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Was I wrong to telling him?


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It’s been a hot minute since I been on here but I been really in my thoughts lately and I really don’t have anybody to talk to. Soo I been knowing this guy for about 3 years and all those years I been having a crush on him but never told him. I have a bestfriend and he is really close with her as well like brother and sister type of thing. I once did got sexually with him but it was just a one time thing. He always tried to touch me or grab me so I got the thought of him just wanting me to and I’m not like that. Yes I did it once but I wished I would take it back because I had just gotten out of a 7 year relationship and I was not in a good state of mind. Then this past week I saw him at my bestfriends house and he was talking to me saying why I always act weird around him and I told him because it seems like he just wants sex all the time and I want more than that. He told me that’s not all he wants. He was being sweet the whole day then we made out and he told me I don’t just do that with anybody and then he started texting me throughout the week but we was being really short with me. Then one day I told him hey I want to tell you something but don’t want it to be weird. So I told him I like him and he responded saying it was not weird and that’s it. Still was being short with me. Idk I’m confused like did I get the wrong signals? Then, I stopped texting him because he was being short with me. So then I texted him today because I’m like I don’t want to make it weird but he still short. He is a guy I will always be around since he is really close to my bestfriend. Idk I feel like I should of just kept it to myself. I feel dumb but at the same time weight off my shoulder.

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To be honest, it sounds like he changed his mind. He might have considered turning your friendship into more, but he realizes now that he doesn't want that.


It's best you let him be for now and if you can't...then definitely do not mention anymore about feelings or trying to be romantic with him. It sounds like it's aggravating him and pushing him away.

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He didn’t give you any signals that he wanted to date you.


However , you have given him mixed signals?


You made out with him once (not sure how long ago) and nothing eventuated from that.

More recently you told him you ignore him because you want what exactly??!


You said you don’t just want sex but more? FWB more?


I think when he said he doesn’t just do it with anybody , meant he did it with anybody that agreed to casual?


Then you made out again?


It doesn’t sound like he is interested in dating you because he certainly hasn’t shown that in actions.


What is it that attracts you to someone who is evasive and yet persuasive only while in your company?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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