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Doesn't it just put you in your place? Isn't it incredible the way love puts us all back in our places? How it humbles us and resets our perspective on life?


We've come along way the last 6 million years - from caves to communities, through thousands of years of philosophical evolution, building bridges, laying roads, overcoming obstacles our ancestors could never even concieve of. We've landing on the moon for christ's sake! We've split the bloody atom! We've turned the spotlight of science on the universe and the only thing more incredible than what we saw then was what we saw when we turned that spotlight back on ourselves.


In the next 50 years we face threat of extinction at the hands of our own doing, and we're coming to terms with the fact that unless we play guardian to other species on the planet, they'll simply cease to exist - and even more phenomenal, we're beggining to embrace that responsibility.


We've consistently overcome every obstacle in our path - disease, ignorance, war... we've even overtaken biological evolution, controlling our very genetics and refusing to accept death without a fight.


We're not perfect, but we're close. Thanks to the combined development of human understanding within a single person's life we've elavated ourselves to such dizzy heights our humble past is but a spec on the horizon.


And yet... despite all of this, there's one relic of our past that still defies us, the one relic that we consciously, willingly submit to.


Love is the product of psychological defense mechanisms programmed by genetics and expressed through hormones and behavioural reactions with the ultimate aim of proliferating an individuals genetics into the next generation, preserving the species.


There's no mystery, it simply exists because without it, we wouldn't exist in the first place. There's nothing divine about why we are attracted to one another, you can't pick your partner with a quadratic equation.


We fall in love in the same way the first human's did as they stepped out onto the African plains.


Which is why that's our mark. Our birthmark. No matter where we go or who we meet in the future, we carry that relic with pride because there's nothing that represents our species more than that.


We may never unlock the final secrets of the universe before our sun burns out and our species is snuffed out, but that's alright, because I love you.

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Even so, here we are today and struggles still get in the way of us each truly being happy and full of love. I think it's because we live in a society of separateness (which is easy to do since there's such a large population on this earth) and that comes from the "Every man for himself" survival mode we as humans reverted to back in those caveman days that you mentioned.


Moments that I make long eye contact with my boyfriend, when he looks down on me with a lightness to his spirit and happiness reaching out through his touch... it just makes me realize how real each human soul is and how unreal the cold way most of society lives: untouched, unexpressed... and sometimes, skin changed to plastic as a way of chasing perfection. But perfection isn't in self control or control of others. It doesn't come from school or jobs or achievements. The fact is, it never comes. Many chase after it nonetheless. It's like such a huge trend this day and age.


Love touches our highest level of consciousness because it cancels out fear, brings a person to accept themselves, and leaves a person healed of many things when deeply felt. Yet what creates love? It is what we selflessly give and that is what creates the world and makes it a better place. What an amazing ability to tap into that we humans have.


So much will always try to suppress it though. We have to fight through. Kindness can conquer anything and that's one thing I live by.

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