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  1. Doesn't it just put you in your place? Isn't it incredible the way love puts us all back in our places? How it humbles us and resets our perspective on life? We've come along way the last 6 million years - from caves to communities, through thousands of years of philosophical evolution, building bridges, laying roads, overcoming obstacles our ancestors could never even concieve of. We've landing on the moon for christ's sake! We've split the bloody atom! We've turned the spotlight of science on the universe and the only thing more incredible than what we saw then was what we saw when we turned that spotlight back on ourselves. In the next 50 years we face threat of extinction at the hands of our own doing, and we're coming to terms with the fact that unless we play guardian to other species on the planet, they'll simply cease to exist - and even more phenomenal, we're beggining to embrace that responsibility. We've consistently overcome every obstacle in our path - disease, ignorance, war... we've even overtaken biological evolution, controlling our very genetics and refusing to accept death without a fight. We're not perfect, but we're close. Thanks to the combined development of human understanding within a single person's life we've elavated ourselves to such dizzy heights our humble past is but a spec on the horizon. And yet... despite all of this, there's one relic of our past that still defies us, the one relic that we consciously, willingly submit to. Love is the product of psychological defense mechanisms programmed by genetics and expressed through hormones and behavioural reactions with the ultimate aim of proliferating an individuals genetics into the next generation, preserving the species. There's no mystery, it simply exists because without it, we wouldn't exist in the first place. There's nothing divine about why we are attracted to one another, you can't pick your partner with a quadratic equation. We fall in love in the same way the first human's did as they stepped out onto the African plains. Which is why that's our mark. Our birthmark. No matter where we go or who we meet in the future, we carry that relic with pride because there's nothing that represents our species more than that. We may never unlock the final secrets of the universe before our sun burns out and our species is snuffed out, but that's alright, because I love you.
  2. You go along fine for a while, you and her, and then after a while the shine starts to rub off. Which could mean the relationship is maturing or it could mean it's wearing out. Well, how do you know which??? So, while you're trying to remain optimistic about the one that you think you love even though there are times when you aren't sure she's all that into you, well lo and behold some sweetie starts grinning at you in the hall near the copier. And you're thinking, well heck, I'm tempted to toss my hook in this new pond because I think the old one is getting stagnant, but is it really? Maybe the old love is just having some extra hormone activity? Or is she about to dump you? She may be grinning at some new hairy-legged dude near the copier in her office. Should I do a preemptive strike? What if I scrap the best thing I have? My goodness! Who designed this system? This is worse than Microsoft.
  3. I am just curious how fast people generally progress through the stages of dating into a more serious relationship. I think moving too fast through the stages nearly always ultimately leads to some fast hot times and then a instant fizzle. It seems like the time that you spend on the early stages is somehow proportional/related to how long the relationship lasts. Hormones can always be controlled if it means more chance of a life with the right person, encouraging slower relationship progress. A good balance should be struck to get the best long term prospective.
  4. I am continually amazed by the range of weird and wonderful things that happen to pregnant women because of the hormones etc. I am in my first trimester and have recently become acquainted with morning sickness, yeuch. Other recent joys have been: bawling my eyes out after sex, endless breathlessness and insane itching all over my arms and neck. I keep scratching, to find it shifts. It's like I've been bitten everywhere. Apparently hormones do this too! What are some of the other joys of early pregnancy that people here have experienced?
  5. Hi, well I know alot of us here are young, but my mom is having HORRIBLE menopause symptoms! the thing is she doesn't want to use any drugs or hormone replacement due to the risks of cancer. (it runs in our family) So does anyone know of any healthy solutions???
  6. Hello all, since there are so many knowledgeable people here I thought someone might be able to give me some information. I am on a medication (Tegretol) that reduces the efficacy of hormonal birth control. My doctor specificially mentioned birth control pills. From independent research I have decided that it is pretty much all hormonal based birth control. I am really here to see if that is true. Is anyone else on medications that interfere with birth control? And if so what do you use? My boyfriend and I currently use condoms, but I am wondering if there is anything else.
