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About Me

  1. I am 64 and have been in menopause since I turned 50. I experience hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal tears and dryness. I was taking bio-identical hormones (plant based) and they were compounded for me. I took Bi-est, progesterone and testosterone. My doctor took me off of them, he thought they compromised my immune system. Now, all my symptoms are returned. I am now reconsidering going back on them, but I am not sure if they truly are safer than the synthetic kind. I am interested in a vaginal cream. I am low in estrogen. There's got to be someth
  2. Okay so this is to a long one, also first time iv posted. Been with partner for 3 and a half years, we have a 2 year old and another on the way. Things wasn't right, I had a gut feeling something was wrong, so I went on his phone and he had been messaging my best friend, talking dirty to each other and arranging to meet up. (apparently they didn't) I was so broken, pregnant and hormonal and decided to give him another chance if things changed. For example not spending all his time on his phone, finishing work early enough to see our son before bed. We'll things were great for a week then wen
  3. I live alone in my apartment. I don't have roommates but I do have neighbors above, and to each side of my apartment. None below since I'm on the bottom floor of a two-story complex building. My problem is... I can't even type without my neighbors hearing me! I don't type loud (at least I don't think so), but they can hear me and they sometimes bang the walls or ceiling when I type. Once, when it was 3 am, a girl shouted from outside my closed window, "HEY!" in an annoyed tone. It's not fair I rented an apartment so that I would get privacy, as opposed to living in the dorms. (I go to
  4. "It is something one half of the population has long suspected - and the other half always vocally denied. Women really do talk more than men. In fact, women talk almost three times as much as men, with the average woman chalking up 20,000 words in a day - 13,000 more than the average man. Women also speak more quickly, devote more brainpower to chit-chat - and actually get a buzz out of hearing their own voices, a new book suggests. The book - written by a female psychiatrist - says that inherent differences between the male and female brain explain why women are naturally more talka
  5. Okay, so I (16) recently broke up with my boyfriend and one of his friends (15) and I are really close, he also recently had a fling with a girl but its over now. He asked me to teach him how to make out. I'm attracted to him. I don't know if I should do it because I don't want to hurt anyone. But I'm tempted to do it not to get back at someone, purely because I would genuinely benefit from it. I don't know what his motivations are (I'm guessing its just hormones and urges). I'm fairly certain that neither of us have legitimate feelings for each other. So why would he ask me to do this and sho
  6. Ok----So, I am 19 and from the time I was 11 until about 14 I had a regular period. Once a month, my 'visitor' was there. Since I turned 14, which was 5 years ago, I rarely ever have a period. I can go 6 months without having one and then have one for a solid month. I went to my Gyno and he said it was a hormone / chemical imbalance, that I was flucuating weight, and / or stress.... I was just wondering if anyone knew that if someone didn't have a period woudl she be a risk of getting pregnant..... (I still use condoms and spermicide)
  7. I met a guy a while back and we had drinks and we hooked up. Not my best moment but i was recovering from a breakup so... Anyway he was really nice at first of course all the times we hangout i was always inebriated. First time we hangout sober he said some things that made me question what the hell we were doing. He never actually answered my question and made me out to be some crazy hormonal female. Since then it's been a rollercoaster ride through suckville. He doesn't listen to what i say and i don't really know what he wants from me. He makes me feel really ty. I have tried to cut off t
  8. (am not adding my age or his and how long we been together..) I am not sure how to explain this very well.. but here it goes I guess.... first thing is I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. and I am 6 months pregnant I'm just adding that now before I start... I recently started over thinking about getting married to my husband.... I don't know I just been regretting saying "I Do" in the wedding. I don't know why it just came into my thoughts out of nowhere.... and what I am extremely worried about is telling him that I think I'm loosing feelings for him.... because I know he love
  9. My boyfriend disregards negative emotions I have as being a hormonal imbalance/that time of the month/due to me not having exercised/slept/eaten enough. I find this frustrating as I often view negative emotions as indicators that something needs to change. For example, if my job brings me down then maybe I should look for a different job or if a certain friend frustrates me then I should address the issue with the friend or spend less time with them. He disagrees, saying I just want to “change for changes’ sake”. He focuses on my emotional response and ignores the context. He is often righ
  10. Hi all, 8 months ago my ex broke up with me. All because of my commitment issues, stupid mistakes and taking her for granted. She was perfect in every way; pretty like a supermodel, sweet, amazing in bed, smart and most importantly... someone like that was completely head over heals with me... First she told me her feelings had changed and we just needed some space and that she hoped her feelings would come back but since I was in a depression because of some hormonal issues and I made all the mistakes that one can make... I pushed her away and she was done with me... I feel I made t
  11. My ex partner and I have been broken up for a few weeks now. We had our issues of arguing and she couldn't handle it and didn't know what she wanted. It broke my heart badly but I've come to terms with it and understand. One thing I can't seem to shake is her sex drive was extremely low we wouldn't do it that often, She blamed her anti depressants and hormones which I know can do it. But I keep feeling like it was me she didn't enjoy it with me. However when we did do it she would always orgasm bar a few times, Her eyes would always roll around like she was being possessed, And it was always
  12. Hi all, Six months ago I got dumped by the love of my life. This was the first time I ever got dumped and it came at a really really bad moment in my life (had some medical and personal issues). For the first 2 months I made every classic mistake in the book. Now that my medical (hormonal) issues seem te be gone I can see that my behavior was clearly influenced by my hormonal inbalance. After 2 months I had enough of it. I wrote my ex a letter saying I was sorry for everything and a few other things and then I decided to disappear for a while. Surprisingly I got a response back where she s
