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  1. Thank you so much I’m going to go ahead and do it!
  2. I feel bad because what if I gave him a signal since we have hooked up in the past. My friends were outside when it happened but they only noticed when he went missing.
  3. This past weekend I was with all my friends we were all drinking having a good time. I got a little too drunk so I decided to go to sleep in my friends couch. The guy that I have a crush on was at the gathering. We both have messed around with each other a few times. I like him and he knows but I know he doesn’t like me back. Long story short I was laying on the couch and he comes and touches me I felt something but since I wasn’t fully there I didn’t do anything but just lay there still asleep. I woke up when I felt something hurt me and that was him inside me. I was just not strong enough to
  4. It’s been a hot minute since I been on here but I been really in my thoughts lately and I really don’t have anybody to talk to. Soo I been knowing this guy for about 3 years and all those years I been having a crush on him but never told him. I have a bestfriend and he is really close with her as well like brother and sister type of thing. I once did got sexually with him but it was just a one time thing. He always tried to touch me or grab me so I got the thought of him just wanting me to and I’m not like that. Yes I did it once but I wished I would take it back because I had just gotten out
  5. So, I hooked up with this guy two years ago and were just friends. It was just that one day and we constantly were texting each other and eventually I started to catch feelings. The only thing was that I didn’t know if he had feelings for me and I never wanted to ask him. We wouldn’t hang out only when he would come over at my bestfriends place and I will be there. I stopped texting him because I just didn’t want to catch more feelings and end up being hurt. When we see each other he always flirts with me and tries to be next to me but I try not to because I know I have feelings for him and I
  6. Sooo, long story short I was in a relationship for 7 years and he cheated on me multiple times. Now that I’m out of the relationship it’s been about two years already. I have some dating sites and there’s this guy that wants to meet me but I feel like he is way out my league. Everytime I try to meet someone new I find something so I won’t go. I know I have a low confidence and self esteem but I just can’t help it I been like that for years and it’s hard to come out of it. I have talked to my friends and they tell me I’m crazy that I’m pretty that I need to stop thinking so negatively about mys
  7. Yes, exactly! I didn’t respond which I’m very happy about because I know I would of replied months ago. Everybody around me tells me don’t let him open that door anymore prove to him that your not second choice which I completely understand. Is that I just need to put my feelings to the side and just keep on moving forward even if it hurts.
  8. Hey guys🙂 So my ex boyfriend got a new Instagram and he send me a message saying “happy Fourth of July”. It’s been about 8 months that we haven’t talked what so ever. My old self would of replied in a heart beat. I feel like I have grown such as being able to maintain my feelings and just doing what’s best for me. I just can’t deny that my feelings for him haven’t changed at all and I know I’m dumb for that! It just sucks how my heart would want to reply but my mind said no it’s going to end well. I keep following my mind but it’s hurts. I don’t know how to explain it, after everything he has
  9. Short story short I was with my ex for 7 years and did everything I could to be with him ! I worked all the time he didn’t work and when he did he never helped me! He cheated on me and I forgave him and he did the same thing all over again! Then he ended having a kid already ! I tried for years to give him a kid but I couldn’t! I tried to talk to my family and friends and all I want is understanding because I’m hurt so bad! I haven’t talked to him in over 6 months! I started school in March and everything. It still I’m not fully satisfied with my feelings! I cry all the time !!! He got with a
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