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About Me

  1. I am 64 and have been in menopause since I turned 50. I experience hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal tears and dryness. I was taking bio-identical hormones (plant based) and they were compounded for me. I took Bi-est, progesterone and testosterone. My doctor took me off of them, he thought they compromised my immune system. Now, all my symptoms are returned. I am now reconsidering going back on them, but I am not sure if they truly are safer than the synthetic kind. I am interested in a vaginal cream. I am low in estrogen. There's got to be something for women like myself that can get relief and not have to worry about the risks. Your thoughts please.
  2. We just had unrotected sex... and within 13 to 14 hours after, we went straight to the doctor to get some morning after pill... Qns are... 1) Is there any way of telling that the pill worked besides the fact that we have to wait for her eriod to come? 2) If abortion is necessary... can someone describe the process and how long does it take? Any side effects that comes immediately and side affects in the long term? 3) Taking the pill 13 to 14 hours after sex (she took the one hormone one with a higher success rate of 90%) and taking the second pill 12 hours after. How high of a success rate do you think it is... since they say that the earlier taken... the more effective. thanks
  3. nothing is right I dont feel like a boy I always feel like I should have been a girl I always want to act feminine and hang out with other girls but I cant I would look gay and weird I know this happens to other people but I dont know what to do I think about it every minute of my life and at some time I have even gotten suicidal I once told my dad and he said it was a phase but I felt this way since I was little I always wanted to grow my hair long and stuff I know I can "change" but I am only 13 I cant take hormones or anything and even if I did I would never be able to see any of my friends again life would never be normal Everyday I feel a little bit worse and I have no idea of what I can do I want to wear girls clothes and be a girl This took alot of courage to say but I cant hold it in any longer I just cant stand any of this any longer I felt wrong my whole life
  4. Is it true that a man's diet, stress level, hormones, etc, can effect the color of his sperm? I don't mean to gross anyone out or anything, but my husband has been spewing yellow sperm... It is the holidays and we haven't been eating how we normally eat, and we have drank more alcohol over the passed couple weeks than usual. Should we be worried about this?
  5. This is a question for experienced guys. Listen, I'm a senior and my hormones are raging like a nut. To tell you the truth I am a pretty popular kid, with a nice body, and nice face. BUT none of that helps. Well what i'm trying to ask is 'How do u start a convo with a hot girl you see walking down the street or at the mall or whatever?
  6. Ok----So, I am 19 and from the time I was 11 until about 14 I had a regular period. Once a month, my 'visitor' was there. Since I turned 14, which was 5 years ago, I rarely ever have a period. I can go 6 months without having one and then have one for a solid month. I went to my Gyno and he said it was a hormone / chemical imbalance, that I was flucuating weight, and / or stress.... I was just wondering if anyone knew that if someone didn't have a period woudl she be a risk of getting pregnant..... (I still use condoms and spermicide)
  7. hey guys, ok well im not the SHORTEST girl ever, Im 16, turning 17 in september. i think im about 5"2. but i really really would like to be like 5"5. i mean im not asking for much...and I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE LONG LEGS! ...does anyone know how to get taller? i mean, NOT produtcs with hormones n all that...just wut to eat, wut not to eat..etc, stretches that anyone may know or something...thank u soo much guys! bye!!!!
  8. Rant here, but I hope to find comiserators. Okay, life is good, I have everything, minus a job, and should be past the hormonal tantrums of my 20s, but here I am, and old fart in good heath in full whaaaaa!!! stage. Ever get sick of USB ports, virtual memory, the vagaries of complex billing statements, maintaining your stuff and seeing your life roll by as you fiddle about and the clock ticks off the hours? Every wonder how you settled for living the proper way, when at one time you didn't give a fig about wrinkled shirts or being polite? All you wanted was beer, coffee and a sleeping bag, and sat on the curb chatting with dogs? Ever want to chuck it all and hit the road, tell the world to kiss your sharries and disappear from the tax rolls, phone calls and the need to be responsible? Ever feel like tiny social pirahna are nibbling at your corporeal self, while your brain swims in a soft pool of mediocrity. I'm a calm guy and rumored to bring down the BP of my friends, but sometimes the pissant details of life give me tight jaws. I am grateful for cheap Mexican beer and cigars.