  7. Since I'm very conservative, I've always thought that guys were turned off by "slutty" girls, and would never want to touch them with a ten-foot pole... well, obviously some guys have gotta be touching them, or how else would they become "slutty" in the first place, right? Anyway, I still always thought that guys would chose a not-so-promiscuous girl over a promiscuous one. But recently, I became very close to a girl that essentially "gets around" and even though she's not very pretty, slightly overweight, and acts like a guy sometimes, the guys keep coming around her. Now is it that she lets off some sort of "hoochie hormone"that I don't know about, or is it because guys hear that she's easy and think they can get some (but if that's the case, do they have no quality standards?). It makes me wonder if I need to kinda let loose and become a bit of a hooch to get guys interested in me nowadays. Why are you guys attracted to those type of girls?
  8. Just some background on my relationship. I'll keep it very short: Long distance relationship since the summer of 2003. I met my bf on vacation. We have been togther 3 years and we see eachother as much as possible. We're both college students so sometimes it's hard to find the time and money but we try. The first 2 years, we would literally talk on the phone until sunrise every night. This past year, good communication. Last time I saw him was 3 months ago. We talk daily. These past 2 months have been odd. He's been so distant. I KNOW people need space but this isn't about space. Does not call me back when he says he will. I would call him at night and he wouldnt answer. Wouldnt call me back until MAYBE the next day. When he did call, it would be a brief call. Knowing him so well, knowing his patterns, I knew he was making time for someone else. On top of that, he has myspace (he doesnt know that I know he has it.) His profile is empty, pictureless, friendless but he logs in daily I see that so he obviously has private message conversations about god knows what. Anyhow, yesterday I get a txt message from him. He ACCIDENTLY text messaged my phone. The message said "unreal im talking to a girl from myspace and she works at Olgas!" That text message was supposed to be for his male friend, not me. It was a fluke on his side but I am glad I got it. messaged him back with "unreal how many other girls are you talking to?" and he does not reply back. 20 minutes later he replies to that message totally off topic telling me to rent this movie he wants me to watch. So I call him and ask him to explain. He tells me there is a girl who he talked to online that works in the mall he works at. Of course we argue. I told him it sounds like he looks up girls in his city to talk to on myspace. To make a long story short, his reason for this is "well... you live over there, and I'm all the way over here........................... raging hormones". So I ask if he;s slept with anyone since we have been together and he calmly says no. Why can he make time to talk to other girls online but not make time for me anymore? I even tell him I've noticed him not calling me much and how he makes no time for me and he chokes. Spits out some nonsense and ends it with ".. uh but I do. we just dont have a lot to talk about sometimes". That's not true at all but I guess he had no other answer. I don't know what to do or think. I've been a wreck since yesterday. I know he's talking to other girls for a fact. Because he justified it with his "raging hormones" I think its safe to say he sleeps around from time to time but I don't have proof of that. I'm confused if he really wants to be with me. He still calls me and says he loves me and pretends like everything is ok and its not with me. That whole "but you live over there..." line makes me think he's doubting if he wants to be with me. I don't know what to think. Especially since we were supposed to get engaged after I graduate very soon Can anyone dawn some light over my way? Opinions? Thoughts? Anything please.
  9. I think it could apply to both sexes. Moreover, I think that it could be true period. I know that sometimes I have grown to love someone, but most of the time, the initial reaction with hormones flying, is usually there. What do you guys think about this quote" "Women don't CHOOSE who they feel ATTRACTION for, and they don't choose the emotions that they feel either. It just HAPPENS. Bam!"
  10. I went on the Progesterone only pill last week and its starting to make me INSANE!! There is no point on being on the pill if my boyfrined dumps me for being so irrational I was horrible to him last night, I am so lucky that he is such a patient, loving guy. Does anyone have any strange hippy teas or anything that I could take to stop being so emotional? Keeping in mind that St Johns Wort makes the pill less effective. Yep, so, any help would be very appreciated!!
