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What is going on? help please!


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Alright, so i have been dating my girlfriend for over 6 months now, we have a great relationship together, I dont regret anything, we have had alot of fights, and mainly over small things, we always work them out. But last night we had a great day together, but at the end of the night, things went downhill.. i was sleeping at her house, and i woke up because i had to leave, she was alright and then something hit her, she wasnt very responsive, she wouldnt tell me whats wrong, i finally got it out of her, and she said she thinks everything is like a routine for me, I try my hardest to fill her needs of love and she denies when i tell her i always am affectionate towards her, i always tell her i love her, i always hold her hand, i always touch her ( not in a sexual way ) It was hard for me to hear that because in my head, i am thinking, "what can i even do to make things different?" "i cant leave" i have to admit, we do, do alot of the same stuff, so maybe i should do different things. Im very low on money right now so i cant take her out.. but what can i do?! i need help guys, i want to mend it no end it..

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