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About Me

  1. I have an unprotected sex with a boyfriend. I was supposed to get my menstruation at the beginning of the month but I didn’t. I have stomach cramps, increased appetite, headache. Am I pregnant?
  2. Hi everyone, I hope you all are well. Thanks for all the advice you’ve given me in the past. So I’m a bit kinky in that I like some mild neck holds during sex. My boy is comfortable with it so we do that from time to time. This last time however, he went a bit too hard and I saw the room darken. Next thing I know I see flashes of images and lights and suddenly I open my eyes, and my concerned boyfriend is freaking out, worried sick. I didn’t know why he was scared, until he recapped what happened. Apparently, I sagged to the side, made jerking motions, and then started to snore. It last
  3. Long day at work stuck in traffic and got into arguement over phone about what to get to eat . When I got back to apartment I was triggering by stupid argument and couldn't turn off the heat . I displaced other issues in anger about after a year and half she hasn't met my parents but I've met hers countless times - holidays / birthdays/ etc. About how my circle of friends is always asking for double dates /etc but her circle of friends is non existent . A dry spell in sex life . I just couldn't turn off the anger . She said she had a headache and didn't want to talk about it, thus me getting a
  4. I've started looking into doing yoga, anyone here do it? what are the benefits? I sit for 8 hours a day at my desk in work, which is really starting to strain my neck muscles and shoulders, which are giving me regular headaches. I also started to invite more fruit and vegetables in my diet started to drink alot more water, and ditched the fizzy pop and fatty foods. I'm clearly trying to lose weight, I've started this week. I looked up yoga and it interested me... I obviously know cardio and jogging etc would help. I go to the gym for all that, just wanted to start doing something at h
  5. To start off, I have been to many doctors throughout the years, have had CT, MRI, etc. They can't find anything wrong with me and have no solutions. So I'm looking for advice based on your personal experience of what has helped you. I have had headaches my whole life. Mostly dull and annoying unless I have allergies or the biometric pressure is changing then they are pretty horrific. The worst ones are usually random though and can't be linked to either. Migranes on occasion, the most severe I can treat with Amerge. Otherwise, my normal headaches are pretty untreatable and I'm about to go
  6. So basically I've been dating this younger woman who has been screwed over with guys in the past (cheated on with one guy, another guy gave her herpes) We've been on several dates and just recently things died down a bit so I reach out to her (after a week of headache and trying to figure things out) and said I feel like things were going well and now there is a distance. She agreed and said because in the past she's jumped in and out of new relationships and wants to take it slow. Sounded like we hit it off and it freaked her out. She's young and said she's focusing on her life but said s
  7. Hi guys, just wanted to exchange experiences on apps dating. I've been doing this for seven months now, and am still single and looking lol. There are tons and tons of people, it seems. Just like in a shopping mall. You think you want shoes, think again, the choice is staggering. So you go and try on shoes. You even have some for a few weeks or months. But then inevitably something doesn't work. And here's what I think doesn't work. Everybody seems to espouse the view that "ah, if its not the perfect-perfect, absolutely amazing fit, scrap it, and shop for new shoes". It is also quite thrill
  8. I've been with my partner for a year and throughout that time the ex has been a constant headache. Several times my SO seemed to waver between us, playing us both along and even breaking up with me for a few days before deciding I was "the one". Fast forward a year and after a one- off argument I discovered SO has been searching for the ex online. Apparently this is a "back up plan" because SO is terrified I'll leave. Also SO'S ex knows all about my SO's childhood which involved heavy sexual abuse. SO hasn't told me much about it to "protect me". What is going on here- is my SO still in
  9. Hey y'all. I've got something here that's driving me nuts. I've had to replace my glasses. I'm near-sighted (can't see things far away) and have in the last few years started to have problems seeing things really close up, like reading or fine work. It's gotten to the point that I regularly have to lift up my glasses to see what's close up, especially if the writing is really small. I'm told this is completely typical with age, over 40, in a near-sighted person. I just didn't want to deal with the problem. Well, my frames broke about a week ago, so that was the prompt. I got my e
  10. Ive posted in anothrr group on here and had some very good opinions and I am thankful but I just feel like I need more help . . Me and my partner live together very 'happily' he started a new job not so long ago and like you do talks about everyone when he gets home and tells me what its like . . Theres a few lads there who are great lads and we both get along with them (after meeting them) but there's one lad who stands out to me and him and my partner get along really well . . But lately I can not stop thinkin about this lad it sounds funny but its like im craving him or lusting? . . Appare
  11. hey guys, i am worried bc i have been dropping too much weight lately. i know, i know people will say whats the problem with that? the thing is i am already thin and now i have no appetite. my old boss berated me and my new job i just got has been a little stressful too with adjusting. i go to school at night as well and coffee is making things worse. i haven't been eating or sleeping lately and i dont have any appetite at all kind of getting really worried and scared. ive been dropping about 4 pounds a week and im really worried about this. my bones are starting to stick out. but ive be
  12. So yesterday was ridiculous. 3 hours it took for us to get to some sort of agreement. He lied about everything in the history discussion to our mediator (my notes and text messages backed up that he was lying) at which point our mediator finally told him that if he fails to cooperate and continues to lie he will be forced to send this through the court system and with his notes based on his observations of my exes lying and attitude, my ex would be most likely be granted supervised visits in a centre once a week, if any at all. So my ex started cooperating and we came to a decision for now. No