  11. My girlfriend and I have recently been discussing different options for birth control and have been doing some research on the subject. We both agree that it's not a good idea for her to be on hormones for a long extended period of time and we both don't want children. I was just wondering if anyone here knows or has any first hand experience with the "essure" method. It sounds like it could be an option for us because we have also discussed surgical methods but neither one of us are completely sure at this point if we want to have an invasive procedure performed. If we did, I would probably be the one getting the surgery because it would be medically less complicated. Just wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge of potential drawbacks or benefits of nonsurgical sterilization for the woman. Thanks! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  12. Ok...so I've been feeling irritable, emotional and depressed that past few days. which leads me to think I will probably get my period in a week (like usual) anyways...my sex drive has been DEAD for the past few days. Me and my boyfriend are worried that it's us, but I think it may just be the hormones and PMS causing it. I love him but when we kiss or try to get intimate I am sooo not in the mood. Is this a symptom of PMS??? anyone else have this problem???
  13. I've only heard about this middle age crisis thing. In movies, sitcoms and stuff like that. But I do wonder, does it really happens? A common stereotype is that guys in their forties like to buy expensive cars and going out with young girls... How true is this? Is it some kind of male menopause or something? I mean, in women I get it, there are hormonal trainwrecks that drive them nuts but... guys? What is it? Andropause perhaps? That they get to a point in life where... what? They realize they haven't achieved everything they thought they would? So they go mad and... LOL OK enough with the silly suppositions... Tell me everything you know!! *** I AM SPECIALLY INTERESTED IN HEARING THE MIDDLE AGED GUYS ***
  14. Aaaaaall humanity out there, driving themselves mad because either... A) They are in a relationship, B) They want to be in one, C) They've never been in one, D) Feel like they should be in one, E) They've just ended one... Seems like huge part of our efforts, thoughts and energies gravitate around this matter. I'd dare to say that most people are in one of this possible scenarios. Very very few persons choose to be single / celibate and are OK with it. Those are rare breed. But the rest of us... struggling with that issues since hormones start snapping in our brains. Is it a need created by society or is it something we all really need to improve our lives? This is hitting me because, looking back, since I'm about 12 there have always been "guys" present in my life. In my mind as a fantasy or in reality, as a crush, or a boyfriend, or a making-out buddy or a cyber fling. Are we as a society so relationship crazed? I mean, it seems contagious, it's everywhere! Self-help books for finding love, cheesy songs, sitcoms, magazines, ads, fairy tales, movies, toys... Phew. Wouldn't it be easier and happier to be single and have lots of friends and family, be free to be yourself and go anywhere without worrying about not covering the S.O. expectations?
  15. Hi everyone, I am sort of confused and was hoping someone could help me understand the situation. Sorry for the long post, but I would greatly appreciate any insight/advice. There is a guy I’ve known for about 2 years. We were never really friends but just acquaintances, i.e. we would wave hello when we see each other on campus but never had a real conversation. But this changed about 2 weeks ago, when I saw him at a party and we talked for about an hour. It was nothing major, just friendly chatting. We left the party together and went our separate ways to go home. I saw him again yesterday at a pre-party and we ended up chatting for about 3 hours there. The conversation was great (at least in my opinion). At one point he even played a song for me with his guitar. It’s important to note that he had had 4 beers by that time (I don’t know what his tolerance level was, but he seemed fine). Earlier during our conversation, I had asked him if he were going to the party but he said he was just gonna go home and watch some movies. So after the guitar playing, (everyone had left for the party a long time ago) we were sitting around talking, and somehow the conversation came up that I have a gorgeous view in my apartment. I asked him if he wanted to come check it out and watch a movie. He agreed. So we got to my apartment (which is right on campus) and watched a movie. After the movie ended we were just kinda looking at each other and he didn’t motion to leave, so I suggested we listen to some music. We browsed through my collection, and compiled a playlist together. We listen to music and chatted. It was all very sweet. At one point, while listening to music and talking we ended up making out. Ultimately, our shirts came off, but nothing more. After making out, we just cuddled and went to sleep, pants still on. He left my apt at around 7am this morning. But before he left, he got my number. It’s been the whole day and he hasn’t called. So I’m feeling bad now because I am normally very reserved and don’t get physically intimate with someone outside of an established relationship (I had no intentions more than just hanging out when I invited him to my apt – I know, I might be a little naïve in retrospect). Why hasn’t he called me? Was it just a hookup for him? One caveat in the situation is that while he was playing his guitar earlier in the night, we had made plans to go together to get me a guitar this weekend since I told him I’d always wanted to learn but never got around to buying one. We didn’t make definite plans but he said he’d love to help me pick out a guitar this weekend. So should I call him to see if he wants to go with me tomorrow to get a guitar? If nothing happened between us, I would have no qualms about doing so, but since he hasn’t called me today, does that mean he doesn’t want to pursue anything further with me (granted I know it has been less than 24 hrs)? I would feel kind of hurt if that were the case, since I don’t normally just get physical with someone. Ugh, stupid hormones. If none of this happened, I would just call him as I would a friend and ask about shopping for my guitar tomorrow, but now I feel that if it was just a hookup for him, then I would be too angry/hurt to be friends with him.
