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Why am I so hungry? Will I gain weight?

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Hello everybody!


Today I'am feeling so hungry and I can't stop eating. I'am craving sugar so bad. I don't know why is this happening and I'm so worried that I might gain weight because my body tends to do that very easily. I usually experience this king of hunger one or two weeks before my periods but it's been two weeks that my periods are over. I don't know what to do

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Your post just cleared something up for me. I was in the same boat earlier this week. I had like three donuts, a sub, chips, a pop, a cupcake, two cookies, and almost had more chips...and that was just at work. I got home and made myself a pizza, and ate almost the whole thing. It was so confusing, because I normally don't just binge eat for no reason and I wasn't stressed or upset that day in the slightest. The hunger has faded slightly, but it's still intense.


A little bit of math tells me that my period should be coming soon. This will be the first period since going off birth control, and I guess I forgot what PMSing is like lol. Thanks for the clarification, and I hope your ravenousness tapers off!

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Add greens. I saute kale or spinach in the oil of minced garlic and add some peppers and onions. I let them cool down, throw them in a container and take half to work, leave half in the fridge. I eat a serving after EVERYthing I put in my mouth. It helps to fill me, aids digestion, and 'finishes' my meals or snacks.


If I can't stop eating, I stick to the greens.


Given the garlic and desire to clear all greens from my teeth, I brush afterward, which tends to prevent me from more snacking.

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