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  1. OK, in a nutshell she is bi-polar and hasn't been on her medication (Adoral, I believe) for probably 4 months. We've been dating for about 5 months and the first month or so was fine but we've argued alot the past 4 months, the last month especially. Then theres the fact that she lives with her grandparents who adopted her after her mother put her up for adoption. She has begun blowing everything out of proportion. Example: I don't really feel like coming over because I have a headache, her answer: "I bet you wouldn't have a headache if your friends wanted to hang out!" Pretty much every conversation leads to an argument. Somehow we've managed to keep things together. Lately things have gotten pretty heated and we've made "scenes" in public places and I'm tired of it. Then theres the icing on the cake; she got kicked out of her grandparents house the other day and is now living out of her car. I have tried to help her repeatedly but there is no use. I don't know what to do!!!!!!!! Please, EVERYONE AND ANYONE!, I NEED YOUR ADVICE!
  2. there are days when you make your day, and days that the good news is a relieve for your stress i'm 21 and i have nothing cause in my teenage life i was a really conflicted girl that droped out of school at the age of 17. i hated school and i couldn't wait to be a grown up and now that i am all i know about is responsabilities and headaches that sometimes i bring to my self, other times is my job and my family. now after a few years from being so hard headed i learned that being an adult really sucks. i have to make decicions for my self and my life since i was so independent. and now my life still really conflicted i constantly had fights with my mom cause of the way she raised me and my brothers. she did not want to let us go,and she always tries to fix our problems and she get mad cause i won't let her. i feel so frustrated trying to make her understand that i'm already a grown woman that takes care of her self. i don't live with her no more cause of this but i still do love her i just want her to understand and i don't wnat her to take it the wrong way, cause i care for her but i don't know what to do cause she hurts me sometimes with her words. when i was a teen ager i hurt her a lot with my rebellious ways. but i hve asker to forgive me for so long and she don't want to cause she keeps bringing the past. that today i'm finally giving up and its so sad if you do have a advise i will be glad to receive it .................. thanks!
  3. I woke up this morning with a bad cold. Like a sore throat, headache, runny nose & just about every other thing that comes a long with a cold. I was wondering what you do to get over a cold? Like are there better ways than others to do it? I was supposed to go out tonight with some friends, but I don't think I will be anymore, unless I'm feeling a little better. I want to definantly feel a little better by tomorrow.. Any advice on how to cure a bad cold?
  4. I'm really worried about one of my friends of 15 years. Lately, it seems like she is doing a lot of regressing in the maturity department. She has lost a lot of friends because of it or they all lie to ditch her because of it, these behaviors are really killing our frienship as well, the behaviors are becoming quite smothering. I don't even go out of my way to talk to her or do things with her anymore. No desire to move out of parents house and get life of her own Tries to control parents and throws temper tantrums if she doesn't get her way by stomping, sarcastic remarks. Will lie to her parents about where she goes even though there is no need like simple things if she was out at a mall past 10 or something she lies about it. Avoids her house and tries to intrude on other people's lives doesn't matter if they are married or not just so she doesn't have to go home and listen to her parents, blows simple things like her mom asking he rfor laundry out of proportion as nagging. When she goes somewhere she complains about everyone else, if people don't cave and do things her way she complains about them 'whining' when they were just minding their own business. Uses the word 'mine' excessively. Compares people to people they don't even know and tries to dictate them based on her competition with the people they don't even know saying that she needs to be the boss. (think angelica from rugrats, only as a 21 year old. yikes.) Repeats conversations to people about people that aren't even there word for word, her thoughts on it, tries to mimick their voice. Dialogue like a 5 year old. Abnormally obsessed with whether everything in her environment is 'child' appropriate or not. Tries to sabotage friends' friendships so she can be the only one in friends lives. Talks over them even when people say that they're sick of hearing about it because she's repeated it at least five times and won't let them enjoy the activity or talk about anything else because she is stuck on the one topic. Blows up at people if they try to talk even to answer one of her questions and tells them to shut up because she should be allowed to talk like she's the only one there. Will become completely controlling, completely tolerant for a while, then she will become completely intolerant altogether, even just little things like people putting on lipbalm and stuff like that or will try to yank things out