  9. I've been seeing commercials about b.c. pills that let you have fewer periods. Of course I got all excited and I went on [url=" I thought the site was very informative. They don't advertise specific brands of b.c. though. So I'm wondering if they're gearing us up for a revolution in birth control? What do you guys think about this? Also I have a question. On the site I read that it is perfectly normal and safe for women to take 3 straight months of hormones and THEN take the placebos in order to have fewer periods. (It shocked me when I read that periods aren't any heavier after doing this But I thought that this could only be done with a mono-phasic pill - one that doesn't have fluctuating amounts of hormones. However I think most pills out there are tri-phasic, right? I'm on Ortho Tri-Cyclen LO which is tri-phasic. Should I worry about trying this method of postponing my period? Is the monophasic/triphasic thing a bunch of hooey? The site sure didn't mention any difference. I'd like to hear your thoughts on all this.
  10. I was sat watching the TV last night in my pjs and my shorts had ridden up, I looked at my thighs and noticed tiny little pink and purple veins, tiny broken veins on the surface. They are sporadically spread about, but nonetheless bothered me. My boyfriend was like "Where?!!" so its not like they stick out obviously, but when I pointed them out he was like "oh yeah.. alcoholics normally get them on their face!" So I googled em this morning, and they can be inherited or from oestrogen. I have only been on an oestrogen pill for a month! having previously taken Progesterone only pill for a year. My mum hasnt got these. Im really self conscious and upset about them!! Has anyone else got anything similar and what do you do?
  11. I have a question I've been trying to find an answer to, but since it's very circumstantial, I'm hoping someone here can help me out. Last night my boyfriend and I started fooling around. Before he put a condom on, we were rubbing our bodies together -- but I still had my underwear on. I could feel that he precummed on my inner thighs and on the outside of my underwear (not near the vaginal opening, but above the clit region). I told him to put on a condom, so he did, and then I took of my underwear. We continued fooling around, etc., with him rubbing his penis around my vaginal area. He never penetrated and kept the condom on the entire time, but my worry is that maybe when he was doing this, he moved the precum closer to my vagina. We stopped fooling around shortly thereafter, and I jumped into the shower and washed up down there. In the meantime, he finished himself off. Because I was worried, I felt the outside of the condom and it was dry (so perhaps it didn't move the precum?). Overall, I am a very safe person. Fortunately, I've been on Ortho Tricyclen Lo for about a year and a half to two years and am pretty regular. However, last night was the last day on my placebo (sugar pill) week when I have my period. Since mine usually ends early, I felt ok engaging in this activity. I've looked online to find out if you are still safe to engage in sexual activities during this week of inactive pills, and the general consensus is yes. But since this was the very LAST day on that week, I'm afraid maybe the hormones will have faded. As soon as I got home (within an hour), I started up my new pack of pills (and thereforeeee hormones). Am I just being overly paranoid or is there a risk of pregnancy? Thanks everyone.
  12. i feel embarrassed to talk about this but here it goes. before i ever got married i had irregular period cycles. i would be always late on my periods like i would get my next period at the beginning of each month. so my mom made me an appointment to go see a hormone doctor and told me that i need to get onto the hormone pills and somewhat it helped me. Now, i'm starting to have regular periods. when i was at the gym yesterday i felt some cramping but still no sign of getting my period. Now, this time this is with the pill that i am taking usually never happened this way before getting my period late. When i woke up this morning i felt ill, felt like wanting to vomit, dizzy and bearly had an enegry at all it was like my body shut down. last night me and my husband did do some fooling around but dont couldn't really tell if his condom broke. i took a pregnancy test this afternoon but showed a sign of negative. how long should i wait to take another one. or is it because of the hormone pills i'm taking. i dont know what to do. should i take another pregnacy test or wait a couple of days then take it again. any advice would do.
  13. Hi! This is about a girl I met on a cadet trip on the 4th of December last year. The long and short of it is we where mutually attracted to each other and ended up making out on the coach. I haven't seen her since, but I spoke on the phone to her for ages and on MSN etc. We're not going out at all, but she still is adamant she wants me. Neither of us have had a partner of anykind since, but I'm not afraid to admit that hormones alone could have brought us together. We don't live close, but I'm going to her town tomorrow so I said I'll meet her. She's very happy, but I'm just worried that something regrettable could happen. I might like her as much as I did or perhaps not, but I feel we can't go out because we simply don't see each other. We're both single BTW. Do you think I should engage in anything with her, even if only for the day? I do care about her see. Thanks, bewildered Doc
  14. This really might be tmi for some people. I am very open with this kind of stuff, very medically minded, so I think nothing of it. But if you're queasy about it, I recommend you stop reading I just started on ortho evra, the pill in the form of a patch you apply once a week. I hate it so far. Not for any other reason except that it actually gets messy. I always have a stinky ring around the patch and the edges get dirty and I need to make sure it's still on a few times a day. This is my first cycle, just put on the second patch this morning. When I go to the doc to get the next month's script, I'll likely ask for something else. But here's my question for those that are on the pill (as opposed to depo or any other bc). I started it like the doc told me, day 1 of my period. It's now day 8 and I'm still bleeding. Is this normal for just starting to take the hormones? It usually only lasts 5 or 6 days normally. It's not bright red and heavy, just looks like it's been dwindling for the past 4 days. To throw a curveball, I also had an infection that seems to have cleared up with antibiotics. I started the course the same day I put on the first patch and finished it today. I'm not looking for a diagnosis. I just can't see my doc right away as he has a waiting list, and I don't want to go wait an hour at the walkin clinic just for them to tell me its normal. So I'm looking for other lady's experiences. Thanks!
