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  1. Just to clarify it for Wiseman and Pippy, I’am not calling this guy a rapist nor a sex offender. I went at the date on my own and he didn’t pay for my food cause yes we went for coffee and I insisted on paying. I don’t think you have to be dragged down the alley just to understand that some actions are not right and I guess everyone has their own boundaries and standards for personal space. And the intention of this thread was more about my action than his. Thanks
  2. Well I live in a small city, we've seen each other on some occasions and events, we were friends on social media, we have one mutual friend but we've never had a conversation. He asked me on a date and because I have a hard time going on dates and letting new people in, I thought maybe this time I can take the risk. Turns out it was not the best person. And honestly I don't wanna go back and try this thing again, I'd rather stick to dating people that at least I've talk to before.
  3. Hello everyone, Hope you're having fun during holidays! Well three days ago I decided to do things differently and accepted to go on a date with a guy I didn't knew at all. The conversation wasn't bad but I wasn't feeling any attraction or chemistry between us. He asked to see me the other day too and usually big moves from the start are a bit turn off for me cause I like to take my time with people. But the creepy thing was that when we were saying goodbye I reached him my hand so we could shake hands you know (when I meet new people I keep my distance), but he caught my hand and pulle
  4. Hi boltnrun, I know this guy in person. We've been classmates but "the relationship" started when he was abroad.
  5. The thing that is hard for me to accept is why would he lie to me without the minimum of empathy. We were talking about being together as if it was our main purpose, like we were a priority to each other (he definetely is for me) but now I feel so neglected.
  6. He called me, apologised, we talked about it and moved one. We had some good days after that and now here I'am.
  7. Hello guys! Well it’s been 6 months that I have this Long Distance Relationship. Well you know, the first two months always seem “perfect” but then you realize that that was just too good to be true. Anyway our relationship was hard but it wasn’t bad, until a week ago when he tells me that he feels down and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. I tried not to take it personally and told him that i’ll always be there for him. We’ve been talking less and less now, but I checked his instagram and he has followed other girls and seems to be interacting with other people. He doesn’t reply when I send him
  8. Hey everyone, Last night I broke up with my Long Distance Boyfriend, we've been in this LDR for 6 months and we didn't get to see each other, but he was someone I knew in person not just some internet guy. The first months were so good but then things started to get heavy. I got so insecure and started interpreting everything as a rejection from his side, I became clingy and jealous. And on the other hand he became agressive everytime and just kept yelling at me. Comunication was not a strong point of our relationship and I always felt misunderstood. I would explain myself to the point of fe
  9. I have met him, but we started it when he went abroad and we're going to be long distance for a while. I'm really trying to do my best. I didn't mention the name of my friend, didn't said who he was and I haven't discuss it with anyone besides my bf, cause I think of him as someone I can trust. But when I get judged I don't know how to feel. I don't mind considering that maybe I didn't do right, it came from a good place but It wasn't right. He could have said it in a nicer way, or he could have just let me know that I'm making a mistake and not act with authority against me.
  10. I started this Long Distance Relationship with this guy, and I'm trying so hard for it to survive. I'am always honest with him, I try to be his supporter, his best friend. And last night I was telling him about a friend who was struggling financially and was doing doing a job that was not "appropriate" to gain some money. But I was not judging anyone, honestly I was just concerned about my friend, I want him to have a great future. I didn't even mention his name to my bf to keep it confidential. My bf asked how do I know and I said that another closed friend told me cause she was worried too.
  11. This guy who used to have a crush on me on high school, texted me this August after 6 years. First I was cold because I thought we can't have something. We texted from time to time, some random flirty lines until mid January. Then from that time I don't know what happened, we got too close, it was intense and fast. He was caring, sweet and paid me full attention. I was still a bit hesitant cause I had never been in love and in a relationship. But it was beautiful. Then after two months I realised I'am in love. But suddenly I started to panic, I felt like I lost something. He started to get dis
  12. Hello everyone, I have never dated in my life, never been in a relationship and I've only experienced one sided love. Lately my life has become so boring, I feel so lonely and I really want to start dating and fall in love. There is this guy I've seen at University, I like him physically, we've been sharing glances a few times but I think he doesn't know my name. With my "social media stalking skills" I managed to find his fb (he says he is single) and instagram account and I know what major he studies and some of his interests. The thing is that I don't see him too often in university and I
  13. Hello, One night I was feeling extremily lonely so I decided to enter a public chat room. There I met a guy, he was nice and polite and we had things in common. At first I would chat with him just because I felt lonely but then I started to like him. We had many nice conversation and many flirty ones, until we decided to share pictures. I didn't like the way he looks at all, It was very different from how I imagined him to be. I felt sick when I thought about our converastions, so I immediately told him that I don't like to talk to him anymore, and we haven't talked since then. I feel strang
  14. Hey, I turned 21 this summer, I finished my bachelor degree and I can say that I'am at that point in my life where I don't know what I want in life (I used to think I knew). I'm gonna start my Msc in a month, I've had two job interviews but didn't get the job. And yes I'm feeling lost and anxious. I no longer think about the future or dream anymore because it terrifies me. But during this phase I'am begining to notice a need to go in my childhood. I'm watching old Disney movies and reading books from my childhood cause I feel less anxious and relieved when I do that but also I feel some kind
  15. Well my biggest challenge is my anxiety due to my never stopping self-analization.
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