  16. hey my g/f is 43 im 35....she doesnt have the same drive for sex as i do....she takes hormones and stuff but can only do so much she doesnt have any female stuff inside anymore if u know what i mean......well everytime i try to have sex with her she says u need to stop being so horny i say on a avg i try once about every 10 days or so....i tried talking to her before about it all and told her i have needs and etc but she says she doesnt crave it like i do....it seems lately whenever i try or try to talk to her about it she gets mad or more distant....we been together for almost a year now and i care about her alot and sex is not the most important thing to me but it is something i want from her.......any advice?
  17. If you have read my last 2 posts, i mentioned mistakes i made concerning sex with the wrong people. I've been thinking about my actions all day and i came to this conclusion. I was never the type of girl who got noticed until about 2 years ago and thats when i physically "matured". I never got noticed and suddenly all these oppurtunities came up to be with guys who i had longed for, for a while or with guys i never thought id have a chance with. Does that just sound like an excuse for not being able to control my hormones or does it make sense to people? I do feel i cant control my self sometimes. Deep down inside i know that some decisions i am making are wrong but sometimes i listen to my head and just do what i want in order to have some fun -- whether it be a good idea or bad. Does any of this make sense?
  18. i feel embarrassed to talk about this but here it goes. before i ever got married i had irregular period cycles. i would be always late on my periods like i would get my next period at the beginning of each month. so my mom made me an appointment to go see a hormone doctor and told me that i need to get onto the hormone pills and somewhat it helped me. Now, i'm starting to have regular periods. when i was at the gym yesterday i felt some cramping but still no sign of getting my period. Now, this time this is with the pill that i am taking usually never happened this way before getting my period late. When i woke up this morning i felt ill, felt like wanting to vomit, dizzy and bearly had an enegry at all it was like my body shut down. last night me and my husband did do some fooling around but dont couldn't really tell if his condom broke. i took a pregnancy test this afternoon but showed a sign of negative. how long should i wait to take another one. or is it because of the hormone pills i'm taking. i dont know what to do. should i take another pregnacy test or wait a couple of days then take it again. any advice would do.
  19. i've always been a little homophobic, but i'd like to know more about my "sexually versatile" (gay) friends. I recently heard someone say "lesbian in denial", this statement struck me, similar to the way people say "man trapped in a womans body" and what not, Do you think its a choice? I read a study, about lesbian brains not responding to sweat hormones, which woud suggest they do have a different physiology, but if this was the case, they should be equally attracted to both sexes. Opinions? arguments? and for the love of mike, some info. Thanks!
