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  1. Mmk, but the opinions are based upon the assumption that she’s being careless, to which I suggested that her lack of concern doesn’t necessarily mean she’s being reckless. Anywho, OP, couples fight and we say dumb things sometimes. I’m sure you came off as condescending and he got a offended. Even though you might’ve been joking around, he was seriously offended and I’m sure him blocking you was in spur of the moment/out of anger. Just be mindful of others feelings next time and try to be careful with your words. This is definitely a dumb argument that I’m sure you guys will get over qui
  2. I’m just saying she didn’t say she was going out with any intention to gather in a large crowd. She asked for advice about her bf and every single person here is going on and on about the virus. We hear enough about it in the news and social media. We’ve heard it all at this point! To continuously make the poster feel like crap about her opinion towards a situation that has very little to do with what she’s actually asking about isn’t all that helpful.
  3. OP: “ I said I don’t necessarily feel too concerned about the virus as the survival rate is good especially for someone of my age and health. Plus, I live alone and it’s not like im endagering my parents, etc.” She said she’s not concerned. She does not say she doesn’t care at all. She also didn’t say she’s gonna go outside and make sure she comes into direct contact with everyone she sees. She’s not concerned. Not being concerned doesn’t mean she’s taking zero precautions. I’m sure a lot of you guys are the ones that panic bought all the toilet paper (rude) and again, just because she’s no
  4. No one asked your opinion on her views on the virus. She said she’s not THAT concerned, not that she’s going around licking the floors and coughing on grandma at the supermarket. Her bf says the flu isn’t a virus which obviously which shows he definitely did not know much, being that the flu IS a virus. She jokingly said he doesn’t know anything. I think the OP could do better and find someone that can express their emotions without completely going NC for no explained reason.
  5. He showed you who he was from day 1, so I’m not sure what made you stick around for so long. I don’t think you’re going to want closure from such an abusive person. He’s told you on multiple occasions that he essentially doesn’t like you and likes the girl he’s been kissing throughout your entire relationship. I think you need to evaluate yourself; your values and self worth before you worry about him answering the question ‘why he’s treated you this way’. People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. You’ve allowed him to cheat in front of your face since day 1 and from then on he
  6. It's really hard to regain trust. He's gonna have to bend over backwards for you to even get a smidge of trust for him again. Down the line you'll always wonder if he's doing something wrong. It's unhealthy. Unless you can forgive him and let go eventually it won't be a good relationship from this point on.
  7. Is it something only her ex is capable of handling ?
  8. It sounds like you wanna meet up with her to basically sell yourself and show how much you've "changed". She said you're not interesting and has met guys more interesting than you. Clearly there's no respect for you on her end so meeting up with her to convince her you are interesting is a pathetic attempt that probably won't work. Scrap the meet up and find a girl that actually finds you interesting.
  9. What does she need help with?
  10. Heal by working on yourself. Go to the gym, take a boxing class and let all your emotions out on the bag, do some push ups and bench presses to get your body looking better and getting your confidence back. Since she's moving on you have to too. Don't ask for her to come back. Don't beg! Don't contact her.
  11. You shouldn't have let the relationship continue after seeing he wouldn't defend you. I'm assuming his family is racist and I personally would have a hard time believing that he isn't a little racist himself. It's hard to leave someone you're having kids with so definitely confront him and try to fix things before completely giving up. I'm sorry you're going through this.
  12. I suggest you do your own thing too. For her to go as far as screwing someone says a decent amount about her feelings for you. And something bad simple as going through her phone wouldn't have been a make or break it for getting back together. She doesn't have intentions of doing so right now so stop trying with her please! And don't check up on her! If given the chance don't go through anything personal if hers and don't check her social media either! It'll make things worse.
  13. Breaks are breaks not break ups. But he said it's a break up and not a break which is probably why he's doing dirt right now. He's technically not wrong because he's no longer your boyfriend according to him. I think he's just immature which is why he's acting out like that. You don't need someone like that in your life. Let it go ❄️
  14. She's not someone you want... she's a homie hopper (what my friend would call that lol). Not only did she leave you for someone else but she left you for one of your close friends! That's ridiculous. You're gonna look so silly taking her back after that. Please don't. Please....
  15. It ends in a fight because he's lying and trying to get away with it... everyone's gonna disagree with me but say you want to believe him but can't cuz you don't know the facts.... I would honestly investigate myself instead of wondering what's real and what isn't. If those papers were mailed to the house and mothers names were on it I would work with that information. Again, everyone will say that's wrong bla bla who cares. He's potentially playing you and you deserve to know one way or another before going through the whole effort of divorcing him so soon after marriage. Talking to other
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