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Hurt about friend not wishing me a happy birthday, plus being selfish in general


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The day right before my birthday, I told my friend that “my birthday is tomorrow,” right after she asked what I was doing for the weekend. It was a normal conversation, she asked if I was going to celebrate it, and I told her that I had no plans. After that, we talked about school, guys, regular stuff. The next day was my birthday, and I didn’t hear from her. It’s been a couple of weeks since then. I know she’s been online lately because she posts stuff sometimes. So I don’t know why she’s been MIA.


I am hurt that she didn’t wish me a happy birthday. I’m always there for her when she needs me, and I notice that’s usually the only time when I hear from her. Most of the time she cancels plans with me at the last minute, just because her boyfriend decided that he wants to see her. She basically drops everything for him. She also only contacts me when her boyfriend is out of town because she feels lonely, otherwise, she can go weeks to a month without talking to me, even when I try to reach out to her. She'll either ignore my texts, or she'll be very short. I’ve been considering to end the friendship, but I don’t know if I should just ignore her, whenever she does choose to contact me again. Or maybe I can reply but just be very short/brief in my replies, and then distance myself over time. Her, not wishing me a happy birthday isn’t the sole reason for my decision to wanting to end our friendship, that was more like the final straw that pushed me to be fed up with feeling unimportant to her. What do you guys think about my situation?

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It sounds like it is a little one sided and I think we have all had * that * friend who ditches you at the first sniff of a pair of boxers . But said friend does also need time with her man ..I have a feeling you are good with that anyway . I wouldn't do anything hasty , but don't be so readily available for her in the future . Yes it would have been a nice gesture for her to get involved in your special day ... that says more about her then you ..

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