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This happened to me several years ago(about 4)but it hadn't since then, so I just chalked it up to a weird body anomaly, but it's kind of scary.


So I woke up yesterday morning with a persistent migraine(I'm genetically prone to migraines), but eventually after several doses of excedrin in the course of the morning and early afternoon it seemed to be gone.


Later that same day, we were fooling around and I started to get like an aching in my neck and head when I got really turned on and then all of a sudden I was in excruciating pain. It freaked my boyfriend out though of course he got me meds and water and such. It mostly faded to a dull ache by night time though it got bad sometimes during the night, so I didn't sleep great. Now, here I am over a day later and I feel fevery and nauseous and if I move around too much my head starts to hurt. Should I go to the doctor or wait it out? Has this ever happened to anyone else? The pressure is mostly in my forehead and the back of my head at the moment. I took some ibuprofen to hopefully help. I can't keep taking meds though.....

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Google orgasm headache!

It happens more often indeed it happened to me once when i was close orgasm, a sharp stab in my head which was excruciating but thank God never happened since.....

Think you'll find a lot of recognition on google, i did, i calmed me down.....

I have a tumor in my head and was convinced it was the tumor, but no hahaha it happens to more people during sex.....


Edit...but yes do contact a doctor because you don't want to mess around with your head!

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Dude go to the doctor. Don't **** around when it comes to potential head injuries.


Normally, I'd say it sounds like an exertion headache (also can be referred to as sex headaches among a ton of other things), which, while probably top 10 scariest and worst pains you can feel, aren't dangerous. But those strictly happen during a particular activity (sex for some, for me it was squats). The fact you had to multidose a migraine down earlier that day and now you've got persistent pressure and can't move your head without it hurting suggests it's something different. Could be fine, could just be a real bad sinus headache, but definitely don't risk it.


Are you insured? You could try urgent care but they'll probably just direct you to the ER.

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This does not sound like a sex headache to me, it was already there before, then simply came back on you in spades. Go get it checked out. Headaches that come out of nowhere like that, that bad, you don't just shrug off. They can be a serious indicator of something that has nothing to do with sex.


You're getting sick now too? That's not a sex headache, it's just you started have sex in the middle of whatever was already coming on anyways. So drop that as an explanation, see a doc and if it gets bad hit an ER.

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