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Thread: Two weeks after breakup, he started dating.

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    I would like to just share snippets of my daily progress concerning this issue.

    Today, I woke up feeling better than the past few days. I did not cry today and for this I am so proud of myself. I still think about him, but I was able to control the urge not to call or text him.

    I miss him so much and it will be just that -- missing him but won't make a fool of myself anymore.

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    Originally Posted by CallmeFAYE
    I still think about him, but I was able to control the urge not to call or text him.

    What seems so small—controlling that urge—is actually huge. That's your inner strength getting a little work out. Think of it like a muscle. The more we use it, the stronger it gets; the more we neglect it; the weaker it gets.

    You're allowed to feel whatever you need to feel right now: anger, longing, sadness, you name it. You can handle it, and as you do you'll just get stronger—and, in time, more confident, more sure of yourself, and, eventually, more open to sharing yourself with someone who sees and respects you as you do.

    It's a hard process, I know. Been there plenty. But if you keep controlling that urge it actually becomes a beautiful process, a chance to know yourself better and become stronger for it.

    Small steps, and only steps forward. You got this. Those small steps will add up to a big step and, believe it or not, you'll look back on this moment of growth as a good one that came during a tough moment.

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