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I am trying to rent an apartment and the landlord is asking for Bank Statements

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Do you have a bank account? 

If you have one start depositing your pay so you have a paper trail that’s rental friendly. 

If you don’t or you do but you want to keep this money under the table, you could try maybe getting a statuatory declaration from your employer and or yourself saying that you are indeed employed and receive regular income.  Finding a way to put the money in the bank really will be your best bet though for getting a rental. 

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3 hours ago, Joseph741852 said:

 I am trying to rent an apartment and the landlord is asking for Bank Statements. But I get paid in cash? What can I do to get proof of income?

Ask your employer for a written statement. Banking information as well as proof of employment/ income is pretty standard. 

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Getting paid in cash has nothing to do with bank statements.  I presume you deposit the cash into your bank account so there should be a record.

I had to provide pay statements as well as bank statements.  Standard practice.  Landlords don't want to rent to someone who doesn't have a provable income.

Provide your bank statements that show regular deposits of your pay.  Also ask your employer to provide statements of what you have been paid.

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This is the original term for ghosting, as opposed to the dating term. It means you have no credit record, which actually makes it riskier for a lender or a landlord to do business with you than having a bad credit rating.

You may need to live somewhere that accepts cash until you can open a bank account and establish some regular transactions. I’d also ask the bank for a starter credit card where you charge some things that you can afford to pay off regularly.

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I agree,  get employment records from your employer and go to your local bank and open a bank account.  Even though I hadn't rented an apartment in a long time and currently reside in a suburban house,  I do remember having to prove employment,  credit history check and on the application form itself,  I listed my local bank.  Perhaps times have changed and a bank statement isn't necessary.  Nonetheless, if the landlord insists upon a bank statement,  it couldn't hurt to open up a new account and present your bank statement if you want to become a tenant sooner.  Hope it works out for you!  🙂

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