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  1. Good to hear!!! I'm still pain free!! For almost 17 months now... Besides that I'm also doing very well, only thing that is left since the surgery is i cannot handle stress anymore, stuff that wasn't stressful before now is and my reaction to it is different, and if there are a lot of stressful things happening at once, which was in December, then my brain sort of short-circuits and i get physical reactions, very weird but this is a part of the brain injury that I'm left with, but better that than that pain! I have my life back and I'm still immensely grateful!
  2. Ugh, fingers crossed it goes away soon again! Remains very scary
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody just now, loved it!! Great movie, well done and although Freddie is spot on, i also loved the casting of Brian May, very very well done! Was in tears the final half hour of the movie
  4. Yes great that you have to many pain free years in between but still the knowing it'll be back is terrible, like a ticking timebomb.... All i can say is if it ever comes to it, an MVD is not as bad as you anticipate! It's no Picknick but quite doable
  5. Indeed! But also still terrified, i don't know what i would do if it ever came back, last year i thought oh a year without pain sounds so wonderful but it is too short, a year is nothing!
  6. Oh so good to hear!!! Been reading back our threads a while ago and unbelievable what we've been through! No more taking things for granted, feel blessed every day, especial given how extremely difficult it is to get rid of this pain and how it doesn't happen more often than that it is successful!
  7. Ooh scary, i saw the thread was updated and i got worried!! Glad to read you're still doing well!!!!! Me too, for 13 months now already and 11 months free of meds! Will be a great Christmas for both is us, something to be really grateful for!! Xxx
  8. Wow that's so very special!!! Yes that would absolutely give me chills if I saw that
  9. Wow!! Here in Holland there is zero attention for trigeminal neuralgia awareness day, although i remembered on my own... This needs to be a worldwide thing and there needs to be more awareness to maybe eventually find a cure for everyone! I am still terrified that it'll come back one day, i think i will always live with that fear
  10. I agree! Its annoying and i usually ignore them.... but you're right, they probably have nothing to talk to..... but still!
  11. Posters who keep making thread after thread..... make a thread about every thought they have apparently, i tend to ignore those posters but it does annoy me very much if they clog the main page!
  12. Oh no that absolutely sucks! I can imagine how you feel, hopefully it's because of the warmer weather and it subsides again but i can understand the fear you have and the aversion against the meds!
  13. It's hot here as well so i was very scared that it would happen to me too but thank God it hasn't.... Hope it goes away again soon!!
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