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False accusations of Domestic Violence


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Please do your research because this statement is incorrect and adds to the bias against men that is so prevalent.


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How odd, I found this also on Wiki:


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Women are subjected to domestic violence more often and more severely than are men.[95][96] According to a report by the United States Department of Justice, a survey of 16,000 Americans showed 22.1 percent of women and 7.4 percent of men reported being physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, or date in their lifetime.


This is why you may want to do more research than rely on one Wikipedia article...so, I dug around a bit more, and found this:


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[According to the U. S. Department of Justice]...in 1998, women experienced at least 900,000 violent offences at the hands of an intimate, and men were victims of at least 160,000 violent crimes by an intimate partner.


900,000 women compared to 160,000 men...even if we consider the fact that men don't tend to report it, I find it difficult to believe that over 740,000 men would fail to do so.

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I am not going to trade research with you - there's a ton of it out there, you will find plenty for instance that says the instigators of violence are more likely to be women.


However - let's assume your statistics are right: do those 160,000 men not count? Are they deserving of violence simply because there aren't enough of them? Do they not deserve a voice? Is it safe to assume that an individual man in a specific instance must be the perpetrator based on statistics?


Domestic violence is wrong no matter the sex of the people involved. Let's look at individuals whether they are victims or perpetrators rather than ignore male victims because somehow men aren't as important.

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Firstly, I would think they would have to have proof to arrest someone. If the person had an alibi and they were at the soccer game when the other party said they did something, its a lie, and to be arrested withut the police breaking something up in progress, the abused person would have to have physical marks, etc, of something that just happened. I would assume.


But I agree - i was emotionally abused and no one knew it.though a couple people suspected it. Many people were so shocked after we broke up about it but then after things were over they started to make sense to people. He really managed to snow a lot of people and friends. And economic abuse has nothing to do with who makes more.


And btw, relatives close to my ex convinced him that I was abusing HIM!

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Firstly, I would think they would have to have proof to arrest someone.

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Can I be Arrested Without a Warrant?

You can be arrested without a warrant if the police have reason to believe that you have committed or are about to commit: (1) a felony whether or not in their presence; (2) a misdemeanor in their presence; (3) a misdemeanor not in their presence if they have reason to believe you may escape, cause injury to persons or property, or destroy evidence unless immediately arrested. Without your consent or special circumstances, you cannot be arrested in your home without a warrant.

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The police can arrest without a warrant. What they need is probable cause. Someone reporting a crime and stating they were an eyewitness can generally be enough. Of course that doesn't mean the person will be convicted of the crime. That burden of proof is much higher. But yeah I've heard of someone reporting an assault and deliberately scratching themselves to appear as if they were injured. Then the police arrive, see injuries, and immediately make an arrest.


I've had a child protection case for awhile and the case is full of false accusations made by family members against each other, boyfriends, the police, and so on. People lie all the time unfortunately.

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Just to follow-up on this...


In Ontario (where we are) - there is a zero-tolerance policy. What that means is that an accusation is enough. If the police get a 911 call, they have to arrest you and charge you. They slap a restraining order on you, force you to move out of your house and release you on bail (if it's not horrific). The idea is that in case the allegations ARE true, the "victim" is protected from the "abuser".


I've spoken to him since... the case is ridiculous. She has accused him of hitting her in an argument several years ago (and says she can't remember the exact date). There is obviously no evidence of this (it was years ago!)... who knows if she has "witnesses". The good news is that when asked by police why she has decided to come forward now after all these years, she responded "because I have a family law case in less than 2 weeks and I have been advised to do so". (!!!) Luckily, the police officer put this in the police report... but they have no choice but to press charges anyways.


So... he had to spend a night in jail... he has to hire a criminal lawyer to compliment his family lawyer ($$$)... has been forced out of his house and has limited contact with his kids.




Honestly? I understand protecting the abused... but these laws ARE abuse to the innocent. Clearly, the charges will be dropped (well - I hope!)... but no one should have to go through this...

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I've been in your friends shoes once before and let me tell you it was my worse nightmare. Luckily in the states the police will call it bluff after several phone calls and no proof of abuse. I wish your friend get it resolved, he is going through a great deal of pain. I feel sorry for the kids, she reminds me of my ex... just crazy.

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