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Should I ask him about this before sex?


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It's the smartest thing to do is ask a new partner to get an STD test. It might not be romantic, but neither is an STD or god forbid a life long illness that you can't get rid of.


Not everyone shows symptoms and not everyone knows they are carrying an STD.


If he cares about you at all and is in this long term, he will oblige. If he get's upset, then move on.

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I’m assuming that you’ve had the test and are willing to show the results? I was asked this once by a women that I dated, which I obliged. She took the test as well and shared results. I had no problem with this and actually, I’m glad I took it. Everything clean and I as well as she had piece of mind. If they care about themselves and the other person, people should be doing this and shouldn’t be offended.

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Of course you can ask him.


Dating 1 month... are you exclusive? What have you two discussed? Have you discussed being sexually involved? Depending on your response changes how the question should be asked.


Exclusive - before we take the next step I think we should discuss STD testing.


Casual - when was the last time you were tested?


Maybe not those exact phrases but some variation, if it's casual or you've just been on dates getting to know one another and you just blurt out ' you need to get tested' it may make for an awkward dinner.

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Before having sex,

should I ask a guy I have been dating for one month, to have a STD test?


I mean I don't see anything suspicious but just in case to be sure that he is healthy, or he may be offended?

Do all the girls do this when they date a new guy?



If you think he would be that offended don't have sex with him. I never slept with anyone who wasn't tested and I always offered to test too even though I had had very few partners. And back then an HIV test wasn't accurate until the person had abstained for a period of months so we waited for that too. What do you mean "see" anything suspicious? Lots of this is hidden and can only be confirmed with a test.

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Anyway, most of people consider first date sex nowdays. I don't see how they trust a partner that way.


I don't think it's most and not sure what that has to do with your individual situation. I'd also discuss what his values and views are were you to get pregnant -and yours.

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