of peoples hands if complete attention is not focused on her. Will talk over people but will not answer simply because she doesn't feel like hearing the sound of her own voice. I had to ditch her this weekend because a friend of ours wanted to go bowling. The friend invited her, and she volunteered to call me while I was completely unaware that she was invited along and told me she was coming to pick me up without explanation why. The other friend had a headache anyhow so we didn't end up going since it was late at night but when the friend I'm concerned about called, I asked her please not to talk over everyone because she did last time and no one could talk she bailed out then hang up on me. I didn't want to ride with her anyways because if she can't have complete control over an activity she will try to get out of going by getting lost on purpose and playing dumb, she will fake that she is lost in the area that she has lived in for 20 years, every time the other friend makes plans she does this. When the other friend and I called her back to find out why she really didn't want to go she said that she wanted to do homework and stuff for work. When I called her back to inform her that the plans had been postponed since the other friend had a headache anyhow, she said that she was just lying on her bed resting her eyes because she didn't want to do anything and had slept all day because she just didnt' have anything else to do, so I'm guessing the homework thing was all a lie to get out of going. I don't let her get by with the controlling behavior. The week before we had went out of town, she had told me that she didn't like the fact that I wouldn't let her control me when I was around her, when I told her she was wasting her time because it wasn't going to happen she just said 'well if you disagree with me I can just leave you stranded here with no way to get home.' She just did it for a reaction, she's all talk so it didn't work. After that I just quit talking to her.
  5. First to all of the women that have helped me through to this point I thank you and you know who you are. So I get home from work yesterday with a horrible headache and need to rest it before I go migraine (my shot is at my bfs many miles away) So before I dim the lights for rest I call the bf to tell him I am not feeling right in the head and his response is 'so you are blowing me off?' I said Excuse me but I feel like crap and I called to tell you I was home and I need to let this headache flyover...I went to bed at 8:30pm. I was awakened by a phone call from him at 11:30pm (we are in the process of moving in together) He starts going crazy about how he doesn't know if I can get a job up there...(in East BF) and on and on. Well we have had a history since we met about him calling me on any given Tuesday and going ballistic accusing me of seeing someone else, sleeping with someone else, everything a jealous lover can throw. So, feeling the headache had dissapated enough....I fired a shot! Right between the eyes. Then I told him I needed to go back to bed as we both work early this morning. I could not sleep. Started thinking maybe after all these months that HE is the one sneaking out on Tuesdays (duh LB) So I fired off a missive about it and every other word was F! I was so upset it just flew off my fingers! He called this morning and we laughed so hard that I woke up the neighbors...Seems we are both nervous about combining households and the possiblity of marriage is looming large in HIS head....I have always said oh no not again, maybe I will do some kind granola committment ceremony but that is it...OK to sum up, I finally got my cajones back and went off on him, instead of just curling up and taking it. There, I feel better all the way around. Thank you for listening! LB
  6. So I get the WORST pms ever! I've tried everything but nothing helps!! I've taken midol,pamprin,primrose oil, and I'm already on prozac. It makes me sooooo irritable, I don't want to be around anyone even my bf who I love very much...I don't even wanna kiss him or spend time with him. It totally changes me and physically I get soo nauseous and fatigue plus horrible cramps and headaches. It lasts like two weeks to!! Can anyone help?????
  7. My boyfriend has been getting headaches lately during sex. It happens when we start going really hard and fast and when he is not too far from orgasm. It has only been happening over the last two weeks maybe but it has happened on every occasion. Sometimes we have to stop and he takes a few minutes to recover but by then the mood is lost. Has anyone ever experienced this and is there anything we can do to stop it? Also, last week he just finished a course of antibotics for an eye injury. Could this be a side effect? Suggestions appriciated
  8. I posted alittle while ago about a bruise like pain on the top of my head. The dr. then told me it was a sinus infection (even though i lacked a stuffy nose or normal facial sinus pains). Well this was over 2 weeks ago and the pain has not gone away. I do not get headaches but the area is still extremely sensative to touch. Also I have noticed a slight tingling in my left arm when i lay down (not sure if it is related). Is it time for me to go back to the dr? I am really having a hard time relaxing with this bruise like spot on the top of my head not going away. It freaks me out. Please tell me what you guys think.
