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It may be the last days of our beautiful Queen

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Queen Elizabeth II | Life Of A Monarch, In Brief
16 minutes ago, boltnrun said:

I don't know anything really about the British royalty. Is Prince Charles now king?

She seemed like a very strong lady. A good example for women everywhere.

Yes, he became King upon the moment of his mother’s last breath. He is King Charles III of the United Kingdom and 15 other realms and the Commonwealth. 

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Just now, catfeeder said:

Nor exactly, she is Queen Consort, and her bloodline does not inherit the line of the throne.

Correct she is a queen consort which means she is the wife of a king. There are three types of queens. A Queen Consort which is the wife of a King. A Queen Regent which is a queen who reigns for a minor child. And finally a Queen Regnant Who is the queen who reigns  in her own right, which is what Queen Elizabeth II was, she was a queen in her own right. 

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Just now, Seraphim said:

... a Queen Regnant Who is the queen who reigns  in her own right, which is what Queen Elizabeth II was, she was a queen in her own right. 

She certainly was in her own right. She was not born into the original position for the throne. Her uncle was King but voluntarily left the position for her father to assume. This moved the bloodline to her at the age of 26 upon his death.

Can you imagine that degree of responsibility compounding her grief upon the loss of her father?

Yet she not only accepted the mantle but paid it honor in her dedication for 70 years.

Truly an historic icon and a demonstration of resilience.

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It’s been a strange year - quite surreal to hear she is no longer here. The Queen has always been here, in the background, and every Christmas most people in the UK would turn the Queens speech on, myself included, a habit of a lifetime! 


I am not much of a champion for the monarchy, but Britain was built alongside a monarchy, whether people think it is outdated or not. 

Mr Grandma absolutely adored Queen Liz and Princess Diana! I remember sleep overs as a kid, leafing through all her memorabilia and books about the Royal Family!


Winston Churchill made a fantastic speech when her father died and Elizabeth took the crown. He said our fair island had seen some of her finest hours under the rule of Queens. Anyone who is familiar with a smidge of history can recall the British naval victory against the Spanish Armada under Elizabeth 1st (Henry 8th’s daughter). There is debate over how much the victory was owed to her, but her famous speech was moving: “I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too".

I think the people of England collectively feel a great change. The monarchy is simply not powerful or important or taken note of like it used to be. With the death of Queen Elizabeth II it leaves us all wondering - what of the monarchy now? And will there even be much of one in the future?


A Brit, left feeling surreal from the sudden news. This year! 

Rest in Peace ma’am. 




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It seems fitting to have a round up of Englands long historic timeline of reigns from the fairer sex! 

Bring on the girls!


And may The Queen rest in peace (although the British may never quite forgive her for taking her last days in Scotland!) No, I am only kidding. Condolences to her family. A strange time it is.




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50 minutes ago, Seraphim said:

She is with her beloved husband. 



Fantastic photo of them both - nice to see her relaxed and casually enjoying herself. Her relationship with her husband always reminded me slightly of Victoria and Albert. A bird in a gilded cage often came to mind whenever I saw her. 

Rest in Peace.



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13 hours ago, mylolita said:

15 billion for the coronation and funeral during a financial crisis… just putting it out there…! 

He may chose to delay the coronation. He is King without it anyway. 

I made a mistake , my MIL has lived under the reign of 4 monarchs . She was born under George V, was 18 when George VI died and of course Elizabeth II and Charles III. 

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