  15. I've had a few crushes before, and acted on a couple of them but to no success, but it just occurred to me that I have never been sexually attracted to someone, or have fallen for someone with the intent of sooner later having sex/becoming very intimate with that person/girl. Is this a normal feeling for the inexperienced, or have I yet to find that first girl that causes the hormones to kick in?
  16. Ok some of you have followed my saga for the last ten weeks or more. So my new g/f agreed to move in and live with me despite it all being a little sudden. Anyway for a while I have had all sorts fo feelings floating around towards her and I am both a) old enough and b) have had enough experience to know that this 'whirl' of emotions is all part of the hormonal rush associated with new relationships where two people have both an obvious mental and physical attraction and compatability. Anyway about 10 days ago I decided to tell her that I was 'falling in love with her' (I put it like that). Her reply was that it would have been a shock if she wasn't moving in the same dirrection as well. Since then she was away for a week and returned all happy and smiley but seemingly no less cautious and cagey as before Last night she said that it still didn't feel like my place was her home yet and that she was still adjusting to living with me. (Not exactly the greatest compliment). I know my biggest problem is impatience. On the one hand I want to tell her I love her but think its too soon. On the other I don't want to say it because I'm not 100% certain or confident about her feelings towards me. I also want her to be less cagey about her emotions and more demonstrative. I 'hate' playing games but several guys I know suggest that I back off a little -- in the sense of being less open about how I feel towards her. Opnions please? Don't get me wrong -- this thing is going very well its just I'm used to women who are more open and touchy-feely. Advice please....
  17. Okay, so I (16) recently broke up with my boyfriend and one of his friends (15) and I are really close, he also recently had a fling with a girl but its over now. He asked me to teach him how to make out. I'm attracted to him. I don't know if I should do it because I don't want to hurt anyone. But I'm tempted to do it not to get back at someone, purely because I would genuinely benefit from it. I don't know what his motivations are (I'm guessing its just hormones and urges). I'm fairly certain that neither of us have legitimate feelings for each other. So why would he ask me to do this and should I do it or should I say no? He's not pressuring me in any way.
  18. I live alone in my apartment. I don't have roommates but I do have neighbors above, and to each side of my apartment. None below since I'm on the bottom floor of a two-story complex building. My problem is... I can't even type without my neighbors hearing me! I don't type loud (at least I don't think so), but they can hear me and they sometimes bang the walls or ceiling when I type. Once, when it was 3 am, a girl shouted from outside my closed window, "HEY!" in an annoyed tone. It's not fair I rented an apartment so that I would get privacy, as opposed to living in the dorms. (I go to college) What's worse, I can't even talk on the phone without my neighbors hearing me... And, being a 20-year old male student, my hormones make me really horny. I want to masturbate, but my neighbors can hear me doing that too! I tried to masturbate but they just kept dropping stuff on my ceiling so that I would stop. I don't know what to do I tried the rubber pads to put on the feet of my bed, but they didn't work I asked my friends if they're having the same problems at their apartments, but they've never heard of people hearing other people type... through walls. So I came on here to see if anyone had any advice
  19. You go along fine for a while, you and her, and then after a while the shine starts to rub off. Which could mean the relationship is maturing or it could mean it's wearing out. Well, how do you know which??? So, while you're trying to remain optimistic about the one that you think you love even though there are times when you aren't sure she's all that into you, well lo and behold some sweetie starts grinning at you in the hall near the copier. And you're thinking, well heck, I'm tempted to toss my hook in this new pond because I think the old one is getting stagnant, but is it really? Maybe the old love is just having some extra hormone activity? Or is she about to dump you? She may be grinning at some new hairy-legged dude near the copier in her office. Should I do a preemptive strike? What if I scrap the best thing I have? My goodness! Who designed this system? This is worse than Microsoft.