  20. I have a 14 year old nephew who has been doing some things I consider inappropriate toward my seven year old daughter. I am inclined to chalk it up to teenage awkwardness with the newly forming hormones and being inadequately prepared by his parents, but I am also afraid of its progression. I don't want to get into specifics but there was no physical contact. The thing of it is, this is not the first time similiar incidents have happened and I have talked to my sister, his mom. She was eventually receptive but over all, the topic comletely tore apart. And apparently it hasn't done any good. I am hesitant to bring it to her attention yet again and I have no idea if I should or how I would bring it to HIS (my nephew's) attention. My husband and I have decided to have a talk with our daughter about privacy and the importance of it. Of course nothing is her doing and the topic won't be broached as if it is. We of course plan to watch him around our children forever now. But what, if anything, can/should I say to him or my sister?? Someone needs to give the kids a magazine! Any ideas?? I mean, EVERYBODY goes thro puberty and there are so MANY hormones. Anybody have teenage boys? Anybody on here a teenage boy? Or was? What is normal behaviour? Thank you for reserving judgement. I just don't know how to deal with it, with my sister. Thanks for any insight! -T
  21. I am a senior in high school and ever since I was a freshmen I knew about the hormone thing in teenagers, so I devised a plan. Dont act on those hormone feelings and they will soon pass, and they have. Now it is different. I have had feelings for this girl since she came to our school, I tried my above plan and it didn't work. I think it only made it worse. At nights, when I dream about my future she is there enjoying every minute of it with me. That dream tipped me off that it might be more than teenage hormones. The other thing that tipped me off was the fact that she is just about the complete opposite of me and I love that. I believe myself to be a very mature teenager and I would figure that I wouldn't let something like teenage hormones get in the way. So my question today is: Is this really love?
  22. I'm just curious to see whether any other female posters have had PCOS and tried BC pills, and how it worked out? I'm 18 now, and I didn't start my periods until November 2005, due to PCOS. (I had a scan earlier that summer to confirm the diagnosis). I had around 4 or 5 periods - light, fairly irregular, 4-6 days on/off, between November and May of 2006. Then, early May, I started on Marvelon (BC Combined Pill) as my boyfriend and I had been together 6 months, and I wanted something more reliable than condoms. I told the nurse about my PCOS etc, and she mentioned that the Pill might even be a good thing for cycle regulation. All well and good, I thought. So I took the first packet. Then, as I had exams, I followed the instructions on the leaflet for missing a period in the "pill-free week". As directed, I ran two packets together. Lo and behold..I got a period anyway, on Day 2 of Second Pack. And it went on.. And on . . . . 10 Days Later, I'm Still Bleeding. I have been to the doctor two days ago, who told me to stop taking the pill and to come back if the bleeding didn't stop. I stopped the pill, but I'm bleeding worse - and it was abnormally heavy even 10 days ago when it started! - so I'm going back tomorrow. The doctor thought Yasmin, with its different hormonal makeup might be good as I have PCOS - although he couldnt explain why I've had this long horrible bleed after 23 days of Marvelon. I'm under medical guidance, but does anyone have any anecdotal advice?
  23. I'm still having problems getting to terms with misscarrying but it's slowly coming into place. I'm really crying a lot and i feel like I'm making people fed up with me. My husband seems like he might be annoyed because I've been so emotional. I wonder if its that my pregnancy hormones are still so high even though the baby is dead now. My mind draws a blank I just don't know how to feel right now.. is this normal? ~S.
  24. I've been seeing commercials about b.c. pills that let you have fewer periods. Of course I got all excited and I went on [url=" I thought the site was very informative. They don't advertise specific brands of b.c. though. So I'm wondering if they're gearing us up for a revolution in birth control? What do you guys think about this? Also I have a question. On the site I read that it is perfectly normal and safe for women to take 3 straight months of hormones and THEN take the placebos in order to have fewer periods. (It shocked me when I read that periods aren't any heavier after doing this But I thought that this could only be done with a mono-phasic pill - one that doesn't have fluctuating amounts of hormones. However I think most pills out there are tri-phasic, right? I'm on Ortho Tri-Cyclen LO which is tri-phasic. Should I worry about trying this method of postponing my period? Is the monophasic/triphasic thing a bunch of hooey? The site sure didn't mention any difference. I'd like to hear your thoughts on all this.
  25. I've been on the pill since June. At first I had TERRIBLE side-effects, but they subsided after three months. Currently I'm on Ortho-Tricyclen, and the one lasting side-effect is that it's lowered my sex drive. I still have one, but it's considerably lower before I started taking the pill. I don't like this! I know there are other options out there with a lower dose of the hormones, minimizing side-effects like this one. Anyone else had this problem? Have you switched to a lower-dose Pill? If so, how has it worked for you? What do you take instead? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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