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had two dates w/ this guy but I feel ignored; confused about it;he planned a 3th

Belgian girl

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Why do you want unprotected sex after 2 dates and what vaccine?

We had intercourse 2nd time and he asked we could kiss but I agreed next time also unprotected sex after many months waiting and blood test

But when I test or P.M. him about a vaccin I want me to get in order to let it work out then he doesn't react

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I am not even fertile currently


How do you know? Do you take an ovulation test every single day? Do you take it at the right time of the day, sometimes even twice. Sorry, but you don't know that for a fact. And what if you are not fertile today, but end up ovulating within the next 9-72 hours. You can definitely become pregnant! Even women who are very regular sometimes drop an egg early or late due to stress. Why on earth would you have unprotected sex with him?? A vaccine does not protect you against STDs, nor does it protect him. It also does not prevent you from becoming pregnant.


So what if he asked for unprotected - you say NOOOO. who cares if he says it feels better. You are a very stupid woman if you have unprotected sex.

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My eggleaders don't functionate I am chronical ill. Do have a schild wish.


You can still get an STD. My friend was told she cannot have children. She has endometriosis and had one ovary removed due to cancer. She DID get pregnant. She was surprised. it was a one in a million chance. She has a daughter now.

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