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  1. Yes, you're right. But what if I never meet anyone again 😞 and maybe that's irrational, but that's how I feel. I haven't had anyone even look at me in 3 years. The odds are completely against me.
  2. I know. And I know this is my issue. My self confidence and self worth is at an all time low right now. I can feel it. I'm sad, all the time. Second guessing everything that I say to everyone. I'm insecure about every interaction and every decision that I make. I feel like anyone who is even half worth it, I have to cling to because no one else is going to even give me the time. I've been alone for three years and this is the first person that's shown any interest in me. There's a reason for that right? If I don't wait for him, then there is no one. And, also, I think that the
  3. So, I posted last week about me and a guy from work talking. It was so nice at first. He was flirty and cute and he actually liked me. But I can tell, it's fizzling out. And I'm sad. I don't get much attention from men. And it's been 3 years since I've had sex so I was really looking forward to it. I was pretty sure that this wasn't going to be serious. He has a lot of issues, as do I. But I thought it was finally just going to have a casual relationship that I needed, just to feel alive again. Not like the lonely, frumpy mom that I am. I'm sad. Lol. And I just wish that I w
  4. I'm not going to lie, I don't think I'm looking for anything serious with him anyway. He's a really nice guy, and I don't want to be mean, but he's not the type of guy that I can see myself taking home to meet my parents. The more I talk to him, the more I see that he's not the marrying type, not yet anyway. I'm just looking for a little fun, at the moment, so I guess I'm asking, if he still seems like he's interested in a casual relationship still, lol. We took off time next week together and at first he was saying all the things that we were going to do. But the other day, I aske
  5. Honestly, I haven't had sex in 3 years. I wasn't looking for it for a long time, but now I'm ready to have a little fun. So I'm fine. I'm not looking for a serious relationship, at this time. We're both the same age, have a lot of things in common, I like talking to him. Do I think this is some long term thing? No. I think that I'm just ready to get out a little bit. So I think this is fine. Or maybe I'm just desperate for some kind of intimacy and I'm not that pretty, so Im just taking what I can get 😩
  6. At work, I was telling one of my friends that one of the other guys at work was my "type". Lol, he always stopped to talk to me about his kids, he's a really hard worker, he's funny, and he's so cute! Literally, the next day, he found me on Facebook and we've been talking everyday since November. At work, we don't get to talk as much. He works in a different area than me and our schedules are a bit off. We've gone to lunch together a few times, but at the moment he gets off before I'd even be able to take my lunch, so can't even do that now. We haven't gotten to hang out outside of w
  7. Sorry guys it's me again. You can read my old posts to see how much of a mess I am. I don't even mean to get into these situations. It's my friend again. We didn't talk for months, because of something stupid. I didn't block him, but I erased his number and unfriended, just to let myself get over him. But he's back, again, and for a few weeks, I was doing really well staying indifferent. I didn't text him or call him, if he texted, I would answer, but you know, I wasn't like I usually am. I did so good for awhile. And even now, I still have my guard up, but it's getting really har
  8. I'm sorry, this will probably be long. I don't have many people that know the whole story, plus, my life's a mess and I don't like many people knowing it. My husband and I were together 13 years and apparently he was unhappy for most of those years. He did lots of things that were red flags, even in the beginning, but I let it go, he apologized and then we kept it moving. I was honestly happy for the most part. The only thing I ever asked of him was to help out more. We have two kids together, both work full time, plus their activities. Busy a lot of the time, but I just thought norma
  9. I'm sorry guys, but I'm back. I hadn't texted, let's just call him my friend, for a couple of days and then of course, he starts to text me back. I'm just confused. Again, I'm fine with being friends. But I don't know if I know how to be friends, lol, if that makes sense. Most of my friends don't text me every day, even when he's busy he texts me every morning to say good morning and that he's heading in to work and even when I'm busy, he texts me every night to tell me goodnight. He texts me to let me know when he's done with work, then if I answer, he calls me. I dont text or call him
  10. I'm going to file for the divorce myself. I realize that I can't even be free of my husband until I do it. I told my friend that I never filed for it myself because I felt bad for my husband. A part of me feels like he can't even go on by himself and that I still need to take care of him. Justin told me that I had a lot going on and I do. And that I needed to get everything sorted out. Also, I'm going to start going to counseling. Maybe that will help me open up to other people. I love my family. But I just don't feel comfortable opening up to them about my marriage. I just don't.
  11. Thanks, everyone. I think that when I contacted him, maybe I wasn't expecting anything, but I was hoping for something, deep down. And that was my fault. I wish i hadn't contacted him, though, lol. It was just weird. I know I shouldn't have even thought about it, but I think I clung to him because he was the first person in years that even pretended to care. He would call me and ask how things were going. He would make the first move on whatever. But I don't know, I probably scared him away because he doesn't even want to talk anymore. I texted him (I know I shouldn't have) and aske
  12. I don't know, I don't even feel free. My husband is dragging his feet on finalizing any divorce, even though he's with his third woman (even got her pregnant, but she had a miscarriage). He tells me that I didn't care enough for him and that it's ally fault and his family's fault that he is the way he is. Justin was the first person who talked to me about it and made me feel like it wasn't my fault and that I just needed to leave my husband to be by himself and not to worry about him anymore. I just feel like I'm a mess and I don't want to be alone anymore. I don't open up to anyone.
  13. You're probably right 😭. It's been a terrible time. My husband was the one who wanted to get a divorce, but he's dragging his feet with it and trying to make me feel like everything is my fault. I'm living with my parents, at the moment, and I just feel so alone because I don't want to talk to anyone about everything. Then I started talking to Justin again and it just felt so good to 1. Talk about everything. Because on top of all of this, my 5 year old son is having severe behavioral issues at school. And I have no one to talk to that actually listens. And it just felt so good to
  14. Backstory, I've been married for 13 years now, but we are separated. I'm 35 and have two kids. So, a few weeks ago, I reconnected with an ex, who was also one of my best friends. I found him on Facebook and messaged him. I hadn't talked to him in 13 years, basically when my husband and I moved in with eachother and got married. My husband wasn't comfortable with me being friends with him, so I cut off all contact with him. Well, I looked him up on Facebook and messaged him and we had literally been texting and talking on the phone for hours at a time. Like I said, I have two kids an
  15. If it were up to my 12 year old, she would do nothing. And I'm just so sad that this is what she's turning into. She's always been the smartest in her class, she's super athletic, very outspoken and not afraid to tell people what she wants. She's what I always wanted to be, but I was too shy to be in the spotlight. She always wanted to be in every club, join every sport and just be involved in everything. Now, all of a sudden, she doesn't want to do anything. We spent all summer getting ready for volleyball tryouts and then she quits the second day. I can't help but feel a little di
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