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Well i've seen there have been a few threads on dreams and i need a little help with mine.


I have really graphic nightmares. I won't go into detail but bad things happen in them and i nearly always end up killed never pleasently. Now its effecting the way i see the world. If i'm by myself walking around i look at every car and think some guys are gonna attack me or something.This has been going on for a long time now and i'm sick of it. They nearly always have something to do with my dad (who i don't know) as a twist. I scare myself so badly i can't move in bed incase "someone sees my movements". I know it sounds crazy and weird but i'm really worried these dreams aren't going away and i don't know how to make them stop.


Also they used to be my doctors hurting me as well..

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I can relate... I go through phases where I have really bad dreams...


Do you ever have a problem with insomnia? I don't mean because of the dreams, but did you have trouble sleeping before you started having these dreams? Are you a light sleeper? Light sleepers are more likely to have disturbing dreams actually.


The biggest thing, I think, is stress. Try to relax more during the day and your mind won't be so wound up at night.

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One of my solutions is just not to go to sleep. If you aren't asleep you don't get nightmares and eventually you get so tired that you have to sleep but it's a different kind of sleep. That's what I do anyway. Not very helpful to you though. Sorry. I hope someone can give you better advice.

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Jaffa thanks for the advice everything is helpful to me right now


And as to hellfrost and Kevin T No i haven't been super busy but i do have alot of trouble sleeping alot. I can just never get to sleep until the next afternoon sometimes. And that not exactly convinent as i have to do homework and school starts up soon. I guess i am a bit stressed but i'm always stressed so i can't really help that.

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You definitely have a lot of anxiety. It's why you're having really bad nightmares and feeling paranoid. Since it sounds like this is something that only started fairly recently, do you know the cause? If anything major recently happened (or will happened) in your life, or if you've taken on a new responsibility -- basically anything new or sudden that's causing you to think about it and/or worry about it a lot can cause anxiety, and lead to bad nightmares and feelings of paranoia.


I got this off of Wikipedia (in the anxiety article):



Laughing definitely helps me. Sometimes at night, if I'm really stressed about something and have a lot of anxiety, I'll start feeling paranoid... I'll imagine horror scenes from movies that I saw months ago happening to me. One thing that really helps is putting a cartoon or comedy dvd into my tv, and leaving that on at a low volume.. it relieves my anxiety and keeps my mind off of other things, which is great for helping me sleep. I really hope at least some of this helps!

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I share this technique to anyone who asks, because it has worked so well for me and for those who are willing to try it. Not everyone, it has shown good success.


Videotape yourself sleeping. Watch the tapes. Watch yourself having the nightmares.

Sometimes there are clues as to what is bothering you.

Sometimes just connecting the two realities of yourself - one awake, one asleep - as the same person who is safe does the trick.


If you do try this, I'd love to hear your experience.


Hope you feel better soon!

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Death is scary in dreams, but since it occurs often in mine, I've chosen to interpret death in a different way.


Towards the end of college, I had a horrible reoccurring dream that I would walk down a busy city street (went to college in a big city), with my friends. Suddenly in the distance, a blinding white light would flash...a nuclear bomb exploded. As the blast reached the area where my friends were I would become suddenly indestructible, watching the buildings vaporize, and my friends vaporize right before my eyes. This dream disturbed me for days...I noticed I had been under lots of stress (as every college student is). I interpreted the death theme in the dream as actually my fear of losing my friends after college (going their separate ways), in addition to "losing" the environment I had been a part of for four years. Once I graduated and moved on, I never had the dream again.

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it's due to anxiety. it's not your nightmares causing you to think that something is going to happen to you on the street...it's the other way around. you need to convince yourself that nobody is out to get you and that you aren't going to be harmed. this should help turn your nightmares into pleasant dreams. currently, i've been dreaming about my ex gf who is getting married soon. i haven't been with her in 6-8 years or so, and i have no desire to ever get back with her. the current girl i'm seeing now is the best thus far. but i think since all of my friends keep harping me about it and get me thinking about it during the day, i keep having the dreams. you need to focus on positively changing something about your everday tasks to fix this.


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Ahhhhhhhh the bats are gonna eat me I'm kidding don't worry.


Thanks i know... I think i know whats behind it but i'm not sure and i sound dumb posting it if its not. I know it sounds dumb already but i always have had these and i just... I don't know, want them to go away... Is that so bad? I'll try the things that have been recomended for sure though.

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