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What are your thoughts on people who don't like pets?


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There was another thread elsewhere on this forum that got me thinking about this. What do you think of such people? Let's say they don't hate pets, but are uncomfortable for any reason: For example, they are scared of dogs or have allergies, etc.


Do you think they are undateable? What if they are otherwise an awesome person?


Me, I am uncomfortable and have some fear around dogs that aren't little.


Just curious.

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Of course they aren't undateable. My sister was very scared of dogs from an early age, and she dated plenty. She is a wonderful person and I would never hold her fear against her. In the end, she married a guy with a very sweet, old, completely mellow dog. So it's okay to have issues, as long as one is willing to try, I think.

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If someone is scared of dogs, I would be sympathetic and probably assume that they just didn't grow up around them like I did, or just haven't had much exposure to them. If it was a mild allergy, I would research online ways to deal with that- (different dog shampoos, more frequent carpet cleaning, etc)


Are they undatable? It depends. I have 2 dogs- that's the reality. But I would be supportive of easing them into being around my dogs and slowly getting to know them, etc.


If, on the other hand, it was some sort of terror of dogs that they couldn't overcome, or some sort of sever allergy, yeah, then to me they are undateable. Doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with them, just not a good fit for me.

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I could understand. My ex gf did not like dogs because she was attacked by one when she was little and it bit up her face pretty bad. You couldnt tell now, you can on see minor scars. But when she came over my house i had to keep my dog away for awhile because he would love to lick people and would go straight for the face so it brought her back bad memories and she was really scared. But slowly she got used to the dog then everything was fine after while.

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Well, coming from someone who has 3 horses, 3 dogs and 3 cats...& a neon sign above the house that says "hungry stray animals stop here" I guess it will depend on the issue. But that being said, I will always have a life with animals in it, so perhaps that makes ME undateable. A small little ranch is my lifestyle, so if someone isn't into that then I guess im out.

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I dont like animals really. Im allergic to cats and dogs (and horses!) so I am not an animal lover. I would still date someone with a pet tho! but I dont think I could end up living with a cat or dog. I just dont warm to them! I dont like em!


It does put me off a tiny bit if some guy loves dogs and cats (more so cats), but it would depend on how much I liked them as a person!

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If I met a person *before* I had any pets they were uncomfortable with and I was really into that person, it probably wouldn't matter to me. I wouldn't turn someone down because they were uncomfortable with dogs, for example. It would be hard for me, though, because I see many pets in my future!


However, if I began to date someone and they were against the pets I have right now? That's a bit different... For example, I currently own three birds and three mice. If I began to date a person who said that birds didn't work in their lifestyle and I had to get rid of them in order to continue a relationship? That person would be out the window, unfortunately. One commitment would not overrule another, and I made a commitment to care for that animal as long as it lives.


I guess it comes down to who was there first.


My ultimate response for this question (for me) is similar to my thoughts on a partner who didn't want children (because I do). If the person was right, I'd deal with it (or at the very least, try to make a compromise), but you wouldn't give up your children for anything and my pets, to me, are my children. Same deal.

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If you're allergic, than I can understand.


Other people are just haters though. My aunt who visits now and then from LA refuses to be in the same room with our 2 dogs. She says they should always be outside or in a separate room, or cages even. Pretty cruel if you ask me. It's kinda funny since she's a radical liberal who's in the aclu, but she doesn't give a crap about animals. =p

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QA couple of years ago my family got a dog. I didn't want the dog (smell, cost, time - a lot of the responsibilities have fallen on me while my sister who technically owns the dog does very little other than cuddle her) and while I love her now, I could still take having a pet or leave it.


I don't hate animals, I'm just not bothered or that interested.


If someone found my lack of interest in pets a dealbreaker, that's their problem. I'd have a bigger issue with someone who had to have animals.

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I think some distinctions need to be made. There is a difference between


a.) people who "do not like pets"


b.) people who fear pets


c.) people who are allergic to pets


Category A people I could never have much in common with. These are the people that have no sympathy when a pet dies and just tel lyou to "get another one". If they did not value animals and were not kind and tolerant of my pets then it would not work.


With Category B people, there is some hope- if they have a positive experience with an animal they may be able to change their view.


Category C is not something people can really help. I would not be able to give one of my pets up for someone who had allergies though. They would either need to take medication (and I would have the pet groomed often to help) or forget it.


Luckily my hubby and cat coexist quite nicely.

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