  9. Men are ALWAYS supposed to make the first move, but people don't understand that there are alot of guys just as shy as women. Men want to be "wanted" as well, not just "considered" like some canidate looking for your vote. Then you have those females that get alot of attention and love playing cat & mouse/jump through the hoops games. She'll find that one guy who doesn't go for the games and gets upset/crazy over it. Understand alot of guys have just stopped trying even though they're interesed. play the chase game by yourself. It's a major headache trying to figure out if a female is interested or just being friendly without looking like a fool. The flirting skills are limited and they don't make their intentions/desires obvious enough. No one progresses because it's all just a big game of who has more control. You won't increase your chances for good relationships expecting guys to mind-read and than randomly jump on you. No matter what women say: Nice guys finish last
  10. Hey, So my mom is getting these weird flashes of zig zag lights in her eyes! she doesn't have headaches or migranes. has anyone ever had this???
  11. Hi, my name is grace. i need some advice. i love my boyfriend so much it hurts, i have never been in love before and am amazed at its power. he can be so loving, he can be so generous and everyone thinks he is wonderful. unforyunately, he has another side which he has warned me about. He hit his ex girlfriend, he controlled her and manipulated her and he was upfront about all this. i am an intelligent girl, i should have seen this and left him but i love him. i pissed him off the other day and he went to hiot me but stopped himself, instead he dragged me 10 feet on the floor by my hair. i could be pregnant as we are trying for a baby. this upset me so much i was hysterical, he knows that my mum used to hit me and he knows that all i want from him is security and stability. then yesterday, a week after the dragging, we were having an argument in the car and i said i didnt think it was going to work out between us. i didnt mean it, i didnt even think too much about it before i sais it because i so deaperately want it to work. As soon as i had said it he hit me in the head, he hit me so hard and kept on hittion in the same place. i put my arms up when i realised he wasnt stopping as i could feel my brain hitting the sides of my head it was awful. i begged him to stop, i kept saying "i love you, why are you doing this, please stop" over and over. He really hurt my head and my arm. I got back, lay on the bed and cried. i cried bacause i had an awful headache, my arm hurt, i love him and he has just destroyed ll the security i felt with him., i felt so protected before, he said if anyone ever hurt me he would kill them so how could he hurt me? i said all this to him, i looked into his eyes and i cried. he sat in silence looking back at me. i cried so much my eyes hurt. i held his hand and kept asking why. he apologised to me, he said it wouldnt happen again, he said he didnt want to do it, its just that i stressed him out. he said he hit me so many times because id made hom hit me once and that pissed him off even more. im still here, hoping he will change but in my heart of hearts i dont think he will. i think he will hit me again but i dont want to believe it because i love him soooooooo much. i really really do. what do i do? i want to live with him and love him forever but an=m i being really dissillusioned in thinking that he may change? help.
  12. okay i was just wondering if anyone else experiances these symptoms.. first of all i have a history of fainting and migrane headaches, i have a small headache at least every other day.. i have fainted 2 times in my life.. the second i passed out in the middle of class at school (im 17 by the way) and i was rushed to the doctor for tests. they did blood work and whatnot, and all of my bloodwork came back perfect.. my doctor recommended a cat scan but because of the money i wasnt able to get one done. well anyway, noone seemed too worried about it so i just went on not thinking too much of it.. but it just seems that i'm dizzy every day! every time i stand up i get so dizzy like im about to pass out, i even black out most of the time! i even have to lean on the wall so i dont fall over! i also experiance mild nausea most days.. i just dont know if this is common? or what this could be a symptom of? any advice would be helpful! thanks in advance
  13. Well...a few weeks back I posted in pregnancy forum cause I thought I *may* have been having night sickness and my period was late and I was overall feeling gross for 2 weeks. Over the past 2 weeks I've been noticing a strange smell while taking a shower...like moldy. The place we live in is BRAND new...it's only a few months old and we are the first ones to live in this unit - it's a 2 story townhome...so I didn't possibly think we could have mold growing anywhere and I assumed I just needed to wash the bathroom rugs. I also started using the air vent while taking a shower...I normally keep both doors to the bathroom open because it's a bathroom without a window and I like it fresh in there. Whenever I'd turn on the vent the smell would WORSEN. So this past Monday I went in the bathroom, sat on the toilet and happened to look up...the