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  1. This isn't going to work. I just feel you guys done align well. I wouldn't want to be with someone who uses an argument for excuses on why they went out and go drunk and got attention from the opposite sex. And i also wouldn't want to be with someone who i feel i was always been watched 24/7 or didnt trust me. idk maybe if she knows you act like this, maybe she did it on purpose to try to get rise out of you.
  2. Why would you look at who liked her pic?
  3. It could go both ways...I am on the fence for advice.. I posted a long time ago where my friend found one of my exes on POF (we were dating at the time). It was the final straw. I had a gut feeling something was up and it just made my decision to end it so much easier. but i once told one of my close friend his girl was on a dating site and pretty much it got turned around on me some how and are friendship pretty much wasnt the same since. It really doesnt matter to me now but at the time i felt kinda hurt when all i did was try to look out for a friend.. so I dk but it could go both ways with the response. Sadly sometimes people are so grateful.
  4. Agree with others but getting upset because someone says bless you to you when you sneeze is over the top. Thats not even someone digging into your business thats just being nice.
  5. Both are at fault in different ways. both are seeking attention from others. Maybe you guys should jump off social media for a while and work on the root causes of your relationship.
  6. This..Plus i would look at the whole situation you guys were having some isssue yes someone passed away sadly but IMO still does not give them a free pass for a mistake. He ended up with someone who he date then back cuddling and kissing. Ive been cheated on multiple times but the trust i lost for them drove me insane trying to fix it.. things for me were never the same and i had to end it.
  7. I would walk away. Would not be able to trust a person like that.
  8. Maradona acting crazy as always after the second goal. (wipes nose)lmao...
  9. This. I seriously had a friend who has 60k pics of her kids and her profile is public. You can literally trace where she is daily. That's dangerous IMO. Even on fb you can set privacy options on pics so only close friends and family can see it. I don't see the difference. You don't think emails get hacked into all the time ...same difference.
  10. People can do as they please. There are many ways for people to get the pictures. Nobody takes their kids to the park ? I do agree if the profile was public I feel that is very dangerous because a lot of times people keep the locations on as well and have access to a lot of info.
  11. Nothing is going to happen posting 1 or 2 pics especially if the profile is private.
  12. I seriously just read the first line of each paragraph and wonder how you are even friends let alone best friends. Drop her..your life will be so much better and you could make a lot better friends with her out of your life.
  13. Idk I believe that it's the way some people are. I've never cried or even showed any type of emotion at funerals. My grandfather passed away I believe less than 2 years ago and I was pretty close to him and I did not really not emotion at all. Nothing. My parents even talked to me and said it's ok to show emotion sometimes if I need to.
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