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  1. Beatlesfan, how about cooking classes? Cooking and eating the food afterwards is by definition a social activity.
  2. A mid-50 year old man is behaving like this? How likely is it that he will change? Zero chance in my opinion. I very much believe in “what you see is what you get”. Are you willing to put up with this for the next 30ish years?
  3. You have no control over your friend “forgiving” you, nor closing a topic. You can control your drinking though, by either not drinking or limit your drinking to 1 alcoholic beverage per night out.
  4. I am living alone, single and not dating for almost 10 years now. I am sorry to read you feel like you are “coping”, because I don`t “cope”, I live and honestly, being single has become my preferred way of living. I have had 2 long term relationships, never married and no children, but both did not work out in the end. I now realise that I always felt hemmed to do things for myself when I was in a relationship. I tend to put my own needs aside when I am together with someone and also don`t seem to make progress if that makes sense. After my last relationship was over, I quit my very stressful job shortly after, took a sabbatical leave, had a long vacation, made plans for the renovation and extension of my house and started my own business when I felt like starting working again. I would have done none of this should I still have been in that relationship. But it sounds like you would like to have a girlfriend. That is perfectly legitimate. Have you tried online dating or do you participate in group activities, because nothing happens just like that. With respect to buying a house. There is no good or bad and yes, a house needs maintenance. In my opinion there are just different preferences and/or limitations when it comes to financial resources. I bought a house before I met my first boyfriend. Sold it and moved across Europe to be with him. We bought a house together and when we broke up, I sold my part in the house to him and bought another house alone. Please do not keep your live on hold because things did not work out exactly as you wanted it. If you really want a girlfriend, that should be your priority number 1. Or if you really want that house, make that priority number 1. Keep smiling, not coping! ☺️
  5. Why don`t you have a look at the links yourself first and then send them to your girlfriend saying you found this information on internet and she might want to have a look into this. I don`t like to be told myself what to do, but I always like to be inspired. I think it is definitely worthwhile looking into this, I mean, I would like to think everyone can find the time to watch some youtube videos.
  6. If your girlfriend is diagnosed with endometriosis, she might want to look into changing her diet to a whole food plant based / vegan diet and supplementing with iodine. Here are the links to 2 youtube videos, which are lectures by: Dr. Neal D. Barnard, M.D., F.A.C.C.. At 16:25 he talks about the case of a woman, suffering from endometriosis, which she cured by changing her diet. Dr. Jorge Flechas, M.D.. At 4:39 he talks about the fact, that iodine deficiency can cause endometriosis. I have been suffering myself from extremely heavy periods, (I am talking Niagara Falls type of heavy periods here) and I was diagnosed with fibroids earlier in the year. My periods have also been very painful, so that I needed to take lots of painkillers when I had my period. When the medication, that I had received to treat the fibroids, was banned from prescription here in Europe, because it had caused liver failure in some women, my doctor prescribed me birth control pills. I took these only for a short term, because I don`t do well on them. I was supposed to have less heavier periods, but that was not the case. I started to look into other options and while researching I came across the vegan diet and iodine supplementation. I have adopted a vegan diet a couple of months ago and I started to supplement with iodine. I have had 3 periods since, and I did not need any painkiller at all. Whereas the first period since I changed my diet was still very heavy, the last 2 periods were so much better and the bleeding has reduced significantly! My fibroids are still there, because I can feel them, but I feel so much better and I have also lost weight due to the diet change, so I continue with what I am doing, because it seems to works for me. Your girlfriend may want to discuss the iodine supplement with her doctor, but from my research I can tell you, that most doctors don`t know about iodine supplementation. I use Lugol's iodine solution, I buy it online and it is not expensive at all. Good luck!
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