airducting vent in the bathroom is lower than the normal ceiling...so there's like a foot difference...well all along the ducting part of the ceiling the paint is like melting and there are huge bubbles in the paint...and some of those bubbles are starting to LEAK!! I knew right then that we indeed have a mold issue. Last night I couldn't get to sleep, just thinking about what exactly is causing this. I realized that I started smelling the mold shortly after we started using the A/C - it's obviously never been used before and it works great...but we started using it only 2-3 weeks ago. I think what is happening is that up under the wall and in the ducting something is wrong...like maybe the ducting gets too cold with the air flowing through it and then when we take showers it gets hot in there and the vapors condense on the outside of the ducting...the water condensing on the outside of the ducting is thereforeeee trapped between the ducting and the sheetrock - this is my theory at least. Seeing as how I only came to this conclusion last night I'm gonna wait till tomorrow when my BF flies back home from San Diego and we're gonna go talk to the management and have them come fix this ASAP. At least we're still renting at this point cause I wouldn't wanna pay to have this fixed. I will insist they fix this immediately because I now realize its been the cause of my ongoing sickness for the past few weeks. I haven't changed my diet yet I am constantly feeling nauseous and my headaches get worse each day. I've also experience two bouts of diziness while just sitting and not moving. All of these are commone symptoms I've read about while doing research. Found from this website: link removed My breathing has been affected lately and I've had a few bloody noses as well, plus a constant runny nose and sneezing. As soon as we get back from the management office tomorrow I will let you all know what is gonna happen...and I will probably go and visit my doctor to make sure I'm not gonna have permanent damage or anything. Just wanted to share this and see if anyone else has experienced something similar...it's so odd for a brand new house to have this issue.
  14. WHY? Its 4:50 am, and I cannot sleep. Ive been tossing and turning for the last 3 hours, and crying steadily. Whats wrong with me? I had such a good week... but I cant control myself tonight. I cant think of anything that caused this either. I had a good day yesterday. Got my hair cut, feeling better about myself, played GREAT at hockey... But when I got into bed, I for some reason couldn't get out of my head how much I miss her. I have a headache now, but the tears have slowed down. I was tempted to call her, as she did me a few times in the a.m when she was hurting, but thought better of it. I dont know how much more of this I can take. I would do absolutely anything for her, and its killing me.
  15. Any idea why I get REALLY bad headaches whenever I go in the sun? I never realized that's what was causing them until I went to take trash out earlier and when I came back in, my head was throbbing. It's like 10 minutes later and it's starting to go away already.. Weird.
  16. heh...I actually wrote this when I was bored out of mind one day in science class... SCIENCE CLASS This science class is so boring, A million miles away my mind is soaring, This class is so confusing, I feel like I'm losing, I'll probally fail this stupid class, Who knows, Maybe I'll get lucky and pass, I feel like the chalk on the board is smearing, And I don't understand one word I'm hearing, This textbook makes no sense, It's giving me a headache, and making me tense, I can't wait until I hear the bell, Inside I wanna scream and yell, I just dont get this, Is there something I missed, How do I take this test, I'm trapped in this desk, I'm not stupid, I'm not braindead, I can just never remember what that teacher said, Help me understand this quiz quick, Help me understand which answer to pick, My mind is spinning and whirling fast, I'm so glad I've finished this class. ~Erica Hofmann
  17. as of lately, ive been having a lot of headaches, my stomach has been hurting (like in the girly part) my breasts are pretty sore, and ive been pretty tired even tho ive been getting close to 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night. i have been having sex with my bf, but we've been using condoms. theres only been 2 incidents when we were fooling around where his hand that he has been using on himself got even close to me...... so yeah obviously there is always a chance of getting pregnant, but how likely is it given the circumstances??
  18. Ok so I know no one can really say what's wrong with me over the internet And i also know I should see a professional about this but I was hoping for a little advice on what MAY be wrong with me Symptoms: A very low fever and yet shaking bcuz i feel cold, muscles ache a little, headache, trouble swallowing, extreme exhaustion and I sleep threw out most of the day and feel tired all the time sometimes feel nausiaus rarely That's pretty much it any advice is appreciated Thanks in advance
  19. I am allergic to colors, mainly Red 40.. I get a headache and feel depressed... I can't eat lots of foods because of this, such as twinkies and basically all hard candys. Anyone else have this problem?