  13. I'm getting really stressed out by my mid cycle bleeding. i am 26 and not on any sort of birth control. It's been going on for eight months, always in the middle of my cycle. Sometimes it's brown, sometimes it's bright red, heavier and mixed with egg-white cervical fluid. At first, I thought it might be ovulation spotting, but then read that this usually lasts three days or so--there have been months when mine lasted for up to a week. I had a pap smear which came back normal. I went to a GUM clinic and got tested for everything--nothing came up. I paid for a private ultrasound (both pelvic
  14. So, my ex.. I was with him for 5 year. In the 5 year we had a beautiful daughter and got married. A year of being married and things began to change. We lived as friends. Intimacy stopped and we lived separate life's under the same room. I thought I'd be better without him. After a few days apart we decided it was over and he left. ( our relationship had been over a few months already but we had chose to just try and carry on ) .. a week after splitting up I was asked on a date from a close friend.. a year and half later me and my new partner live together, are engaged and are expecting our fi
  15. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now, everything was good. She would be cute and sweet with me, she’d write me cute letters and sent me nice text messages. It all changed when she got pregnant. I do everything in my power to keep her happy. I go above and beyond to see her smile and i don’t get that in return anymore. Her attitude towards me has been the absolute worse. She’s even told me that she doesn’t care what happens with us anymore. She isn’t cute anymore cause she says that all that stuff is wack. She calls me names and often gets very agressive for no reason. I can’t sa
  16. Hi Everyone, Backstory My Bf (lets call him A) and I had dated for 4 years. When we first met I came out of a long-term relationship (lets call him B) where he had broke up with me and started sleeping with someone else soon after. B was my first love, so coming out of it I was distraught. I brought over those insecurities and distrust when I first started hanging out with A. It was a tumultuous period. I would hang out with A but I used him as an emotional rebound. We started off as good friends but would occasionally make-out. The first time we kissed in a club I ran out crying as I
  17. Hey, I'm a 15 year old, and recently I've been talking to this 16 year old girl who I played my cards right and got her intreasted in me Really I'm not attractive one bit physically, I needed to enhance my charm/charisma and attractive personality, fun and playfully teasing, caring, venting, trusting, etc, to fit how I act and it wasn't easy figuring out these things, when I did however, after a long time, my results were clear, I could see that I had finally been able to attract someone fully who was infatuated with me, or so the story should have gone.. You see, this actually worked
  18. It's been a few weeks since me and my ex last spoke. Even though I do think of him very much I'm still proud of myself for keeping NC, and while I miss him I have been pretty well fine. Haven't been crying or letting it bring me down. The thing that is really bothering me is almost every single night I am dreaming of him. It's probably the pregnancy hormones but without fail I have a string of dreams (sometimes sexual sometimes regular) where we are together. It's like I can't even escape him in my sleep...he has taken over my subconsious . Has anyone ever had this problem? I know it's o
  19. Hi guys, here’s my situation, hopefully some of you will relate to this and could provide me with some words of wisdom or advice to deal with this. I’m 28 years old, I’ve been living with my partner for 5 years and we have an 8 month old baby daughter. My spouse is just oh so negative all the time. At first, I thought it was hormones due to having given birth and letting the body return to a “normal” state. I don’t think it’s the hormones anymore. Then, I thought it was the fact that I had went back to work after my parental leave and that she would be a stay-at-home mom for the next co
  20. I'm pregnant in my first trimester unplanned. I'm 28 and have had some hormone issues. I have to take a hormone to ensure the babies brain can develop. Anyways my bf and I have been together for 4 years and when we found out he was all for abortion. It honestly shocked me. Now he's flip flopping between let's get married to no actually let's not right now. I'm not working and he's not even legal yet. I'm with my parents in the meantime. Between hormones meds, babies potential health, marriage uncertainty and no finances I feel trapped. Please guys help me get clarity. Thank you for reading thi
  21. Hi, I've been with my partner 12 years, living together 10, all good at the start, for years not there has been no affection, passion, hardly any sex, when I bring it up she gets very upset and just says its her hormones and won't talk about it, I love her and hate upsetting her but I can't live like this, I have no one to talk to and don't know what to do. She is very shy, won't go to the docs to see if they can help, I just want to feel loved is that wrong?
  22. I'm a 25 year old caucasian woman--and I've never grown any hair under my arms; completely clear and hairless there. Isn't that strange? I grow the usual peachfuzz woman hair all over my body and the normal hair "down there"; I got my period at the normal age(11), the other body hair grew in along with it, but nothing under my arms! This isn't a genetic thing, because all of the men & women in my family on both sides grow it. Is anyone else like this? Is it possible this could be the cause of something odd with my body--like a hormone imbalance or something? Believe me, I don't mis
  23. My girlfriend and I have recently been discussing different options for birth control and have been doing some research on the subject. We both agree that it's not a good idea for her to be on hormones for a long extended period of time and we both don't want children. I was just wondering if anyone here knows or has any first hand experience with the "essure" method. It sounds like it could be an option for us because we have also discussed surgical methods but neither one of us are completely sure at this point if we want to have an invasive procedure performed. If we did, I would probably b
  24. Ok...so I've been feeling irritable, emotional and depressed that past few days. which leads me to think I will probably get my period in a week (like usual) anyways...my sex drive has been DEAD for the past few days. Me and my boyfriend are worried that it's us, but I think it may just be the hormones and PMS causing it. I love him but when we kiss or try to get intimate I am sooo not in the mood. Is this a symptom of PMS??? anyone else have this problem???
  25. I think it could apply to both sexes. Moreover, I think that it could be true period. I know that sometimes I have grown to love someone, but most of the time, the initial reaction with hormones flying, is usually there. What do you guys think about this quote" "Women don't CHOOSE who they feel ATTRACTION for, and they don't choose the emotions that they feel either. It just HAPPENS. Bam!"
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