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I Got Dumped For A 60 Year Old Woman

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Okay OP. You are butt-hurt and sad. Please go out with your friends and forget about him. He didn't deserve you. Karma will get back at him. Just focus on you, enjoying life, and finding a great partner. I'm sorry you found out this way about the cheating, but it is what it is.

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8 hours ago, LaurenJJJ said:

  Have you ever had an ex get an article published in a newspaper, all about how he met his wife, with photographs of them together, videos,  dates and details of when and how they met and everything?  You must admit it is quite unusual.


It's not unusual at all.  Many people publish engagement / wedding announcements that have all of that info.  Local papers are full of them.  

I can't imagine any situation where I would see a picture of an ex with their partner and react in any way similar to how you are.  As this thread goes on, you are adding more and more florid details from your imagination.  It's quite extreme and comes off, frankly, as if you have an obsession.  

Perhaps venting here and making up scenarios (you are clearly writing a lot of fiction here  - you have his parents both dead, his father currently giving him money, him having current mommy issues all happening at the same time in this colorful narrative ) 

has been helpful for you in some way - I hope so.  But definitely it will be firmly in the "unhealthy" category if you keep it up.  Just stop looking at stuff from the town 3 hours (NOT "local" to you) where he is living his happy life, and focus on living a happy life of your own.



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12 hours ago, LaurenJJJ said:

But you also think that being physically attracted to the person you are in a relationship is "shallow", so I think you might possibly not be the best judge of what a health relationship is.

You have no idea about me.  I am closer to the age of that old woman you have not ben kind to than I am to you and I've been married for along time to a great guy and we do have a healthy relationship.   My saying shallow is in regards to you making sure we know the guy is good looking which in the end is irrelevant as to what he is like as a person!

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