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So I am in this great relationship and we were both saving ourselves for marriage and one night we just kind of I guess well we didn't stay that way and we lost both our virginities to eachother. The first time we didn't use protection and we did it again without protection. Although, I am on the pill and every time we had to very hardly try to stop because of time and we didn't want to get in trouble. But anyways one time we tried to use a condom and well since it was his first time he didn't know how to so he struggled putting it on and the main problem is when he got it on and we tried it hurt me like really bad, he put it in a little bit and it hurt me so bad I had to tell him right away to take it out it hurt so bad and I have no clue why! What do I do? I don't want to get pregnant and I want to be safe and as of right now I have run out of pills and I don't want to continually not "finish" and I want to be safe and I am too young to have a child and I want to graduate college before starting a family. Someone please help! And I do not like the other alternatives for females, such as the implants, the shots, the nuvaring, diaphragm, and the female condom sounds like a turn off and super weird!

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Are you guys ready to be parents? Do you want to risk getting an STD? Then use protection.


On condom boxes there are directions on how to put one on. I suggest he reads up on it.


Are you allergic to latex? That might cause the pain- use non-latex. Also use water-based lubricants (KY Jelly brand has it) whenever you guys are having sex with a condom.


If pain still persists, seek a doctor.

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Well this guy needs to learn how to use a condom if you are going down this road. There is google and YouTube available if he doesn't feel like reading.


If you are on the pill (assuming birth control) then you shall be fine and there is no real chance of you being pregnant providing you use them accordingly. If you both lost each other's virginity to each other then obviously chances of an STI are low, and potentially not at all. But it is still recommended to use a condom regardless. Something that I did not do and paid for it. (I didn't get an STI, for clarity).

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If he's using a lubricated condom, it should actually be easier to put in than him going bareback. If I had to guess, he either put it on inside out (not an easy feat) or you guys went cheap. Drop a couple extra bucks on some decent condoms.

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He took it out of the package right? Ha Ha


Quality lubricated condoms will make penetration easier not painful or harder. Do this: Roll a condom onto your middle and index finger and slowly touch yourself and then insert your fingers and see if it hurts. If you have an allergy to the lube or the latex this will expose it. If it goes well and there is no pain then you weren't wet enough, you used cheap none lubricated condoms and he got in a rush to get inside you.


You are both very young but need to be responsible so slow down and do this right. Having sex worrying that you are going to get pregnant is not enjoyable so be safe and be smart. No more sex without a condom okay? He may think he can control when he orgasms or "knows" when it is going to happen and pull out or stop but there are a lot of kids in this world from that very thinking...



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