  13. Two things happened separately but in the same time frame and I'm at work and can't focus because I'm so depressed and sad. One thing was that my old roommate and friend of two years exploded cause I asked her to pay for half of an expensive part she broke on my car when I got a flat tire and she was showing me how to change it. She jumped on the crowbar til the nub broke off and it cost me more than $90 to fix it. When I sent her an email asking her to pay for it, it ended in a whole bunch of emails attacking my person and who I am and how people "warned her about me" And then this gu
  15. I told my boyfriend I wouldn't do it, though, because his friend has an incinerator and I could see them burning my remains so nobody would find out, and then telling my family I just left. I said it half jokingly during a spat, but I honestly fear that is what would likely happen. I took a plane 2,000 miles just 5 weeks ago to be with him, here, only bringing a little luggage. The minute I arrived, meeting him at the bottom of the escalator, he made me late to get my bags, so I had to get them the next day because he wanted a cigarette. The next day, he walked so fast I couldn't keep up. It h
  16. Specifically, the medical examiner’s table. As a disclaimer, I would like to state I know this is not a valid avenue to acquire medical advice. The physician I have seen up to this point is retired and I am switching to another facility of care, which will take awhile. However, I am trying to gather as much information as I can and believe this would be a good place to consult for some experience/perspective on this subject. I want to be informed so I can have options available I can choose from with the knowledge I acquired, as it’s getting fairly costly. With that said, I have been seeing
  17. Hey, I would love to have your advice on this headache situation... So the first girl I met last weekend on an event, we have many things in common and have already schedule a date with her on Sunday. The second girl I met with her online, also have many things in common so I asked her out then she suggest we met on Sunday also. Consider how flaky girls are these days, I kind of have hard time to decide how to schedule a date with them both. I am planing on schedule dates with both of them on Sunday, If either one cancel on our date, then I will go out with the other one. if both
  18. So there's this guy i interact with at work... He is very business like at work and I'm kind of the same. Its all mono-tone and serious and aggressive. To the point you get a headache. So we had quite a few occasions where we went out together with the team and had lunch or drinks. And at lunch, he's sooo nice. Like gentle and sweet. Asks a lot of questions, gets really close, talks softly. At work hes almost like a difficult person or a ****
  19. i posted before about this, read that if this isn't descriptive enough (isn't same subject before you report/ click off) terms i use that you may not know: revise-study/look at notes/preparing for a test. run down of last post: basically i have been having headaches and have been finding it hard to sleep. i asked for help and got some good responses. now: I've been revising but i still cant help feel worried. I'm getting really stressed about it. when i try and revise the things i need to revise, i get homework to revise on something else which doesn't help as much. i don't know
  20. I've been religiously using an app on my phone to track my monthly "friend" for nearly two years. I've never not tracked the start and finish of it and for the most part its been pretty accurate. Some months it was a day or two off, but normally its accurate. I've never missed a period in my life and have only ever been late by a day or two max. The last period I have tracked was Dec 31. It then shows based on my previous ones and all my informaion the next should have been january 23. I have it noted that it was suppose to start that day but its not marked that it actually happened. So the
  21. For the last five weeks or something I've been having a lot of real physical complaints to which I can't find a plausible reason. I often get headaches and by noon I am almost always nauseous. Since I went through med school myself I already ruled out any physical causes and asume this is all psychological. I am under stress because of all built up frustrations about the BU. So meds won't help me get rid of the sick feeling I have. I wondered if anyone else suffers from this even months after the BU ? It is becoming a little invasive in my social life..
  22. Ive been with him for about 6 months now; and at the start it was great and we always stuck to plans. But for the last couple of months he has been cancelling and moving our plans for the most ridiculous reasons. I started making him arrange the plans, but that hasn't helped at all. He cancels very last minute! Today we had plans, and just as i was about to leave, he cancelled because 'its a bit late..' Its Saturday and was about 3pm, in what world is that late??? Other times he's been ill, had a headache, or just too tired. Usually he would at least tell me before i get ready! I just d
  23. I woke up almost 12 hours ago in a dead sleep needing to use the bathroom. To my surprise, it was explosive .. but....my stomach didn't feel effected except for mild cramps. I went into a spiral of a small panic attack as I am emetophobic and due to the fact that I didn't get this in about a year, I was up all night on edge if I need to go again. I slept a little and went again 5 hours later. After that, I went around 5 times in the next hour...tmi but it was watery, gross and generally as if something needed to get out. But still...I have no temperature or any other stomach sensation. I haven
  24. This is going to be a rant to help me clear my mind a bit as well as trying to get some helpful advice from others who have had similar problems. I have been married for 6&1/2 years and we have been together for over 12 years. The last two years I have been off sick due to chest problems and as a result not able to help out around the house much. But it is getting to the stage where she has been sick two days in bed and two days so far of mopping around and I have tried my best to look after our 4 kids my wife the pets and myself which I don't feel like doing but know I have to.
  25. My husband keeps using this scented handcream on weekends and when we go out. I have told him REPEATEDLY how nauseating I find it and it gives me headaches. I am extremely sensitive to scents . He keeps doing it and I just want to throat punch him . It is going in the garbage today. He has an incredible habit of ignoring what he doesn't want to hear . Rant over .
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