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  1. I'm going to have $27-30 K in debt when I get my degree. I'm pretty worried about it, I'm not going to feel comfortable with it until I actually have a good steady full time job. I'm not overly worried about the debt itself, I could afford the payments even if everything fails and I end up working a cruddy retail job full time after school. What I am worried about is the debt seriously constraining my finances and me having to postpone indefinitely taking on any other major financial burdens like moving out on my own or getting my own car, getting married or even just taking a nice vacation for once (I havn't left the country since I was like 10). I'm leaving myself open to the possibility of graduate school. The Masters program I'm looking at would definitely be able to land me a solid career, but I just dislike the idea of staying in school another 2 years and accumulating even more debt. I'm weary because in highschool, the story was "go to University, get an undergrad degree and you'll be set for life". Then we get to University and the story changes to "go to graduate school THEN you'll be set for life"...where will it end? I assume Employers love increasing the minimum required education for eligibility sine the more desperate you are for cash to pay off your education debts, the $hittier treatment and longer hours you'll put up with just for the priviledge of earning your meagre pay cheque. I think my plan will just be to graduate with my degree, take a year off and apply to every decent paying job I'm moderately qualified for and then see if my undergraduate degree is as worthless as everyone indicates, or whether an undergrad degree actually still counts for anything any more. If it doesn't then back to get my Masters or apply to teachers college....until the game changes again and they tell me I need a Ph. D to be employable of course.
  2. Mine has come back. NC helped. I'm not exactly sure how I even feel about this though. The way I've approached it is as if we're having an almost fresh start. There's still a few things that I'm angry with her about though, we'll see if they can be overcome. But that being said, I actually don't want to encourage you to think she'll come back. I never thought mine would come back after she broke up with me, and I said some extremely harsh things to her that I thought would ensure she'd never feel comfortable trying to remain in my life. It was a combination of her finding out that the grass on the other side is in fact not greener, and a somewhat chance event that brought us back.
  3. Advice is to move far away from the relatives as another poster said. Ugh, if my family ever tried to force anything down my future wife's throat I'd tell them to screw off. But really, convince him to move far from the relatives for your own sanity. It might strain relations in the short term but it really will be short term pain for long term gain.
  4. I'm curious, I agree with alot of what you've been saying in this thread and think that alot of the guys that are in the "friendzone" would do well to take a look at your posts. But do you think that part of the reason that you've "friendzoned" the guys above was that since they didn't ask you out on a date early on, you got to know their flaws as a friend so in essense you "dated them" without "dating them" and found them unsuitable. I'm just curious if you think that if one of them had asked you out earlier on, before you knew about their flaws if you'd have been more likely to have gone on a date with them. Was it more along the lines of "Even from the start I wasn't attracted to them so I doubt I'd have ever agreed to date them". Or was it "they had a fair chance with me from the start, but now that I know them they've gotten less attractive" ? Any woman can reply with what she thinks by the way, not just Carnelian Butterfly
  5. I think it's incredibly rude. There might be certain very rare occasions when it's even a little bit ok (maybe at a wild party or if you shout it at one of your friends), but even so its tricky. Now that this has been brought up it's reminding me of one time when I was around 7 at a mall with my mom and some creepy loser made a cat-call at her from the second floor. What kind of low-life cat-calls a woman in front of her little children?
  6. Definitely women. Undeniably when you break it down to individual cases it goes either way, i.e as a male, I probably have an easier time getting dates then some women do, but the key is that in the aggregate women have it easier and its for this reason: When there's a shy woman that is too nervous or scared to ask someone out herself, she will get approached and asked out eventually. When there's a shy man, he is very unlikely to be asked out ever and thus his dating probability is substancially lower as he won't ever ask anyone out himself.
  7. Not quite. The 51% statistic represents only the number of women that are currently married. Whereas it also goes on to say that 25% of women have never married. I didn't gather any stats on how many men are *currently* married just how many have been married so the best comparison is this: 25% of women have never married, and 30% of men have never married. There's the inequaliy right there, about 5%.
  8. That was a bad sentence to have written I'll admit, but the difference is so minimal between the ratio; probably something like 51% women and 49% men as to be insignificant. That being said I elaborate in this quote:
  9. It was? The only thing in the first post was that he wanted to ask her how many partners she had and what the average for her age was? I didn't get any feeling of him using any information against her
  10. Actually, it wasn't your thread it was another poster whom read the statistic out of a mens magazine. Also it did refute the initial claim that 80% of men don't get involved in any relationships. However since alot of people that have said this either meant or simply change there position to make the question more nuanced such as by saying "80% of men never get any *hot* women" or whichever other variation the poster chooses, I can see how these stats don't apply in a case like that. I do know of your thread and I may have even posted in it, and I agree that giving advice on how to be more successful is never a bad thing (It's what the forum was designed to do afterall
  11. Oh, my mistake, I just didn't feel like wading through 11 pages of material, silly me
  12. Like it or not, in a relationship headed towards marriage, honesty is crucial. I'm not sure if I missed something but where do you get this "using informatino against your partner" from when inquiring in to there sexual history? I think any marriage counsellor will tell you that the fewer secrets partners keep between eachother the better their relationship will likely be. Considering a partners sexual history as a taboo subject will leave (sometimes significant) gaps in your understanding of your partners past and may impede you from understanding fully what made them who they are presently.
  13. I was talking about a very specific claim when posting that and didn't intend it to be a reflection of the quality of the relationships in question. I think alot of the confusion is from the fact that this thread got split from another thread in which I used this as evidence against a posters points made in that thread. Unfortunately flame-ing ensued and all posts were deleted for some reason so the OP ended up being split. Basically I'm agreeing with you that these don't represent success in relationships, but I never intended them to be a reflection of this.
  14. You don't see how a beautiful woman being so enamoured with you that *she's* the one willing to walk up to you and ask for a date would be an ego boost?.....Well your the only one. Knowing full well that the vast majority of women can sit back and wait to be hit on, I don't understand how any guy wouldn't feel especially attractive if a woman instead hit on him.
  15. Haha, I don't know if that was a compliment or a shot at my ego But nope, I have a steady g/f and you can count me in to that group of guys that used to think the dating world was rigged against them
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