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  1. Thank you! To have been free from this pain is still amazing, I'm so fortunate cause most are not this lucky! Which is also a great success for the doctor who is about to retire, I'm sure he has seen his share of pain and desperation, he was also very happy that the pain is really gone
  2. Thank you!! I'm extremely happy! Though they had also found hpv last year and now my papsmear was not good, check with the gynaecologist showed it needs to be removed, they'll do that next week, they will burn the affected tissue away, so that's still scary, but today I'm happy with this news!!
  3. Had another MRI at the hospital today after a year, and the tumor has shrunk another 2.4 mm! And that is a lot for this tumor in a year, even the doctor was surprised, in total it now has shrunk 6 mm in the 3.5 years since the radiation, and that is a lot! I'm doing so well that the doctor asked me if i dared to stay away for 2 years now, which is something we hadn't previously discussed or considered,i was going to have to get annual checks for the rest of my life, but now because I'm doing so well i get to stay away 2 years!!! Wootwoot major party over here!!!! And he was so happy himself as well! Been almost 20 months now, the second surgery and I've been free from pain ever since and even the fear of the pain is fading into the background a bit! Never thought that was possible Yayyy!!!!!
  4. Uh wel yeah I'm not stupid so don't talk like i am please, i didn't read the ww1 part because i was barely awake, but my answer still stays! It was hugely impressive for everyone
  5. Hi, i don't know if you're planning to visit Berlin? I have been there a few weeks ago and found the entire city amazing, you feel the history. And while there we visited concentration camp Sachsenhausen which is near there, that has made a huge impression on me!! I can recommend everyone to visit a concentrationcamp once in their life. So I'm not sure if you're planning to, but in my opinion it's a must see. There are work camps and the camps where people were tortured and gassed, the work camps are not that impressive I've heard, but the other ones sure are, Sachsenhausen has made a lasting impression on me for sure, Auschwitz is a bit further away but it's said to be even more haunting.... Sachsenhausen entrance is free, and i had looked up all the info online beforehand and saw all the pics, but even then it's way different to actually be there yourself, feel the atmosphere and see the remains of the gaschamber. Left me very very quiet!
  6. Yeah i hear you... It is so hard to get rid of this pain and so hopeless in so many cases, i was a member of a tn group on Facebook, found some great support and friends there but the messages were becoming too depressing and scary and i left the group last week, with every message of pain and meds and surgeries everything came back to me, so for my own peace of mind i left. But it is so rare to find a cure!
  7. Aha didn't even see that!! Then yes, definitely different guys! And also different workplace, but still a pattern....
  8. Better than okay considering what i went through! The things i am left with now i can handle, that pain i couldn't, so grateful still
  9. Aww thank you!! Yes if only the pain stays away, the rest i can deal with! I'm still scared it'll come back one day, wonder if that fear ever goes away, i think with this pain sadly it won't.... But for now I'm happy again, really happy, and i haven't been in years!
  10. If you look at her threads you see one from two weeks ago and one from February that was also about a co worker, the last two threads are clearly the same story and guy and the one from February about Facebook and hooking up was a different guy, if not the stories sure don't sound the same, maybe she'll clarify... But if it are really two different guys then be aware that this is the easiest way to get a reputation at work, workplace is for work, not hooking up....
  11. Wow long time no updates, no news is good news i guess lol I'm still doing really well, been painfree for 17 months now and free from all meds for 15 months now. Lost all the weight from the meds as well, no more teary eye, mouth is still a little dry but no more sores thank goodness. The only thing that i am left with is how i handle stress, things that never used to be stressful now are and i can't handle stress anymore, have to be careful to not let it build and fester. In December i have had numerous stressful things in a row and suddenly my brain shortcircuited or something and i was shaking, crying, huge headaches, very nervous and the reaction to the stress became very physical, immediately took a few days off to rest. But now i have to watch myself and not let stress build. Also need more time alone to charge the battery so to speak, people are tiring and draining so need time alone to recharge. (Broke up with my boyfriend because of this as well, need to and want to be alone a lot! And the feeling wasn't too deep anyway, think he was more a support through all that than anything else.....) All this is the brain damage caused by the tumor and surgeries.... But all in all I'm doing really well, have my life back but will never be my old self again....
  12. I think that was about the previous post about this guy, if you read all three threads i think two of them are the same guy and the first thread is another guy, otherwise the stories don't match up either Off topic, yeah suicide disease is accurate!! I came very close to that! But am painfree for 17 months now!! Cause was a tumor which had twisted the facial nerve in my brain
  13. I think this was another co worker...... Started working there in December and hooked up with one and now a crush on another????
  14. Good to hear!!! I'm still pain free!! For almost 17 months now... Besides that I'm also doing very well, only thing that is left since the surgery is i cannot handle stress anymore, stuff that wasn't stressful before now is and my reaction to it is different, and if there are a lot of stressful things happening at once, which was in December, then my brain sort of short-circuits and i get physical reactions, very weird but this is a part of the brain injury that I'm left with, but better that than that pain! I have my life back and I'm still immensely grateful!
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