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Ok, here's a silly question, probably even more so since I'm a 46 yr old. I've been seeing a man for 4 months. We are in an exclusive relationship. His friends & family know about me. We live an hour apart, and he comes to see me every weekend (Saturday & Sundays, usually). We both have Facebook profiles and go on Facebook regularly. He doesn't go on half as much as I do as he works so much. My question is when is it acceptable to change ones FB status to in a relationship? Sounds silly, but I'm curious how that topic comes up among new couples. 😳

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I changed mine about 6 months in, after spending time with his family for Christmas. I just playfully said should I change my Facebook status? He said sure. And we did. That's it.


There's no "acceptable" timeframe. However I've done the changing it too soon thing, and later regretted it because I wanted to break up and it was a bad look changing it back so soon after changing to "in a relationship". So since then I made sure I didn't change my status until I'm fairly certain it's going to go the distance.

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To be honest, I don't find it all that important what your Facebook status is. Mine is always set to it's complicated. Well, I changed it when I got engaged, my husband (which never use FB all that often, didn't accept my request) so it's still pending. LOL He even asked me how to change it to married or just change it for him. I was thinking, yo dude, we are still pending as engaged because you never accepted my request! haha BTW we are not that old, that's how much FB is to some people. I was just giving you an example, if your boyfriend never changed his status, don't be offended. Some people just don't bother or care for it as much.


It's all up to you, if it's important to you, change when you two are official. I don't think there is a rule on when to change it. Just a side note, you've already met his friends and family so you have nothing to worry about.

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I have "married" on mine and my husband uses Facebook extremely rarely and honestly I'm not sure what his status is (my guess is that it's blank). Back when we started dating I'm not sure relationship status was a thing and I don't think I had Facebook until we were serious.


In my outsider's view - I would leave it blank or "single" until he changes it or until you're engaged - I've seen too many couples break up and then there's all this annoying chatter about the status change.

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