  20. I am continually amazed by the range of weird and wonderful things that happen to pregnant women because of the hormones etc. I am in my first trimester and have recently become acquainted with morning sickness, yeuch. Other recent joys have been: bawling my eyes out after sex, endless breathlessness and insane itching all over my arms and neck. I keep scratching, to find it shifts. It's like I've been bitten everywhere. Apparently hormones do this too! What are some of the other joys of early pregnancy that people here have experienced?
  21. I've only heard about this middle age crisis thing. In movies, sitcoms and stuff like that. But I do wonder, does it really happens? A common stereotype is that guys in their forties like to buy expensive cars and going out with young girls... How true is this? Is it some kind of male menopause or something? I mean, in women I get it, there are hormonal trainwrecks that drive them nuts but... guys? What is it? Andropause perhaps? That they get to a point in life where... what? They realize they haven't achieved everything they thought they would? So they go mad and... LOL OK enough with the silly suppositions... Tell me everything you know!! *** I AM SPECIALLY INTERESTED IN HEARING THE MIDDLE AGED GUYS ***
  22. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now, everything was good. She would be cute and sweet with me, she’d write me cute letters and sent me nice text messages. It all changed when she got pregnant. I do everything in my power to keep her happy. I go above and beyond to see her smile and i don’t get that in return anymore. Her attitude towards me has been the absolute worse. She’s even told me that she doesn’t care what happens with us anymore. She isn’t cute anymore cause she says that all that stuff is wack. She calls me names and often gets very agressive for no reason. I can’t say or do anything cause i’m scared to trigger her anger. I can’t even be myself around her anymore cause she find me “annoying”. She says she doesn’t love me anymore and that she lost all respect for me. But the next day she says she misses me and that she does love me. She wants to argue for every little thing and can’t control her anger. I want to think it’s the pregnancy hormones but sometimes she says things that sound so legit. I wanted to know if it’s something i should worry about or if it’s just the pregnancy hormones and it’ll pass by, i really love this girl and i want the best for her and our baby, but i just don’t know what to do anymore, i want the best for my kid. Please help. I need advice on what to do.
  23. I'm getting really stressed out by my mid cycle bleeding. i am 26 and not on any sort of birth control. It's been going on for eight months, always in the middle of my cycle. Sometimes it's brown, sometimes it's bright red, heavier and mixed with egg-white cervical fluid. At first, I thought it might be ovulation spotting, but then read that this usually lasts three days or so--there have been months when mine lasted for up to a week. I had a pap smear which came back normal. I went to a GUM clinic and got tested for everything--nothing came up. I paid for a private ultrasound (both pelvic and vaginal) because my GP wouldn't send me for one and my results were normal. There seems to be nothing structurally wrong with me, which leads me to think it's a hormonal issue. I tried going on the pill but had to stop after a couple of months because it made my anxiety flare up massively. During the time I was on the pill (one and a half packs, I stopped mid pack) I spotted pretty much constantly. After stopping them, I got my first real period about two weeks ago and now I'm mid cycle and spotting again (day 14). This time it's bright red and mixed with cervical mucus and there is also a little pain on the left side of my pelvis (ovulating left ovary?). I tried going the natural route way to balance my hormones. I started taking Dong Quai supplements but had to stop after a week because they made it difficult to breathe (a known side effect apparently). I'm trying to change my diet and eat stuff like flax seeds which are known to balance hormones. I also bought a B-vitamins supplement thing which is supposed to balance female hormones, but so far i've only been taking them for three days so i don't see any changes. Fingers crossed though. Has anyone ever experienced this? Could it be a natural physiological change (randomly starting to have ovulation spotting at 26) or could it be a hormonal imbalance that needs to be addressed? I don't really know what else to do, my GP thinks it's homonal and offered the pill but I don't want to go back on it. He offered no alternatives and was dismissive, which annoyed me. It also feels like it's impossible to get appointments that aren't a month and a half away. Sorry for ranting--any advice would be extremely welcome. Thank you in advance.
  24. I have a question for the women... I normally take my pill at 9:00pm every night but I would like to switch my pill taking time to 8:00am. How can I go about doing this? Do I just start taking my new pack at a new time or will this throw off my hormonal balance? Thanks
  25. Well, things just ended between me and my gf after 2 years. The thing is, I'm so used to having my "needs" taken care of, but now that we arent together, I have to take it into my own hands, so to speak. Now, Im hoping that some of the other men here can sympathize with me. Yeah, I can handle it myself, but I just miss doing sexual stuff with someone else so bad, and its driving me crazy. It doesnt help that this girl I just ended things with is really hot, and we still hang out everyday, or that Ive been feeling vey much in the mood lately. Ive always been pretty grossed out by the idea of a one night stand or something along those lines, but like I said, I am a desperate man right now. Any support or ideas? God, my hormones must be on drugs or something...
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