up while cross faded, drunk high etc. Don't. Period. Never good will come from it. Not to mention you can put yourself in a very difficult situation. Meaning, if you're under the influence, you can't legally give consent. I'd check your local laws, but just food for thought.
  11. I love your confidence. If you asked her via text, then I'd let it go. If you see her in person ask her directly. "Hey, I'd like to grab some coffee, ice cream etc. with you sometime." See her reaction. If she shows any hesitation, then leave it be. You know she's not interested. At the end of the day you don't want to force anyone to go out with you. Keep us posted.
  12. It sounds like this runs deeper than the Facebook messages. I'd take Wiseman's advice and seek couples therapy.
  13. This is what matters. It doesn't matter who is on his phone. The bottom line is this bothers you. I would suggest couples therapy. If he can't agree and you continue to feel like this, then perhaps you need to seek a professional to help you through this. At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable and safe within your relationship.
  14. @sera - excellent point. And I agree with that (and your avatar... we're expecting another foot or so tomorrow... ugh. enough already!) @OP- If you tend to worry and overanalyze things, than heed to Sera's advice. However, if your gut is instructing you... then I'd listen to it. Good luck.
  15. I didn't even finish reading it and will tell you to move on. You don't want someone who is so wishy washy. Find someone (after you've healed) that wants you all of the time, not just some of it.
  16. Im going to echo what rose wrote. Dating someone while healing from a breakup is not helping anyone. I would sit down with your current interest and tell him exactly how you're feeling. Theres no sense in anyone getting hurt. Good luck.
  17. Agree with Holly. I've heard of folks getting together and staying together after a second go around. It's rare, but happens. A third? Highly improbable. Any additional info?
  18. I'd toss this one back. Clearly he's using you for when it's convenient for him. You don't want to be with someone who is lukewarm. Find someone who wants to be with you all of the time, not just some of it. Good luck.
  19. Not necessarily a film per se, but Punisher on Netflix. It was solid. Very much enjoyed it. 8.5/10
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