  20. I have been feeling really ill today and yesterday. It started out with chills. Today my nose is running, my glands are really sore, bad headache, and a intense feeling of fatigue. Im pretty sure that I got mono, but haven't seen a doctor, what would be the best cure for this? I don't feel like being around anybody today or even talking to anyone, although tomorrow I'm hoping to spend some time with my BF but don't want him to get sick. So far I just have been resting, and drinking fluids... anyways I can feel stronger?
  21. are girls willing to date , be friends with or hang with a guy who is academically slower learner than she is. i am talking about stuff like math -there is a problem solving component it requries u to think and use forumulas to solve the problem, programming-visual basic 6.0 requires u to type in code and make the simple program work and run, accounting has probles to solve for X and they give u this and that. this is at the college level and also at HS before i was slow.like phsics 11 in HS was hard for me all these problems and solving this and that ah hated it gave me headaches same for math problem solving and some math too-required u to really think sometimes. i usually get it but it takes time i have to ask the teacher after class or on her office break or ask fellow classmates who are willing to help me out. when it comes to straighforward stuff like intro to business class or HR class its easy read the text read the notes and maybe do the questions at the back of the book and ur set for the exam. so i am saying do girls look down on guys and is it a turnoff if the guys is lets say a slower learner and needs to ask the teacher for questions about something he didn't understand. i now if she ain;t to u who cares someone will, but i just want ur opinions and thoughts.
  22. I start school pretty soon. I dont have a major. It seems everyone else does. Most people in orientation want to become teachers. I have always liked writing poetry and short stories, I also have an idea for a tv show(I just cant make myself start writing it & believe me I have TONS of time) anyway b/c of that I almost feel like I HAVE to be a writer b/c I am good @ it/ But im not sure if thats what I want to do. Other careers that interest me are: social worker, psychologist, or plastic surgeon. I know its all over the place. Even if I became a writer I would still need a "real" job b/c writing isnt necessarily a solid income. I have a headache Im so confused. Should I take different courses and see how much I like them, but I heard that doesnt help either. Ive also taken a million personality and career test. Whats the best way to choose a career/major?
  23. i have been soooooo stressed over school. I have exams this week, and i go to a very very very hard school. I have friends in college who believe that my school is even harder than college...... anyways ive been owkring very hard on exams (45 hours of studying from Friday- monday) and anyways. i have been feeling very overwhelmed and sick lately. my stomach is hurting and ive been feeling kinda queezy. ive had a bad headache for the past few days. i dont know what to do. my mom wont let me take a real break, and im just going crazy. i had my big emotional break down Saturday, and things just arent getting better after parent teacher confrences. my teachers think i may have ADD and i definitely dont..... anyways...... help. ive gotten very little sleep and i cant slow down till these are over (Friday).....
  24. There's this girlI like and I was thinking of asking her out sometime in the near future. Now there's just one question I have for you on when to do it... BEFORE OR AFTER VALENTINE'S DAY? Here are my pro's for doing it before: -I have my answer and it will save me from a headache -I won't seem desperate if I gave her a small gift (candy, rose, etc.) that day if she says she'll go out with me -If she says no, then I won't need to find anything to get her The bad thing is if she goes out with me just because it's near Valentine's Day. If I ask her out not the week or so before, this shouldn't even come up. Here are my PRO's for doing it after: -If the girl is single come Valentine's Day, she may be more willing to go out with someone afterwards (someone told me this). -You don't necessarily have to give her something for V-Day if we're not "together" and it may save me some $$. The bad thing is if I wsa to wait the three week, only to see another guy ask her out in this time and they end up going out. Those are only my views on this. What do you think?
  25. i have a problem. im a junior in high school. theres this girl, carrie. shes not allowed to date, but we like eachother, so weve been kinda carrying on. and shes CRAZY for me. i like her too, though not as much as she likes me. weve kissed already. then theres this other girl, amber. me and amber like eachother too. i like amber too, if anything a slight bit more then carrie. and shes allowed to date, and itd be easier. were probably gonna get together. what do i do about carrie. i dont wanna hurt her. whats the best thing to do. i need help and u ppl have always been here for me.
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